How To Clean A Badly Stained Toilet

How to clean a badly stained toilet. Toilets are the basic need of both civilized and uncivilized nations. They have an important role to play in society. No one likes dirty things, even if it’s a dirty toilet.

Stains in the toilet are really not a sight we want to behold, as they are a major cause of embarrassment.

This embarrassment increases 10 folds if we are having guests. So, being safe from such an embarrassment, we need to clean them.

The stains are actually caused by minerals and rust in the seat. So using borax and mineral soda might be a good idea. Detergents are pretty common in this case. Let us learn more about it from the article below.

How to clean a badly stained toilet

how to clean a badly stained toilet

Applying baking soda is one of the most common household remedies. Vinegar is a common method as well.

It is quite effective in the removal of unwanted material from your stuff. The method of using carbonated drinks has its perks as well.

Detergents are also a way of doing it too. Well, to be more precise, they are the most common way even when compared to baking soda.

People use detergents as they have high efficiency and are reliable because they are tested by the companies who manufacture them.

Let us see more of the related methods and explain these methods:


Vinegar is a natural remedy that has proven its worth against cleaning unwanted stains and marks from different household objects.

The chemical formula of vinegar shows the type of acid it contains. The type of acid that makes up vinegar is acetic acid.

But not just that, it also contains water. Thus making it more effective for cleaning.

  • First, wear gloves and a mask, as the unruly smell might make you faint.
  • Then pour the vinegar on the places you want to clean.
  • Let the vinegar stand for about 2 hours.
  • After that, use a brush to clean it off.
  • Then flush the toilet.

Carbonated drinks

Now its method might be a bit strange to you as you know we use carbonated drinks such as Coke to drink and enjoy.

But this method is much more effective than you imagine it to be. Carbonated drinks can also be used as a cleaning agent and just for drinking.

Gloves and masks are a must, so I won’t mention them in the coming methods.

  • Wear your mask and gloves.
  • Empty the bowl by closing the tank and flushing it.
  • Pour the carbonated drink like coke into the bowl.
  • Completely fill it with the drink.
  • Let it stay there for about 24 hours.
  • Flush it completely.
  • Use a brush or whatever to clean the stains, and then drain with water.

Using Baking soda or borax

Using this as a method is pretty common. As it is a proven method that is recommended by a lot of people, including professionals; so let’s get to it.

First, you need to get the baking soda. It is probably available in your homes. If not, you can just get it from the market.

  • Sprinkle a visible amount of it in the toilets and on the stain marks.
  • Then spread it around on the whole.
  • Use a brush to do so.
  • Then pour vinegar into it.
  • Let the solution sink in and settle.
  • Scrub with a brush to remove the stains.
  • Repeat the steps to remove the remaining stains.



Bleach is a widely used cleaner. The results it gives are wonderful. So let’s use it and know the steps to do so.

  • You need to pour chlorine into the bowl.
  • Wait for it to disinfect.
  • Let it stay in position for about 15 minutes.
  • Then, using a brush, scrub the toilet as much as you can.
  • Clean the rim as well, as it is often forgotten.
  • Then flush the toilet and see the stains.
  • If they are gone, you can remove your mask and gloves.
  • If not, then repeat the steps for better results.


How To Clean A Badly Stained Toilet. The stains in the bowl can be a wholesome problem. It can gross you out and make you want to puke.

More than that, it can be a cause of enormous embarrassment. So, to save yourself from such embarrassment, you should clean the toilets regularly.

If not regularly, just once a week is okay too. Just use any of the methods that I have listed above, and you will be delighted to see the results.

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