How to shower with eyelash extensions

How to shower with eyelash extensions. Lashes are something that gives a standout to our whole look. Suppose you are obsessed with curling the lashes to mascara daily. Then you must know how mascara damages our lashes.

But still, we can’t resist applying tons of coats of mascara on our eyelashes. This practice of constant use of mascara can reduce eyelash growth as well.

Well, there are many other options available in the market in the form of eyelash extensions that are fake eyelashes that look nearly equal to real.

And the best part about eyelash extensions is that you don’t have to apply them daily. If you take good care of interaction with water and lash extensions, they can last up to over months.

When applying for eyelash extensions, we must keep many things in mind so that our eyelash extension doesn’t get off so early.

We know that one thing we can’t resist is our interaction with water, as we have to wash our faces before showering. We have to interact with water and any possible way.

Many people get confused that after applying for Lash extensions, they will be able to take a bath or if taking a shower is hazardous for the eyelash extensions.

If you come out with such queries, you don’t have to worry because we have covered you with all the information you need about showering with lash extensions.

How to shower with eyelash extensions

Water Interaction with Eyelash extension

water interaction with eyelash extension

When every other person who got their eyelash extensions done they have this ubiquitous question in their mind and that is that if water interaction with lash extensions is better for them or not.

You don’t have to worry because we will answer this question. Yes, for sure, we can interact water with eyelash extensions water will not harm them because lash extensions are always waterproof.

Importance of Washing Eyelash Extensions

importance of washing eyelash extensions

You are afraid of water interaction with eyelash extensions, and on the other hand, we will tell you the different advantages of your lash extensions.

There are many advantages of getting your lash extensions, which we will discuss below.

  • Healthy Lash Line
  • Prevention From Eye infection
  • It keeps your eyes hydrated.
  • Keep Your Fake Lashes Clean
  • Keep your eyelashes Lightweight.
  • Drying Time Of Lash Extensions

Well, you have to ensure that you can’t interact with water immediately after getting your lash extensions returned.

You have to wait at least after 10 hours. It depends on the Recommendation of your eyelash stylist. But time will vary from somewhere between photo 10 hours.

So we recommend waiting at least 8 hours before interacting your lash extensions with water.

But if you search online, there are much time waiting periods written, going all the way from 24 hours to 48 hours even. They will tell you that getting eyelash extensions wet can harm your whole outfit, but it is not valid.

So we are here to tell you not to wait this long to get your lashes wet. We have told you that a maximum of 8 hours and a minimum of 4 hours will be more than enough.

But at least you must avoid getting your lash extensions wet for 4 hours until the glue dries down properly. After 4 hours, you can keep your lashes wet without any doubt.

Now as you have completed the waiting period that your stylist recommended.

Now you have to look up the safer ways through which you can wash your Lash extensions with care.

Because we all know the care bug inside us, especially for something new that I have just got or bought.

If you are roaming around to look for ways to take a shower with lash extensions, then you are fortunate as you are on this page reading this article.

In this article, we will tell you a detailed guide in which you will learn all the things you need to know about your eyelash Extension and its interaction with water, especially during the shower.

We will also list some precautions that you must take to avoid any disturbance or faulting in your eyelash extensions so that you can’t think twice about getting your eyelashes wet.

Taking a shower with eyelash Extensions

taking a shower with eyelash extensions

If you are worried that if taking a shower with lash extensions on is safe or not can keep on reading!

First, you need to know those eyelash extensions are attached to your eyelids using a waterproof adhesive that is specially made to make eyelash extensions waterproof.

So it creates the fact that water interaction with your eyelash extensions will not harm them in any possible way.

But as we declared the water safe for eyelash extension, there are still some essential precautions that you must take to prevent your eyelash extension from falling download getting any possible damage.

Precaution To Take Shower With Eyelash Extensions

You can take your shower with eyelash extensions on by taking care of some tips for and avoiding some habits.

Taking a shower with eyelash extensions is like a typical basic shower, but with the precautions you must highlight in your mind.

