How to keep wind from blowing door open

How to keep wind from blowing door open. It is a very annoying situation when the door of the room keeps open from the strong wind blowing outside.

There are many disadvantages of this because many things like dust, bugs, and cold air come inside the home and make the home dirty.

Besides these things, wrappers of different items, loose items, and dirty papers also come from the door to dirty the home. If there is a strong storm outside, then, it can pull apart the frame of the door.

Sometimes the glass of doors and windows is also broken due to the wind of the storm. High-priced repairings are needed after the loss of broken doors and windows.

There are many solutions and tricks to stop the door from blowing open in this article; you can use the door chain or door stopper, etc.

Keep reading my research on this topic to fix the issue of blowing off the door due to wind.

How to keep wind from blowing door open

keep wind from blowing door open

In our daily life, we listen from many people about the problem of the damaged door which was open due to the wind outside.

If there is a strong wind blowing outside, then it is of no significance that you have a screen door or you have fixed the storm door. It will affect any type of door.

It is also very risky because if your door will suddenly opens, then it can be dangerous to a small child or any pet.

Normally following are the reasons behind the opening of the door.

The door is not secured

It is very important to take care of the glass door by installing a stopper or closer because some doors are not strong enough to resist the strong wind blowing outside.

One more thing, if you have a doorstop, then remove the dust and sand from it regularly; otherwise, its efficiency will decrease with time.

Dead stop

The dead stop is very good to have in the door to save it from damage and stop the wind from coming inside. These dead stop items are created in this way. They stop the door from opening fully.

The adjacent arm strikes the dead stopper and prevents it from opening further.

Use of spring assisted door stop

Dead stop assisted with the spring is best to use in the doors where strong winds blow.

It works in a way that when the door reaches the wide-open position, the closer arm of the door strikes the spring and stops it immediately.

The spring in the door soaks up the speed of the door and slows down before touching the wall or final position.

Install a door chain

install a door chain

You can also install a high-quality chain made up of steel to stop the door in strong wind areas.

Ensure that chain is also strong otherwise, its connections will be broken when the strong wind hits the door.

If you install the steel door chain in the door, then it will stop the door from opening and make damaged.

Overturn the movement of the door

If you are living in such an area in which the strong wind blows all day, then the opening of a door is a very serious issue. Because it damages not only the door but also the wind takes away the bugs and dust inside the home.

The best technique to use in such an area is that overturn the swing of a door. It means that if the swing of the door is outside instead of inside, then the wind will not open the door.

If you can do it by yourself, then well and good otherwise you can hire a professional.

Readjust the door

Realignment of the door is necessary after some days because it improves its working. If you see that the door is not closing or opening properly, take a screwdriver and tighten the bolts and nuts off it.

Sometimes, they become loose due to opening and closing frequently.

One more thing to notice is that if you have doors made up of wood, then due to harsh weather and strong wind, cracks came on it, which rot the door.

It’s a sign of repairing the door. If you have the skills, then repair it by yourself; otherwise you can take the help of a professional to refix your storm door.


How to keep wind from blowing door open. The bottom line of all discussions is that there are many ways to stop the door from opening from the wind because it is sometimes very dangerous.

You can use a door chain or dead stop. You can also change the swing of the door from inside to outside.

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