Lost key to sentry safe

Lost key to sentry safe. When you know that your irreplaceable belongings are safe and secure, you feel safe too. Right? To safeguard your personal belongings, and essential items, one should always have his hand on a reliable source for added protection.

One of these reliable sources includes a sentry safe, which assures its users with ultra-rigid, secure, and sturdy safes to withstand any harsh condition. They can protect your important belongings from flood, theft, and fire too. 

Besides the most reliable safes, most users experience losing the key, leaving behind their important stuff locked inside. Does that mean you’ve lost them forever?

No, if you’ve lost vital to the sentry safe, there are many ways to unlock the safe without a key. In some cases, people tried opening their sentry safe with someone else’s sentry secure key.

But unfortunately, every sentry safe has its code, so you are left with opening it using other techniques. 

Lost key to sentry safe lost key to sentry safe (how to open)

A few methods help sentry-safe owners unlock the safe and retrieve their important belongings within no time. Following are some of the easiest ways to do it. 

Unlocking the safe using the paper clip method

To implement this technique, you need to make a tension tool alongside a picking tool, too, with the help of two paper clips. The following steps will help you perform the task more easily. safe using the paper clip method

  • Bend the bigger leg of the clip at a 90-degree angle with pliers or your hands to form a clamping tool. Use the same paper clip to mold the second leg into a wrench when you’re done with it. You’ll need the other paper clip to build your picking tool, which will serve as the handle for turning the lock. The first leg should be bent at a 180-degree angle, while you should bend the second leg at a 45-degree angle. Place the clamping tool in the lock’s lower section and the retraction tool in the upper chamber.
  • Place the clamping tool in the lower portion of the lock once you’ve finished your selection. Place the picking tool on the top of the wave near the teeth. You can proceed to the following step now that the commonplace is in place.
  • You may move the picking tool back and forth while turning the clamping device clockwise. When inserting it into the lock’s teeth, make sure you use appropriate force. Keep doing this until you hear a click. This indicates that you are about to unlock the door.
  • Press the pins three times until the lock clicks, then turn the lock clockwise to open it. Hold the coil until you have successfully opened the protective cabinet if it is not unlocked. The safety will not be harmed when you pick up the lost key for your protection so that you can use it again later.

Unlocking the safe using a cutting tool or drillunlocking the safe using a cutting tool or drill

This method will cause the lock to be destroyed, and you will need to replace it; therefore, make sure you choose the safety as follows:

  • To open the drill in the safe’s lock, connect it to an electrical outlet with a routine.
  • If you drill directly into the lock rather than the safe, you risk entirely damaging the safe.
  • The lock will break if you can punch holes in it and replace it later.
  • However, contact the manufacturer if you can replace the defective lock with a new one.


You can follow the methods mentioned above if you’ve also lost the key to the sentry safe box, as it will definitely help you recover your locked items.

There is no need to wait for a replacement key, especially in emergencies. If you liked our guide and found it effective, share it with your friends and family and let them be aware too. 

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