  • Avoid Using Hot Showers

avoid using hot showers

The first thing we recommend you avoid is avoiding hot showers if you live in areas where the temperature goes down most of the time down the lane.

So inside the situation, you must update the temperature level while taking a shower, which is normal.

But as you are taking eyelash extensions ON, you have to be extra careful while raising the temperature of your shower room.

If you raise the temperature in your shower room, it will make steam. And you know what? Steam is an enemy of eyelash extensions glue.

Hot shower steam will peel down the blue of your eyelash extensions. So we recommend you keep the temperature of your bathroom moderately warm.

Well, this is one of the tips most eyelash stylists recommend to every other person because hot water steam and eyelash extension are no match.

  • Reduce the Water Pressure

reduce the water pressure

Another vital precaution you must take is to reduce the water gushing after showering.

All you have to do is avoid intersecting high-pressure water directly onto your eyelash extensions.

Sometimes when showering, the head aims directly at your face then. It can affect, Then direct pressure effect eyelash extension.

Because the pressure of water will push its forces on the eyelash extension, and it will split off.

So to avoid extreme water pressure, one thing you can do is lower the tab of running water. And another thing that you can do is to tilt your head and move around so that water gushing doesn’t make its way to you directly.

  • Stop rubbing your eyes with eyelash extensions

stop rubbing your eyes with eyelash extensions

This is one of the most common mistakes people make while their eyelash extensions are on. And that common mistake is rubbing and scrubbing your eyelashes.

This mistake is attempted mainly by the people who got their extensions for the first time are their eyes are sensitive.

Because when you are not used to using eyelash extensions, it can sometimes irritate you and make your eyes itchy.

When your eyes become itchy because of new lash extensions, you start rubbing them unconsciously.

Rubbing your eyes can harm the Lash line and new eyelash extensions. This practice can also loosen up the lash bond, and a few lashes will start wearing lash extensions.

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So always avoid rubbing after keeping your extensions wet. Always gently pat dry.

So before practicing, ensure that something will not become disturbed, especially for the natural lashes because natural lashes are natural lashes.

Whenever your eyes start feeling itchy, then dab your eyelashes with care.

Basic precautions

  • As we all know, sleeping with makeup on your face is a sin whenever we try to remove makeup.
  • There are many makeup removers available in the market with many chemicals that can be dangerous for lash extensions, so we recommend you always use oil-free makeup removers to remove eye makeup.
  • Always use an eye makeup brush with incredibly soft bristles, and avoid using waterproof mascara even on your natural lash line. And avoid using any oil-based remover and oil-based products.
  • Always consult with your lash stylist or lash artist about the care routine for your natural eyelashes.
  • Always use oil-free cleansers and oil-free makeup removers. To maintain the growth cycle of your natural lashes.
  • We recommend cleansing that is of the best quality. Foaming cleanser is the best a smoothly gentle on the skin. And it is best to prevent any eye infections.
  • At the time of cleansing, we recommend avoiding rubbing, cosmetic products, and steam rooms. After they go completely dry the
  • Always avoid hot steamy showers as they are like poison for the adhesive bond of lash extinctions. Instead, lukewarm showers will be best to stay in your order. If, keep our extensions intact.
  • If we specifically talk about wearing goggles or swimming goggles, we recommend you put on swimming goggles while swimming so that you can prevent your eyelashes.
  • If you accidentally splashed water from the shower in your eyes directly, call a lash technician to guide you further or go for new lashes.
  • You can always use a hand-held fan to dry the lashes at a high temperature instead of using a blow dry.


If you are coming home after taking your Lash appointment, I am now thinking about whether you can take a shower with eyelash extensions or not.

We are already in such a situation, and I will tell you different ways and ideas along with different tips and tricks to teach proper methods and precautions for taking a shower with eyelash extensions.

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Lash care is very important and is always used for making ginger and cotton balls to remove the Ginger from your eyes. Set your room at complete setting. We have also listed why you should avoid showering in which circumstances.

We do hope that the guide that we have specially listed for you is now ready to check in. we are sure that after reading this article, you will be able to shower with eyelash extensions.