How to keep squirrels off roof

How to keep squirrels off roof. Squirrels are garden pests that feed on garden fruits and vegetables. Though they are pretty harmless creatures, once they start infestation on your roof, they become a nuisance.

Besides being noisy and irritating, they may also cause damage to your roof and windows, as they like to chew on almost everything. But luckily, it is not difficult to keep them off your roof.

How to keep squirrels off roofkeep squirrels off roof

By following the below-mentioned guidelines, you can keep squirrels off your roof.

Cutting off the tree branches 

You can start by cutting the tree branches that lead to your roof. This will make it difficult to access your roof from the trees. Though some squirrels can fly, the most commonly found ones cannot jump for more than 6 feet. 

Cover the electric poles and cables

Squirrels are excellent climbers; when they will not access your roof through nearby trees, they will attempt to get to your roof through nearby electric poles and cables.

You can resolve this issue by covering these electric poles and cables with PVC pipes. The squirrels will slip off from the pipe surface and eventually give up.

Use Squirrel Baffle guardsuse squirrel baffle guards

You can use squirrels baffle guards like comprehensive funnels; they are fixed around the tree trunks nearest to your roof. Squirrels will not climb the trees that have these baffle guards around their trunks.

Use Squirrel Repellant sprays

These repellant sprays have a pungent smell of squirrel predator animals like fox, coyote. The smell of these sprays scares the squirrel off your roof. You can use these sprays on nearby trees, electric poles, and grass.

Do not plant trees close to your house

Another way to keep the squirrels off your roof is to avoid planting fruit and nuts trees close to your house. Squirrels love to munch on fruits and nuts; you can prevent them from climbing to your roof by not having them around.

Repair the Gaps in the roof

Sometimes squirrels make a nest in the gaps in the roof. You can prevent this situation by fixing all the gaps that can give them access to your attic for infestation. 

Stop feeding squirrels

The main reason squirrels live on trees near human settlements is food. If you start feeding them, they will start living there. 

Why do squirrels climb to the roof?

Squirrels mostly spend their time above the ground, on trees, walls, fences, and roofs. They like to live closer to human settlements for food and shelter.

They feel safer on the roof, as other animals cannot access them there. Another reason is that they can get closer to tree branches and twigs.

There are numerous squirrels, but the most common ones are the grey squirrels that live on trees. These grey squirrels are the ones that are usually disturbing your peace by jumping, running, and chewing on your roof.

Signs of squirrels on your roof

You can be sure of their presence on your roof if you notice the following signs:

  • Rustling and thumping sounds are coming from the roof.
  • Marks of scratches.
  • Foul and the sharp smell of urine coming from the roof or urine seeping through the roof.
  • Chewed off roof boards.


Although squirrels are relatively harmless garden creatures, they become a nuisance when they start coming to your roof or attic. The most effective solution to stop squirrels from coming to your rood is to block their route and scare them off.

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