How to remove gorilla glue from skin

Gorilla glue is one of the most rigid adhesives in the market to join the two things nowadays. It is essential to wear protective gloves on your hands to save the skin and glasses on your eyes to save your eyes.

Removing gorilla glue is demanding and challenging if you don’t know how to remove gorilla glue from skin, especially dried glue. Ensure to remove gorilla glue from the skin before it dries.

If your fingers are affected by the super gorilla glue, then use warm water, liquid soapy water, nail polish remover, and petroleum jelly to clean all the glued fingers.

If you have sensitive skin and are using gorilla glue to mend something, protect your hands because gorilla glue is very toxic. If you are looking for tips for removing gorilla glue, read this page to get information.

How to remove gorilla glue from skin

Gorilla super glue is the finest sticky paste available on the market to mend two broken things.

However, it would help if you were very careful to apply gorilla glue to the broken material because it is tough to remove dried gorilla glue from the skin.

Keep a dry cloth to clean your fingers before the glue hardens quickly.

If, unfortunately, your fingers are stuck with gorilla super glue, gently scrub lemon juice, baby lotion oil, washing soda, liquid detergent, and coconut oil.

Here is a detailed description of all the methods to remove gorilla glue from skin, so keep reading my research.

Warm water

warm water

Whenever you try to mend the damaged things with gorilla glue, use protective gloves on your hands to save the skin.

If your hands are stuck with gorilla glue toxic glue and you don’t know how to remove gorilla glue from your skin, your first option should be to wash your hands with warm water before the glue dries.

You can use any soap available in the kitchen to rub on your hand and wash your hands with warm water.

Liquid soapy water

liquid soapy water

Warm soapy water is best to glue off your skin. If your fingers are stuck with gorilla glue, wash your hands with warm water and soap.

If you don’t have soft skin, do not use regular hand-washing soap; use a dishwashing sponge.

Pour hot water into the bowl and add some liquid soap to make a solution. Put your hands in this liquid soapy water for five to ten minutes.

Now make a different hot and fresh water solution and dip your hands in that solution. Now rub your hands to remove gorilla glue from your skin.

Use a pencil or pen

use a pencil or pen

If your hands are affected by gorilla glue, then the simple tip to get gorilla glue off is to take a pencil or pen, put it in your fingers, and start rolling the pencil backward or forward.

In that case, this pencil rolling will apply force and pressure on all the glue and start detaching from the fingers.

Nail polish remover

nail polish remover

Nail polish remover is also used for removing dried gorilla glue from the skin.

Your priority must be to use safety gloves or protective clothing on your hands before you start your work.

If your skin is damaged from the gorilla glue, wash your hands with warm water and put some nail polish remover in a bowl.

Now put your fingers into the nail polish remover container.

Keep your hand in the mixture for five minutes.

Now pull out your hands from the bowl and use your other hands to give a gap between your fingers.

If the fingers are not separated, put your hand in the polish remover and use paint thinner or acetone until all the dried glue is removed.

Petroleum jelly

petroleum jelly

Since you know that gorilla glue is a polyurethane adhesive, try to protect your skin with it.

Petroleum jelly is also a helpful tip to remove all the glue from the skin. Petroleum jelly is best to use if your fingers are plunged with the glue because it removes gorilla glue quickly.

Put some amount of petroleum jelly on the fingers and slowly scrub the petroleum jelly on the affected skin; with the other hand, cotton balls.

You can also apply a soft-bristled brush on the hand to gently scrub the petroleum jelly on the fingers, and continue to rub your hand until all the glue softens and is removed.

Make sure to wash your hands with dishwashing soap and use a dry cloth to soak the hand.

Lemon juice

lemon juice

Lemon juice is the best gorilla glue solvent. Lemon juice contains citric acid and is very helpful in cleaning the gorilla glue from the skin.

If your hands or fingers are trusted with glue, use the citrus method because it is not harmful.

Make lemon juice and dip your hand in the solution for ten minutes.

The citric acid will soften the sensitive skin in fifteen to twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, rub your fingers slowly.

If you feel that the dried glue is detached, wash your hands with cold water and liquid dishwashing soap.

