How to propagate money tree

How to propagate money tree. Plant lovers always tend to increase their collections. The greed of plants is something that can’t be fulfilled.

If you want to regrow your plant and extend it, one thing that comes into your mind is buying more and more plants.

But we are here to tell you that if you have money trees in your home and want to regrow them.

Then it would be best if you did not choose the option of buying more money trees as it will drain a good amount of money out of your pocket.

Instead of buying baby money trees, you should propagate money tree. As we all know, many trees are known for their luck.

So it would be best if you considered propagating money trees in your space. They will develop the luck around your house, and you can regrow your plants to gift them to your loved ones.

But to propagate Money the e in a proper way, you must go through a proper guide that how you can do it efficiently.

Well, we have listed a detailed guide, especially for you, so you can start propagating your money tree without spending a ton of Money.

How to propagate money tree

Interesting Theory of Money Tree

interesting theory of money tree

The theory of the money tree is fascinating. Money tree, also called pachira Aquatica, is known by many different names in different locations.

Money trees are natural habitats mainly found in central and south America.

There is a kind of interesting story behind the Money Tree.

As we have Describdescribedthat Actual name of the money tree is Pachira Aquatica. Now interesting facts start from its name.

There was a man Who was asking for luck from god. And in return, he came up with An idea to sell Seeds of pachira vaquita. Later he earned a ton of money out of pachira Aquatica, so he named this Tree a Money Tree. It is known by people for luck.

Well, This Story was a bit out of the topic, but we know that you enjoyed this piece of information.

Now we will take you directly to the propagation process.

2 ways to propagate a money tree

2 ways to propagate a money tree

After Going through the Money tree theory, you must want to grow this tree inside your home for luck and Money.

But you need to know that there are 2 ways to propagate a money tree.

  • Way 1: Soil Method of Propagation
  • Way 2: Water Method of Propagation

Two ways of propagating the money trees will help you expand The Cuttings In an Expanding way.

You have to follow one of the methods for propagation But with proper Guidance. Luckily we are here with the detailed step-by-step method to propagate a money tree.

If you want to propagate a money tree, follow the guide carefully for a good rooting hormone.

Steps To propagate a Money tree Using Soil Propagation

steps to propagate a money tree using soil propagation

The first thing you have to do before starting the propagate ion step is to decide where you want to propagate your money tree.

After deciding the are Now, you have to Sanitize all the pots thoroughly so that you can prevent other collections of plants From catching planting diseases.

Now without any further due, we will head to Step 1.

  • Step 1: Select a stem with Good hydration and health

As we are going to grow Lot more money trees out of a stem, we have to choose the stem with good health. Choosing a dried or skulled stem will not help you to get farther in the propagation process.

If we talk about cutting, cutting through the leaf’s stem would be the ideal move. We recommend you take cutting down to the leaf node.

Leave grows from leaf Nodes that more than look like scathy bumps. You have to give a proper time to leave after cutting.

  • Step 2: Cutting and Precautions

Make sure you use disinfected pots and that the stem is appropriately cleaned. After this, start cutting prose from below the foliage and make A Cutting with a depth of half an inch.

  • Step 3: Preparing the Pot

Now you have to prepare the Pot by filling it with fertile potting soil in the potting mix. But it would help if you had to keep in mind that soil needs a well-draining soil system to show its functionality.

So for drainage purposes, make holes in the pots per tile into potting soil. Pertile is the Best thing to keep the soil hydrated.

  • Step 4: Pouring down the Cutting

Now, After Making the holes and preparing the Cuttings, You have to add those cuts to the holes we have made for drainage.

  • Step 5: Provide a Greenhouse Effect

When you are done setting up cuttings into holes, now you have to give it a greenhouse effect, and We will surely DIY it.

Take A Plastic Ziplock bag that you usually use to store leftovers. Put the container into the zip lock bag for proper coverage. That plastic bag coverage will show up with greenhouse effects.

Tips and Precautions

After Doing the above steps successfully, you have to take proper care of those new plants. If you do not give them a good amount of care, then Your dream of Propagating will come to an end.

  •  The cuttings and money trees need moisture to keep them adequately hydrated. To maintain the moisture, you have to keep your Pot in light.
  • As if you will keep them under the sun, then it can Squeeze away all the moisture, and the Propagation process could get disrupted. Water the plant regularly for its efficient growth.
  • Put the newly grown plants near the south-facing window and in a humid environment as the root system will grow faster in humid environments.
  •  Give your plant a proper time To start growing up with new soil roots. Dont disturb the plant by checking its root growth as it will take almost a month and a half.


We Always Prefer Soil Propagation over Water propagation because it is a more effective method and Starts Growing up in a fast row.

