How to build stairs on a steep slope

How to build stairs on a steep slope. Stairs on a steep slope can be necessary sometimes. It can get hard climbing a steep slope so stairs can become mandatory.

Building steps on a steep slope can be possible with the proper planning, tools, materials, and skill. 

How to build stairs on a steep slopebuild stairs on a steep slope

Before beginning any project, the most important thing to start with is planning and measuring everything.

This helps determine what tools and amounts of materials are required.

Planning the staircase

Before buying the materials, it is paramount that the amount of wood or material the stairs are made of is measured. Using a measuring tape, measure the horizontal and vertical length of the slope. 

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Divide the vertical length of the slope into 6 inches. The number we get is the number of steps to be made. 

Make a perimeter

Putting two wood sticks or stakes and tying sticks around them makes a rough perimeter for the steps. 

Length of each step

By dividing the horizontal distance of the slope by the number of steps to be made, we can determine the length of each step. 

Cutting and prepping materials

After measuring and making a plan, the next step is preparing the materials for use.

Digging a trench

Dig a u-shaped trench at the base of the slope. This will be the support for the runner of the steps. It should be six inches wide. 

Cutting the boards

Cut the 6-inch boards as long as each step except the top step. 

Cut 6-inch boards as wide as the staircase with one extra board. 

Drill the ends of a six by 6-inch board with the same width as the slope. Drill 2 of the boards that are as long as the step length. Put these in the trench.

Installation of the steps

For installing the steps, drive the rebar through both ends of the just drilled board. Dig a trench for the sidebars of the next highest step.installation of the steps

Place the sidebars and secure them. Keep the edge straight as you dig out the trench to add steps.

Dig out the interior of the steps and repeat the process until the frame is formed and the top step is reached.

Now add the top step. Since the top step is flat, it does not require sidebars. 

Adding sand and gravel

Now once the frame is forming, keep adding gravel and sand mixture. Add until it is complete and keep putting bricks atop the mixture.

As you lay the bricks, add the masonry sand over the bricks and settle it down, so now the steps are covered in masonry sand. Stones can also be added to the staircase for visual purposes. 

Upkeep the staircase

After installing the staircase, the stairs can be damaged or get dirty. These should be cleaned regularly and maintained from time to time to keep the steps clean and new.

Investing much time and hard work in the staircase should account for something and lead to appropriately maintaining the staircase. 


A steep slope can hinder people, especially those with disabilities or specific conditions. Adding a new staircase can facilitate someone greatly or just add to the house’s aesthetics.

This can be done at home on a budget without any professional help, provided that all the tools and materials are available and all the steps are properly followed. 

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