Fiddle leaf fig leaves drooping

Fiddle leaf fig leaves drooping. This houseplant, Fiddle leaf fig, is named against the shape of its leaves, as the shape of leaves is in fiddle form, which has a broad apex and narrow middle.

Even it’s all leaves are variable in shape. This is also known as Ficus Lyrata but is most commonly acknowledged as fiddle leaf fig.

It is indigenous to Western Africa. It can grow up to 12 – 15m (39 -49 ft) tall.

Fiddle leaf fig leaves drooping
fiddle leaf fig leaves drooping solved

Here, we have a spacious overview of how to take care of this houseplant to avoid fiddle leaf fig leaves falling off.

Dry soil

It is quite alarming when you notice a sudden change in your fiddle leaf fig leaves turning brown or drooping.

But it’s not as alarming as it can be resettled with a little effort.

Firstly, you have to ponder on what sort of a soil fiddle leaf fig plant has! Usually, this plant needs frequent water supply and thrives in soggy humid soil.

If your plant’s soil is dry, watering is the solution to fiddle leaf fig leaves curling. To avoid dry soil you need to place your plant in shade, not in direct sun, avoid placing it in windows too.

You need to water the plant twice a day or when you find the upper soil of the pot dry. If your houseplant is dropping leaves, it’s time to avoid excess watering and too little water.

Humidity Issuefiddle leaf fig leaves drooping after repotting

Less humidity in the soil also becomes a cause of fiddle leaf fig leaves falling off. You need to check and balance the soil by misting daily.

You can maintain the humidity level in the plant by placing a pebble tray on it or moving a humidifier.

This houseplant best blooms in a dank environment.

The dampness works as a fertilizer for this house plant, that you render on.

Fiddle leaf fig leaves stop drooping with the help of this moist soil, it not only controls the drooping of leaves even stops the fiddle leaf fig leaves from turning brown too.

Appropriate sunlightfiddle leaf fig leaves drooping and brown

You must diagnose that your Ficus Lyrata is in proper sunlight, neither burning nor in complete shade.

Because direct sunlight may cause burning and rustling leaves.

It should be placed somewhere that is neither gusty nor baking hot.

Because excess sunlight can make the leaves sluggish and slightly knock downwards.

With extreme sunlight, not only the upper leaves but only the bottom leaves get affected.

Root Rot Issue

When you find brown spots on the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig, it may be a cause of root rot if the plant is having excess water and does not have the appropriate drainage.

The roots will begin to rot. To resolve this issue you need to remove the plant from its pot and check the condition of roots. If they are soft, sticky, and brown, it is root rot.

Do dry the roots to recover and cut out any brown spots on the leaves. Now make sure you do not overwater the plant anymore.

Safety from Pestssafety from pests

When you see your fiddle leaf fig leaves turning brown and curling, your plant is infected.

The simple homemade solution to this problem is to mix two tablespoons of baking soda with two tablespoons of mineral oil, add it to a spray bottle and spray on the top and bottom leaves.

With this combination, all the insects will be killed, and it will not harm the plant.


We summed up this fiddle leaf fig leaves drooping due to excess water or too little water. The excess sunlight, humidity issues, and Pests are the reasons for fiddle leaf fig leaves falling off.

We have done our best to help you to tackle all these issues, and how you can blossom your plant by doing a little effort.

What is wrong with my Fiddle Leaf Fig? Droopy Leaves

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