How to remove algae from pool without a vacuum

How to remove algae from pool without a vacuum. The swimming pool is one of the places where you will go to clean yourself and also enjoy yourself. But if the pool has dirt or algae, then it will be also given infection or unhygienic for your body.

That way, you need to clean it within a gap of one day. The pool can be cleaned with or without the vacuum using different kinds of tools or the method which help you to get rid of this.

Sometimes the use of the vacuum is not good for the pool because the vacuum is very expensive, and people can’t afford it. That is the way they need to clean the algae as soon as possible.

Algae affect human health and also give a bad impression on the people that the owner does not take care of their swimming pool.

The algae can grow in places where most of the water is touchable, but no sunlight are been shown.

How to remove algae from pool without a vacuum

remove algae from pool without a vacuum

The algae are one of the bad invasions that will directly hit the human body. There are different effects of the algae on the body like stomach issues, allergies, and irritations.

This invasion can affect the beauty of the pool, and also can be allergic to the water. Whenever someone comes to the pool, it will also show a bad impression.

To cleaners of the pool is very important before using it. It is unhealthy for everyone when the algae come into the water and make the water dirty.

Symptoms of dirt

There are different symptoms from which we see that there are algae in the body and we need to clean them before using the pool, which are:

When there are algae in the water then, it will provide the water unhealthily and also make the water dirty. The water changes them into different colors.

When this invasion is present in the water, then it will change the color to green and make your pool slippery. The pool will also change its color to greenish.

Cleaning the pool without using a vacuum is very difficult, but the pool will be clean. Sometimes the vacuum is very expensive, but you do not need to worry about that.

Things Before Cleaning

These are the 3 methods from which you need to clean the pool, but before cleaning the pool, there are the different things you need to do which are:

Having filter

If your pool has a filter, then it will be very good because it will automatically clean the pool without using anything.

It is an advantage for the pool to have a filter because the filter will filter all dust and just clean the water.

When you are on the filter, they just absorb all the water, and after that, you need to clean the walls and the ground, then it will again throw the clean water in the pool.

Pump and clean walls

pump and clean walls

Then using the pump in the water will help to clean the pool. When you turn on the pump, it will go down the algae and clean it then after cleaning.

The pump in the pool very helps full to clean the water.

After using the pump, you need to clean the walls and ground using your hands but do it in a good way after that put the water in the pool and refill them.

After refilling the water need to measure the rate of the PH in the water. It is used to check that the water is not dirty and it is algae remove.

Method of clean pool

There the different methods which are used to clean the pool. These are:

Algae acid to clean pool

When you are not able to use the vacuum, then there is the more suitable and effective method is to use algae acid. It is mainly used acid to remove the dirt and the different algae in the body.

It will be bought and available in all markets. It will kill all the algae like the green, black or pink algae. Algae is one of the best methods to clean the pool.

First, you will take the acid from the market and than on the pump in the water. The pump will be used to take over all the water and clean the algae.

After doing that used to enter the acid in the pool the 15 ounces of the acid for the 100000 liters of the water, then after that use the filter in the pool and see the cleaners of the pool.

Using the hands to clean

If you have a small pool, then it is a stupid thing to use the vacuum it will be done by the hands. Firstly use the filter in the pool it will take away the water in the pool.

Then when the water is gotten away use your hands to clean the walls and ground of the pools after cleaning it then refill the pool by using the filter.

If your pool does not have a filter then you need to take the water absorber and before cleaning takes out the water from the pool then need clean algae with the use of your hands after that refill the pool.


How to remove algae from pool without a vacuum. The above article represents that when you have the pool in the house you need to clean it before using it because there are algae present in the pool that will be unhealthy for you and make your water unhygienic.

Therefore there is a different method without having a vacuum. The vacuum is very expensive. You will clean your pool by using different simple methods.

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