Cooking oil

cooking oil

You will be surprised to know this cooking oil or vegetable oil is also used to remove the hardened glue from fingers or any part of the skin.

Gently rub the cooking oil on the affected part and repeat the rubbing until all the glue cleans. Wash your hands with fresh cold water to finish the toxic effects.

Hand lotion

hand lotion

Depending on the area, you can also use hand lotion to remove the gilt from the fingers.

If glue affects a small part of the fingers, you can apply hand lotion to prevent friction burns.

However, hand lotion is unsuitable for the larger area; if all your fingers are stuck with glue, try another tip mentioned in the article.

Baby oil

baby oil

Baby oil or olive oil are almost present in every home, and you can use them easily because nobody feels irritated by these oils.

So, wash your hands with soapy water for two minutes if your fingers are plunged with glue.

Now take a paper towel, dip it in olive oil, vegetable oil, or baby oil, and rub it on the fingers to soften the tacky gorilla glue.

Use a cotton ball to scrub the olive oil on the fingers. Wait for some time so that the oil peels on the skin.

Wash your hand with dishwashing soap and warm water to remove the gorilla glue from the skin altogether.

Washing soda

washing soda

You can not use vinegar, or baking soda are not suitable to remove the gorilla glue from the skin.

You can use washing or soda as a removing agent to remove the glue before the gorilla glue dries on hand.

Shaving cream method

shaving cream method

The shaving cream successfully handles gorilla glue from the skin, but this process is only effective on the smooth surface of the hand or skin.

Take some hot water in a small container.

Now scrub the shaving cream on the damaged area of the skin.

Put your razor into the hot water container.

Now, carefully shave the dried gorilla glue from the hand to avoid tearing your hand.

After scarping all your hands with a razor, wash your hand with fresh water and apply some baby lotion to prevent friction burns.

Rubbing alcohol method

rubbing alcohol method

Rubbing alcohol is also used to remove the potent adhesive gorilla glue from the skin abrasions. If your hands are stuck with dry gorilla glue, don’t get frustrated, and apply these steps.

Take a big size bowl and fill it with lukewarm water.

Dip your hands in the bowl.

Pour some liquid soap into the water and stir it well.

Keep your fingers in the water for fifteen minutes so the skin’s gorilla glue becomes soft.

Now, take a cotton ball or cloth and dip it in the warm soapy water, then into the alcohol and scrub it on the affected area with gorilla glue.

Keep scrubbing until you realize the glue starts to dissolve.

Wash your hands with fresh water to remove the alcohol.

Liquid detergent

liquid detergent

It’s necessary to be very careful using gorilla glue because if your hands are affected by gorilla glue and you have nothing in the home for handling gorilla glue, detergent because it is readily available in every home.

Put any available liquid detergent in a water bowl and stir well to make a thick solution. Put your hands into the bowl and ensure that your hands are in the water.

After keeping your hands in the detergent solution for five minutes, scrub your affected skin till the glue is off the skin.

After removing the glue with soapy water, rub some baby lotion on the skin.

Pumice stone

Pumice stone is another option to get off gorilla glue from fingers. Pumice stone is a hard stone so it is helpful to remove the glue.

However, it is suggested to you that if your skin is sensitive and conscious then do not apply pumice stone on the hands because it can damage the skin.

Coconut oil or tea tree oil

coconut oil or tea tree oil

Coconut oil is normally used in homes to smooth the skin and hair, but few people know that it is also good against the adhesive effects of glue.

If your fingers are damaged by glue and you are facing difficulty removing the gorilla glue apply some amount of coconut oil to your hands to get rid of the glue.

Tree oil

Tree oil is also used to detach super glue off your skin so if you have tree oil available in the home, scrub it on your hands.


The bottom line of the discussion is that if you are mending something with gorilla glue, your priority must be to wear gloves on your hands because if it is stuck on your hands, it’s very difficult to clean gorilla glue.

If unfortunately, gorilla glue is stuck on your skin or fingers, first of all, wash it immediately with warm water and soap so that it does not dry.

After washing hands with soapy water, apply any available thing mentioned in this article because all these tips are helpful to get rid of glue from the affected skin.

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