How to open a sentry safe without a key

How to open a sentry safe without a key. If you have valuable stuff to protect, a sentry safe is a must-have device in your house. The vaults are made to be highly robust and durable to withstand any damaging blow. The lock’s stiffness determines the safe’s durability, and what if you misplace the key?

What happens if you lose the password to your safe’s locking system? The Sentry safes are unbreakable and have the highest level of protection, as determined by the company.

Because the vaults are incredibly safe, missing the password or forgetting the keys to the valve is a typical occurrence. The challenge is how to open a sentry safe without a key or knowledge of the lock’s sequence.

There are various methods for opening a sentry safe, but only a handful are reliable. Before attempting any other approach, contact the supplier for a spare key.

If the firm refuses to supply the key, you can use one of the procedures listed here.

How to open a sentry safe without a keyhow to open a sentry safe without a key 2021

If users lose that key to the Sentry safe’s lock or lose the locks, users can unlock it with several tricks. This is how to unlock a sentry vault without a key with items you probably currently have around the apartment:

Using a clip, unlock the Sentry Vault

Safety pins are perhaps the most common keyed tool, and they do an excellent service. If you’ve misplaced the actual keys to the Sentry vault, here is how you’re using a safety pin to open it:using a clip, unlock the sentry vault

  1. Grab a safety pin and fold the larger limb back, creating a 90 ° curve with your thumb or plier.
  2. Fold another foot of the clips as much as you have to grasp the pins like a key, then curve the first foot slightly in the point.
  3. Use a second safety pin and fold the larger limb at a 45 ° curve to be used as a lever to turn the locks.
  4. Insert the other paperclip into the locking slot; you may also use a flathead driver to achieve this. Whatever you’re utilizing, kindly insert it and apply force circular, like you would unlock a valve.
  5. Insert the very initial clip’s sharp tip into the top section of the slot, in which the lock’s jaws are placed.
  6. Continue rotating circular and giggling with the pointed tip of the initial clipping between the jaws of your locking.
  7. You must do this once you notice the “Clicking” tone in the device, which indicates that the lock has been opened.

Using a Nail Cutting tool, unlock the Sentry Vaultusing a nail cutting tool, unlock the sentry vault

To unlock the security system with a nail cutting tool and a nail cleaner, you’ll require nail cutters. If users own these nail clippers, proceed as follows:

Use the nail clippers and straighten out the nail cleaner, placing it as if it were a key. Then Insert a little flathead driver like you would for the safety pin approach.

You may also omit the driver if the nail cleaner is sufficient; in that scenario, place it within the keyhole.

Manage the cleaner a little and attempt to turn it circular; repeat a couple of repetitions if it refuses to turn.

Continue to juggle and rotate the cleaner until you notice a clocking signal, which indicates that the system is unlocked.

How do you open a sentry safe with a dead battery without a key?

You should take a look at the small panel on the front of the safe. That panel is removable, once it’s taken off you can see two screws. Use your head to remove them completely then replace the cover after putting in 4 AA batteries. If you input the right combination of numbers or letters into that same panel before putting back that little clip, you’ll get access to your stuff!


To unlock a sentry vault without a key, all of the ways listed here are efficient, simple, and time-efficient. To open your vault, users don’t have to be a professional. Use whatever of the strategies listed above feels the most natural to you.

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