Stop water from coming under door

Stop water from coming under door. It is a nuisance for every household. This can sometimes lead to severe damage. To avoid such a situation, we first need to understand and identify the problem or the cause.

Stop water from coming under doorstop water from coming under door how

The most common reasons are,

  • The door is broken or water damaged,
  • The door is not anchored correctly, or it is not installed correctly,
  • Lack of adequate caulking around the door,
  • Cracked or deteriorated weather stripping, and
  • Improper installation of weather stripping under the door. 

If the problem is the door is broken or water damaged, then the only solution would be to repair or replace the door.

You can improve the sealing of your door by either making it waterproof or to re-anchor the door threshold.

 Following are the guidelines for making the door water-proof :

  1. Take measurements of the door to determine how much weather-stripping will be needed to protect the bottom of the door. The weather-stripping will be applied on the door’s bottom and the door frame threshold.
  2. The bottom of the door and the threshold should be wiped-cleaned and dried before.
  3. Now, cut the weather-stripping tape according to the measurements of the door.
  4. Apply the weather-stripping tape to the surface of the bottom of the door and the threshold and press it firmly. 
  5. The door is now waterproof.

 Re-anchor the threshold of the door

 The following steps have to be taken to re-anchor the threshold of the door:

  1. Clean the surface. Otherwise, the caulking or sealant will not stick to it.
  2. Take accurate measurements of the door threshold with an inch-tape.
  3. Next, drill the holes every six inches on the threshold surface.
  4. Apply the leak stopper caulking.
  5. Now, insert the screws in the drilled holes on the threshold surface.
  6. Wipe off the excess caulk so that it doesn’t seep out from the threshold of the door.
  7. Now, you can apply a leak stopper Rubber Flexx Sealant, which acts as a liquid rubber. The liquid rubber and leak stopper patch will stop the leakage.

Another way to stop water from coming inside from under the door is to use weather-proofing sweeps.

  1. The first step is to measure the gaps between the door and the threshold.
  2. There are two types of door sweeps; one is the u-shaped sweep that can slide under the aluminum or metal doors. The other one that can be used is a metal strip that can be screwed or nailed at the bottom of the door. Choose wisely.
  3. Mark the holes on the door and drill them.
  4. Next, you can attach the sweep to the door using the screws.
  5. Before tightening the screws, check the door to see if it opens and closes smoothly.
  6. You have now weather-proofed the door using sweeps.


Stop water from coming under the door. Although the problem seems quite severe when water seeps from under the door and damages the carpet, floor, furniture, or other household items, the solution is not that complex; you can choose the solution depending on the reason for the leakage, the solution you choose should be well carried out to ensure durability. 

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