Is Ortho Home defense safe for Pets

Is Ortho Home defense safe for Pets. Spraying Ortho home defense is an amazing way to keep bugs and nasty critters away from your home. But have you ever thought that spraying them can be dangerous for your pets and even kids?

Just like all other defense sprays, it also carries some harmful chemicals that are somehow dangerous to your pet’s health. Knowing that it can somehow harm your pet, will you stop using it and will bear bugs and insects in your house? Definitely no., right?

The benefits of a home defense can overshadow its effect on a pet; there are some situations that, if applied, can minimize its effect.

First things first, try to spray in your house, dividing it into 2 sections so that you can use the other part for the pets to keep them safe. Second, let the spray completely dry as the wet one can harm your furry companion if licked or inhaled.

Is Ortho Home Defense Safe for Petsis ortho home defense safe for pets 2022

You can use Ortho Home Defence Pellets in gardens, gardens, and residential areas to combat insects. These granules will not harm pets who encounter the application area. It combats over 30 different pests, including ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, and other annoyances.

The Ortho Home Defence Lawn and Landscape Spray is, in general, a pet-safe product. It is free of toxic permethrin, which is harmful to animals.

Furthermore, independent research has demonstrated that this product is effective against ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.

This is the product for you if you’re looking for an insect repellent that will keep your pet safe from pests while they enjoy being out with you.

Most people who use nebulizers, which are ineffective at controlling pests, are concerned about the safety of their pets, including cats and dogs.

Ortho Home Defense bed bug killers are generally safe for pets like dogs and cats. When used indoors, they are safe for dogs to lick and dry quickly, reducing the dog’s or cat’s ability to lick Ortho Home Defense Spray.

After How Long Spraying Home Defense is Safe for Pets?

Ortho Home Defense Spray dries out after 6-8 hours of use in most cases. External and internal treatments, on the other hand, have different drying times.

If you use Ortho Home Defense Spray indoors, it should dry in about 6 hours. However, it can take up to 2-3 hours to dry after being treated like grass outside.

Why is bug killer sprays dangerous for dogs?why is bug killer sprays dangerous for dogs

Currently, a question has been circulating on the internet ‘is ortho home defense save for dogs?’. Bug sprays are toxic to dogs in general. This is due to the DEET ingredient, found in varying concentrations in most insect sprays.

Because the DEET is extremely toxic to dogs. DEET can cause dizziness, vomiting, seizures, and even death if taken in large enough doses.

Picaridin is another common ingredient in insect sprays and repellents. Picaridin has the same effects as DEET and, if ingested, can be harmful to children.

When using insect sprays, these two active ingredients should be used with extreme caution and kept out of the reach of animals and children.

Is ortho home defense safe for birds?

The Ortho Home Defense mosquito killer contains bifenthrin. It’s deemed safe for birds, but if there are already a lot of mosquitoes being eaten by only a few birds in your yard, it probably won’t do anything to save them.

Is ortho home defense safe for plants?

The Ortho Home Defense products are not harmful to plants, but you should avoid using them directly in the drip line of edible plants like in a vegetable garden.

Per the product label, the insecticides found in Ortho Home Defense should be applied to areas away from edible vegetation, such as a vegetable garden, herbs, or fruit trees.

The chemical formula of the insecticide is very different from neem extract, which is used in organic pesticides and can therefore cause serious injury or even be fatal if ingested by insects.

Is ortho home defense safe for hardwood floors?

It is not safe to spray your household insecticide directly onto the floor, especially when it contains damaging chemicals that can easily stain or discolor your wooden flooring.

You should always be mindful of where you are spraying your bug spray so as to avoid getting it on the floor, so keep it at arm’s length and above shoulder height.

Is ortho home defense safe to breathe?

The ortho home defense mist is a small canister of pressurized liquid. It’s made to dispense a fine fog, facilitating the easy use of its contents.

Its fumes may irritate the patient’s respiratory tract. If it is inhaled, that’s not much cause for concern as it is considered practically non-toxic to internal organs.

This product does not contain any ingredients known to cause cancer or birth defects.

Ortho home defense poisoning symptoms

Breathing difficulty. Coughing. Loss of consciousness. Tremoring (if contained in large amounts). Seizures (if contained in large amounts.) Upset stomach, including cramps, pain, and nausea. Vomiting.

Ortho home defense dog poisoningortho home defense dog poisoning

However, if the Dog licks too much at the Ortho Home Defense spray it has ingested, it may become very nauseous.

You should immediately take out excess saliva, and be sure to strictly keep the showered-off area away from your pet.

If your cat seems ill, take him or her to the vet as soon as possible.


Without any doubt, our furry companions are really very sensitive and need extra care from some of the things we use. Simply inhaling the chemical can affect them and make them sick.

Just like an ortho home defense, many other sprays can also harm them if not used appropriately. Follow the precautions mentioned in this post if you need to spray any home defense to keep the bugs and insects away.

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