How to purify borewell water at home naturally

How to purify borewell water at home naturally. It is a good option to drink borewell water because it is not bad and also it has no bad effects on our health.

However, some people don’t like to drink borewell water because they are very conscious about their health and also like to purify it because of its sour taste.

The underground water in which the percentage of calcium and magnesium is found more than such water is called hard water and not easy to drink.

But, excessive contamination of minerals is not suitable for the body.

So, if your bore well water is less than 200 PPM or above, it is better to purify the water before consumption. You can install a water filtration plant and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water cleansers in the home.

So, don’t compromise on your health, and read this article to know about various methods to purify borewell water.

How to purify borewell water at home naturally

If you don’t want to drink borewell water without purifying, then there are various kinds of hard water softeners and filtering systems available on the market.

Now, it depends upon the purpose of what type of purifiers you want to install in the home for this purpose.

If your budget is tight and you just want to install the water purifier for drinking water, then you have the option to install compact RO water purifiers in the home because they will fulfill your purpose.

However, if you want to save your electrical appliances from hard water and consume purified water for bathing and other uses, install the whole house water purifying models in the home.

Boil the water

boil the water

If you don’t have any other options and don’t have enough budget to purchase a water purifier filter plant, then way solution is to boil the water before you use it for drinking and cooking purposes.

Boiling the waterworks for you because it not only kills all the germs in the water but also removes some minerals from the hard water.

Some suggest that heavy metals are not properly removed from borewells due to boiling water, but it is still better than drinking water without boiling water.

Use water purifiers

use water purifiers

If you have only one option to use water, which is borewell water, use water purifiers to purify the water from hardness. RO water purifiers are the best option to remove the bore water’s hardness.

These purifiers also increase the borewell water’s smell, color, and taste.

Needless to say, hard water doesn’t have any health dangers to humans, but you must still choose water filtration plants for specific reasons like water taste and protecting home appliances.

So, you must install modern water purifiers like RO to eliminate the hardness of the borewell water.

Non-electric water purifier

non electric water purifier

These water purifier does not use power electricity to purify the borewell water. These water purifiers use pressure and gravity for hard water purification.

Hard water has unseen minerals; these sediment filters eliminate the sediments present in water.

Operated charcoal, due to its absorbent properties, is systematic in the elimination of sediments from borewell water.

These chemicals are easily soaked up from the water, which starts up charcoal, an excellent non-electric borewell water purifier for borewell water.

Another advantage of using activated charcoal in these hard water purifiers is its elimination of smell and increased water taste.

Put a solution of alum

put a solution of alum

If your well water is dirty, then you can clean bore the water is to putting an Alum into the well.

All public water authorities for primary settlement suggest using aluminum sulfate for purifying water because it is safe for water purification.

Fifty grams of Alum is enough to purify 10 liters of water in a tub or well. If you have very small wells and water tanks, use 25 grams of alum to purify water.

You need to wait 24 hours after pouring the alum into the water tub because the water will become drinkable within 24 hours because all the sediments and dirt will settle into the well or tank base.


The final thoughts on this article are if you have only one resource to drink water, and that is borewell water, then it is better to purify the water because sediments are found in underground water.

You can purify water in various ways, like water purifiers, non-electric purifiers, alum solutions,s, etc. to purify hard water. If you don’t have any resources, just boil the water before you drink.

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