How to make water safe for drinking at home

How to make water safe for drinking at home. The top five ways how to make water safe for drinking are in this article. I made water safe for my family and me, and after reading this article, you can too.

The area in which I live has not good water condition and quality. The water we have here is salty and undrinkable. The government has installed a filter, and not just that, but a team about awareness came and taught us different methods.

I tried them and researched more methods for cleaning aqua, and now I am able to provide good water for my family.

How to make water safe for drinking at home

make water safe for drinking at home

Making water safe for drinking is an essential thing. Suppose we drink unsafe and contaminated water. We are sure to catch diseases.

But it would be worse if it were a precious family member or a friend. We need to know the way to clean it and make sure that our family is safe.

We can use different methods to clean the water. We can use a filter and get it cleaned in no time. The method we can use is to boil the water.

We can use chlorine to clean the water too. Clay is effective in cleaning the water too. Distillation is effective as well.

Let’s discuss these methods and the others in a bit more detail.


The oldest method for cleaning the water is filtration. In this, both chemical and physical processes are performed. It is one of the best methods, as all the things that are contaminating the water are removed from it.

Filtration doesn’t use any minerals, so it is the safest of all methods as well. It is also better, as only a negligible amount of water is lost through it.

It can be done by passing it through a material, like paper and even cloth. It can be filtered by using clay, and other methods are also usable.

But the most effective method these days is using a filter machine. They clean the water inside through distinct steps and make it pure.

The filters can be of different types. When buying, remember the filter with the smallest holes is the best because it filters in more detail.

You just need to put the water in the tank and then, on the other side, wait for it to get filtered. Put water in a clean glass and have to enjoy a safe drink.

Boiling Aqua

boiling aqua

Though filtering is the oldest method but boiling is the most common method for cleaning water.

Boiling at a certain temperature can kill the germs inside and make them useless. It is effective in driving toxic materials off.

There are various available methods by which you can boil your water. A burner and electric kettle can be used to boil water. It can be a microwave that you may use.

If you are boiling it in a kettle, then you need to turn the heat to boiling point. The same goes for the case of a microwave.

But on a burner, you just need to increase the heat. After boiling it, let it cool down before use.

Using chlorine

Using chlorine to clean is called chlorination. It is present in bleach, so you can use bleach for this purpose. Do not use scented bleach.

In each gallon of water, you need to put 1/8 teaspoon. Now mix the bleach and the water using a spoon or something. Now let the water stay as it is for half an hour.

Let it settle down. Then use it in cooking or drink it accordingly. Remember that chlorine is a disinfectant. It will not remove contamination from water. You’ll need to filter it before drinking.

By distillation

It converts water into vapors and then again into a liquid. The water has a low boiling point than the contaminants present in it.

So it is converted into vapors by heating in one container and then directed to another container. It is then cooled and converted back into its original form. The contaminants remain in the first container. The water you get is safe.

The downfall of this method is its price. It is expensive, as a large amount of power is required to convert it into vapors.

Using Iodine

Iodine can kill germs in water as well. A few drops or tablets need to be added in the water and it will kill the germs.

The downfall of this is that it leaves taste behind after use.


How to make water safe for drinking at home. Drinking safe water is a good thing. It saves us from disease. But contaminated water is present everywhere.

So by following the above methods and steps, you can clean the water and make it safe for yourself and your family. Even if you live in a pleasant area, you should still make the water clean by yourself.

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