How to rust galvanized metal

How to rust galvanized metal. Galvanization is a process through which a layer of Zinc or say, coating a noble metal. The metals like Steel and Iron.

This is to avoid any rusting or corrosion of metal. The process of applying zinc to your metal surface is a great way to prevent fast corrosion.

The process opposite to galvanization is not degalvanization. But it is the removal of the zinc surface from the metal. It s done if your metal is not aging or something related to that.

How to rust galvanized metal

how to rust galvanized metal

The method to corrode a galvanized metal is simple. You can perform this task easily at home. The only thing you need is salt and warm water.

Then you just need to mix the warm water and add some salt. Your solution is now ready. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Then with the help of the spray, sprinkle the solution on the galvanized surface you have prepared, and you are good to go.

Rusting of galvanized metal on different surfaces

The effect of the manual corrosion or rusting of metals is different from each other. It entirely depends upon the type of metal surface.

The time it might take to corrode or rust different surfaces is very different from each other let us discuss the time and the ways different metals are corroded.

Iron surface

The type of iron that has been coated with Zinc is known as galvanized iron. The layer of Zinc protects the Iron and saves it from corrosion. But the galvanized iron can also be rusted. Iron is highly affected by the weather.

When exposed to oxygen or moisture, it reacts quickly. Thought the galvanized iron would take more time than to rust. The point does not change that it will eventually rust.

Steel surface

Steel is another metal that is very commonly galvanized. It takes steel more time to rust than the iron surface.

The steel that has a layer of zinc on it is referred to as galvanized steel. It has various uses. Sometimes white material forms on the coated steel.

That material is actually rust. It takes place when the steel is exposed to moisture. The coating breaks into zinc hydroxide.

This is actually due to zinc corrosion. Even though the zinc-coated steel rusts, the time taken by it is less than that of the time taken by the uncoated steel.

Way to rust galvanized roof

You can use various materials and methods to purposely rust your galvanized surface of the metal. Some common ways to do so are given below:

With the aid of vinegar

with the aid of vinegar

Vinger is a commonly used household item that is widely used and has a variety of uses. It is mostly used in food items and cooking.

The finger conations both acetic acid and water. These materials are natural elements that aid in corrosion. What you need to do is to sprinkle some vinegar on the required surface and rub the surface.

You don’t actually need to rub it, though. The spring will be enough to start the corrosion of the metal.

It might take some time, but the use of vinegar is very useful when wanting to remove zinc.

With toilet cleaner

Toilet cleaners can also work their way into rusting the galvanized surface. All the toilet cleaners conation acids in them.

They contain at least two types of acid in them that are lactic acid and citrus acid. They are strong agents of corrosion. The toilet cleaners also contain water.

We already know that water is a powerful corrosion agent. It can corrode almost every surface. So just applying the toilet cleaner on the required surface is enough to corrode it.

You can also do this by spraying it on the surface.


The corrosion of the galvanized surface is slow, but it is not impossible. There can be some reason that you want to corrode the metal surface.

So the corrosion can be done easily from the above methods depending upon the type of the surface.

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