How to jack up a house to replace rim joist

How to jack up a house to replace rim joist . It is important to know what a joist is. The support that is mainly responsible for holding the most of the weight of the wall and headers above them is known as joist or rim joist.

It is mainly responsible for the Capping the ends of the deck or the floor as it provides lateral support to the edges.

As the time passes, the structure and the material of your houses gets damaged. The joist becomes so damaged that it needs an immediate replacement.

In the article that is below the steps that will help you jack your house up and help to change the materials that are damaged have been listed below. The steps are to be followed as they are for your own safety.

How to jack up a house to replace rim joist

jack up a house to replace rim joist

The first thing you need to determine is the distance at which the house needs to be lifted.

Before you do that, get a professional to determine if your house is in a condition to be lifted or not. This will help you with all the wanted tasks.

To support the floor joist in your area, you need to make a stud wall. Then you will need a hydraulic jack to lift the house. After that, you need to change the joist and you are clear.

Steps to replace a rim joist through jacking a house

The steps are actually very easy to follow, as they are explained in simple wording.


The step you need to perform first is to check the joist. Make sure it is actually damaged if you want to replace it.

Check the areas with mist first as they are likely to be more damaged. Watch it closely to determine the amount of damage that has been caused.

After you have made sure that you need the change. You will need to consult a professional. The professional will determine if the structure of the house is suitable to be lifted. If not, this is not the article for you, but if yes, you can move to the next step.

Determination for lifting how far

This is one of the most important step as this is the step in which you will determine how far you need to lift the use. It can be that you need to lift the intact house.

It can also be that you only need to lift a single side. This usually depends upon the damaged that has been caused.

Then see what type of device or jack can help you lift that up. Well, it is a hydraulic jack, but we need to know if the one we need is of 20tons or the 40 tons. Choose the right one as the cost required to rent one is really high, and the work is hard.

The stud wall

A stud wall needs to be built in your basement if you want to lift the house. The stud is actually installed to aid the jack in lifting the house. Take the drywall and the ceiling down so that the jack can be installed tightly.

  • Try your best not to damage the dry wall while removing it.
  • FIx the studs properly.
  • Hammer the top board from the above to tighten them.
  • Do not leave any loose space.
  • Make sure the stud wall is properly intact after the hammering.

The hydraulic jack

the hydraulic jack

After you have completed the above steps. You need to get a jack. You can either buy a new one or just rent one. I recommend the latter as it is cheaper. Then comes the step of placing the jack in the required position.

After placing the jack, you need to lift the house up or the room in which you are going to perform your task first. Make sure to do this safely so that you do not have a disaster at your hand.

The length at which you need to lift the house is important. Remove the jack when the requirement of the height is met.


  •  After the house is at the position where you wanted.
  • Quickly start the removing and cleaning the debris.
  • Clean thoroughly so no dirt remains.
  • Remove the old joist.
  • Then install the new joist.

After completing, get the house down and remove the jack. You can now set the house back in its original position.


How to jack up a house to replace rim joist . The replacement of the joist is a difficult and a risky task. The best way is to call someone who has a professional experience in such a thing.

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