Clean pool filter cartridge with vinegar

Clean pool filter cartridge with vinegar. If the cartridge of your pool is not performing as efficiently as it is used, then you must take some action because it won’t be cleaning the water effectively or maintaining the hygiene level.

Now you could either change your cartridge, which we do not suggest; instead, you must make a little effort and clean your existing cartridge.

Your pool’s filter cartridge reduces efficiency because either the dirt or certain chemicals accumulate, resulting in lower hygiene and hence lesser clean water.

Now let’s move on to the

Clean pool filter cartridge with vinegarCleaning The Pool Filter Cartridge With Vinegar. Guide

Step 1: You will need white vinegar to clean the pool filter cartridge, especially if the filter has accumulated calcium. White vinegar works best for removing such debris accumulated. You should take 1 tub of white vinegar for the process.

Step 2: You now need to turn the pump off and remove the filter cartridge. You might need pliers or screws since they are fixed with clamps.

Step 3: Before you clean the filter cartridge with vinegar, you must wash it with water first. By cleaning with water, you would get rid of lots of debris and chemicals that have accumulated over time.

Step 4: Once the pump has been dismantled and you have washed the filter cartridge with water now it is time to immerse the filter cartridge in vinegar that you can place in a bucket or a tub.

Step 5: To get all the debris and dirt to get off the filter cartridge completely, you will have to wait for a day. After a day you will notice that the color of vinegar would turn brown that ensuring that this trick has successfully functioned.

Step 6: After you have taken the filter cartridge out of vinegar, you need to clean them with hot water by taking out the residual debris with a garden hose. Once they dry out, you can put them back.

General instructionsSteps Of Cleaning The Pool Filter Cartridge With Vinegar.

There are some general instructions that you should follow, including cleaning the cartridge once every three months, but if you are someone who uses their pool more frequently, then you must clean it more often.

Also, if you notice any change in the color of the water, then this is a clear sign that the filter is not working properly, and some measures must be taken.

In case the PSI level of your filter is more than the range of 8-15, then you need frequent cleaning of the filter.


By following these simple steps, you can save some extra bucks that you would otherwise spend on purchasing new filter cartridges. Instead of using vinegar, you can also use bleach, muriatic acid, and a cleaning solution.

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