How to remove paint from concrete without chemicals

How to remove paint from concrete without chemicals. Concrete being porous absorbs the paints, making it difficult to clean. If you were painting the home or mistakenly spilled the paint over your concrete walls and floors.

How to remove paint from concrete without chemicalsremove paint from concrete without chemicals

  • Freshly spilled paint can be removed more easily than a dried one. All you need is a bit of patience, elbow grease, and some time because removing paint from a concrete surface is a bit laborious work.
  • If you are opting for some handy techniques for removing paint, try out these methods given below.
  • These methods would reduce the labor required to clean a hunk of concrete with spilled paint and help you get perfectly clean concrete.

Some people do not use chemicals available for concrete cleaning because of their hazardous nature.

Follow the step-by-step procedure to clean your concrete walls and floors without using any chemicals.

Remove paint Using a Pressure Washerremove paint using a pressure washer

  • The first method you need to try out is using a pressure washer to remove the absorbed paint from the concrete surface.
  • Depending upon the type of paint spilled, the easiest one to be removed from a concrete surface includes latex paint.
  • Remember to be cautious about pressure washers that may cause damage to the soft-natured materials.
  • Take out the pressure washer using a 15-25degree nozzle, the narrowest tip to tackle straight on the concrete.
  • While operating the device, the pint will start removed from the concrete surface.
  • If the paint is too hard to remove, use the pressure washer alongside a bristle brush or paint scraper to remove the loosened paint easily.
  • Continue the process till all paints get cleaned off the concrete.


  •  Economical
  • Easy
  • An efficient and effective method
  • Widely employed method to remove the paint from concrete surfaces without using any chemical


This method usually does not work for concrete surfaces having epoxy paint spills.

Avoid using a pressure washer for this type of paint might cause damage to the device.

Soda Blastersoda blaster

Using a soda blaster tackles the spilled paints over the concrete surface.


  • Eco Friendly
  • Easy and Effective Method


  • Avoid using standard soda.
  • Before starting, take all the safety measures.
  • Purchase industrial-based granular sodium bicarbonate, and fill it in a canister attached to a high-volume gun air compressor. Spray it over the concrete using the nozzle device close to the concrete surface.
  • Move the device all around the space to eventually remove the paint. Carry out the process till all the concrete becomes paint-free.


To avoid dust particles, use masks and gloves for protection.

Floor Grinder

If you are uneasy using a pressure washer or the device won’t work efficiently to scrap the paint off, try using a floor grinder as an alternative.

A floor grinder suits the place where the pressure washer is, unable to perform its job.

Grinding procedure

  1. Dry floor grinding 
  2. Wet floor grinding 

Keep in mind using a floor grinder might leave any unwanted marks on the concrete surface. Try using a soft brush. That might be helpful.

Using Non-Toxic Gel Cleanerusing non toxic gel cleaner

  • Using a non-toxic gel cleaner can be an alternative to toxic chemicals.
  • They are eco-friendly and intend to give a gentle effect.
  • Different types of cleaners are available, read instructions for rich products and purchase the one that suits the concrete floor and the paint spilled on it.
  • After purchasing, spread it all around the concrete.
  • Remember to apply it to the paint spills.
  • After applying, wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Then wipe it out using a pressure washer.
  • Repeat till the concrete surface is paint-free.


Removing paint spills without using chemicals can be a good alternative for those avoiding noxious chemicals use.

The best method to be preferred is a washer pressure and bristle brush to scrape off all the paints.

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