Money tree leaves turning yellow

Money tree leaves turning yellow. The money tree is also known as (The PachiraAquatica). This tree engulfed many stories and myths related to it.

In Asian countries it has a specific significance, especially Chinese consider it a sign of good luck and money for them.

They have many tales regarding it that have become a part of their beliefs. In this way, the money tree has a very important identity in Asian countries specifically.

Now the problem came off with the leaves, as money tree leaves turned yellow and curled.

How to care for the money plant and avoid this problem of leaves turning yellow. Here, we suggest you some tips to stop this.

Money tree leaves turning yellow
why money tree leaves turning yellow

First of all, we have to find out what are the major issues that cause the Money tree leaves to turn yellow.

How to avoid them and what should be done as a cure for them.


Over-watering is one of the reasons, as this plant does not require excess water. It simply gets nourished in less water.improper soil moisture

So don’t put extra watering habits like other plants into it.

This specific plant has different entities that choose infrequent watering. Even when the soil of a plant is 50% to 75% dry then it needs water.


This plant survives in shade; it doesn’t need to have a direct sunbath, as direct sun strokes destroy its greenery of leaves and turn the leaves yellow.

Try to place your Money tree in the indirect area of light where light doesn’t pour on direct leaves.


When humidity is missing in your plant, it also becomes a cause. So try to maintain the humidity in winter by placing pebble trays and with the help of a humidifier.

Improper Soil Moisturemoney tree leaves turning yellow with brown spots

This Money tree plant is very sensitive in its specifications. It is surrounded by a specific atmosphere that suits its nature.

This leads to its proper Moisture in the soil. If its soil lacks Moisture Money tree leaves start falling off.

The dry and a bit humid soil is suitable for the Money tree plant that hinders in yellowing the leaves.

As we all know Money tree needs deep and infrequent watering that is ideal for green leaves but if you oppose this, Money tree leaves will turn yellow.

Save from Pests

Like many other reasons pests also become one of the reasons for turning Money tree leaves into yellow. You should keep checking your money tree, either safe from Pests or not.

The incisive mouths of the insects debilitate your plant and increase the number of yellow leaves. If your Money tree is already exhausted with the poor light and soil, it will affect you more rapidly.

Even then these moths can turn the leaves yellow with brown spots on them. You can use oil and pesticides to save money. Tree plant leaves turn yellow and curl with this.

Suitable Temperaturesuitable temperature

This Money tree is not like other plants, it needs a proper temperature that can be useful for this plant.

The most suitable temperature for them is 65-75° F/ 18- 25° C.

Yellowing leaves are a sign there is something unbalanced with the plant temperature fluctuates throughout day and night, where your tree is placed.

To avoid the risk of yellowing leaves try not to place Money tree plants in windows or drafty areas of your home.

Another thing that should be kept in mind is that never place your Money tree near the heater, Air conditioner, radiators, and fan because these devices can change the environment so quickly and directly hit the Money tree.


Money trees will drop leaves due to sudden changes in the environment. If you follow all the above-mentioned procedures to look after the Money tree. Your Money tree leaves will not turn yellow and curl.

Money tree leaves turning yellow (Solved)

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