Steps for Money Tree Propagation Through water Method

steps for money tree propagation through water method

After going through the method of propagation through the soil, you will now be able To Understand this method more easily as water Propogation is one of the easiest methods of the propagation of the money tree.

You just need a Glass bottle Or jar that is filled with water.

  • Step 1: choosing Hydrated Healthy Ste

Use Sterilized Pruners to cut through the leaf Nodes of the leaf. Using sterilized pruners For the money tree, cutting is essential for maintaining the Stems’ cleanliness.

We recommend you use pruning shears to cut the cuttings so that they can stay for longer.

  • Step 2: Put Cuttings in the Water

When choosing a hydrated, healthy stem, you must put those stems in a glass jar or bottle.

We recommend you fill a bottle full of water and Put the cutting into the glass bottle.

You must be wondering why we recommend glass water bottles over the jar. Well, we are here to tell you the answer.

When edible seeds grow in the Glass bottle, its leaf can rest on the glass bottle’s neck.

  • Step 3: Placement of jar

You must follow the placement instruction we have listed for soil propagation.

Place the water bottle jar in a light area. And make sure not to put it up right under the sun. And as water can get dirty and roots of the money plant can get fluffy. So you have to remove the fluff by cleaning it with fresh water.

After every two to three days, you have to change the water of the glass bottle with new and fresh water. Freshwater will help to grow the money plant’s roots even faster.

  • Step 4: Shift the grown roots in the soil

The best part about the water propagation of the money tree is that you can see the roots growing. When you witness the roots’ growth, wait for another four to five weeks until the roots l gets almost 2 inches long.

When you see the more extended and grown roots, you must take out the cutting and put it in the Pot filled with soil.

Make sure that you use for that has drainage holes in it what the proper training and hydration of the plant and soil.


As we have already recommended, soil propagation of money tree over Water propagation. Because the new roots that we grow through water don’t grow soil roots, so to develop the roots, you must put the cutting back into the soil pot.

And the developing roots that we grow through water propagation need the proper care as they are not as healthy as the water roots that we have grown through soil propagation.

Steps to maintain the health of the money tree

steps to maintain the health of the money tree

After growing your money plant, you must take them proper maintenance. And if you want to grow them even into a tree, you must take proper care of the baby plant.

  • Level of Temperature

So the first thing that you have to focus on is the temperature. Braided money trees always grow faster in-home warm temperatures.

And when we talk about warm temperatures, the summer season comes directly into our minds.

So it is evident that summer is the best time to grow and maintain and encourage the growth of money tree plants. And the temperature of the summer season is perfectly ideal for the absolute and new growth of small money tree flowers.

Also, remember That you have to put it up in a room where there is no direct exposure to the direct sun.

Because direct sunlight can become a reason for dying Money trees, there is some indirect sunlight available.

Keep in mind that direct sunlight is always harmful as it will reduce the moisturization level in the one money tree.

  • Humidity Level

As we talk about money trees, they need a higher humidity level to grow faster. But suppose you are living in areas where the humidity level is relatively low.

Then i. such areas, you can use an air humidifier and place the humidifier with the trees so that they can achieve the best humidity level they want.

Provide the proper humid environments to new plants so they can grow at their best level.

The humidity level is very important. As the humidity level goes down the limit, the money trees thrive, and money tree cuttings convert into dying money trees.

  • Exposure of Light

As we have discussed above, my trees need bright light to grow properly.

If you don’t have exposure to light where your multiple plants are growing, then all you have to do is to use an artificial type of light for the young plant so that they can grow efficiently.

Also, don’t forget that direct exposure to sunlight harms plants.

  • Planting Pots and Pans

This is another essential thing that you have to keep your eye on while growing the money trees. And that planting pots and pans.

You must be extra careful when choosing planting pots, especially for money trees. Always buy a pot with drainage holes in it. Soil can get a good amount of hydration.

  • Water Need

When we talk about plants, watering them is the first thing that comes to mind. Part excess water or watering below the limit is the plant.

If we talk about money plants, we have to keep in mind that as we are growing mini money plants, then many money plants need a minimum amount of water to grow.

Well, we can’t make a limit on water Intake. The amount of water that plant needs depends on the Condition of the money plants.

If their leaves turn yellow color, then you need to Minimize the water intake. If leaves Go into scrumptious, then Just moist soil will possibly do the job.


Money plants are known as the key to success. So people often love to propagate pachira in their houses to prevent themselves from buying more and more money plants.

But good preparation occurs with the proper amount of guidance. And we are concerned about the propagation of money plants.

If you don’t know how to propagate the money tree plant, then we have listed detailed ways of money tree propagation.

As we have come out with two different methods of propagating money plants. Also, we have listed some tips and tricks that you can follow for the longevity of the money plant and its good health.

We do hope that the guide that we have listed above will help you in successful propagation and gift them to your loved ones.

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