How to insulate windows to keep heat out

How to insulate windows to keep heat out. A room without a window is just like nothing. Windows supply fresh air into the room, which is very necessary for the room to live and keep the heat out of the room.

Windows are a big source of cross ventilation of fresh air, but if heating is coming directly into the room, then it will heat up the room, so that’s why shutters are installed in front of it to keep the heat out.

If there is no weatherstrip in the window, then heat increases due to this, and it is difficult to take a breath in that room.

You can also install curtains or a white towel on the window if you have no other thing to cool the room and prevent it from direct sunlight in hot summer.

How to insulate windows to keep heat outinsulate windows to keep heat out

The basic function of a room window is to pass fresh air inside the room and keep out the hot heat from the room.

It is difficult to take a breath in a hot, heated room, so it is better to insulate the windows in different ways to keep heat out.

In hot summer, windows are insulated to get safe from heat through the following methods.

Installation of shutters

It is an expensive way to keep heat out, but if you fix shutters in front of the window, then it will keep the heat out of the room due to its thick layer.


Weatherstrip is the best option to adopt in both winter and summer. If you install a weatherstrip on windows, then in summer, it will keep hot air out of the room, and in winter, it will keep cool air out of the room. You can take advantage of both kinds of weather due to weather strips.

Installation of windows with bubble trap

It is a cheap and easy way to wrap up the window with a bubble trap. The bubble trap also acts as glass, but it is somehow awkward to see.

For applying a bubble trap, you will just have to spray some water, and then the bubble wrap will be fixed on the window. Heat will keep out now after this bubble wrapping on the window.

Insulating with window filminsulating with window film

It is a better option to insulate the windows and keep the heat out of the room.

It is easy to install and fix on windows because it comes in a tape shape. First of all, clean the window, then takes a measurement of the window.

Now cut down the tape and fix it on the window carefully, just like no vacant place remains.

After the fixing of the film tape, you can apply a blow dryer for a good finish. It will stick smoother on the window.

Use of Aluminum foil

The use of aluminum is also a good technique to get rid of hot heat in summer. Place the hot heat on the shiny side of the window.

Aluminum foil will reflect back the maximum heat from the window, and room temperature will not increase.

White towels

If you do not have another thing, then just place white towels on the rods of the windows. White towels will turn back the sunshine and heat. It may not look good to see, but you can apply it to keep heat out of the room.

Blackout curtains

If you do not like sunlight and heat anymore, then the best thing is to install the blackout blinds.

These blackout curtains will keep your room dark, no heat enters your room, and the room will remain cooler.


What is the effect of direct heat on the room?

If the heat of the sun is directly coming inside from the windows, then it is better to insulate your windows to decrease the temperature.

What is the easy and cheapest way to insulate the window from the heat?

Insulating with bubble wrap and placing white towels on window rods are gaming the cheapest ways to insulate the windows.


Summarizing all the facts, the windows are a very important part of a room to live in. A room without a window is difficult to survive in because of no fresh air.

If more heat is coming through the window, then another option is that you can insulate the window in various ways. Some techniques are expensive and some are cheaper also to keep heat out of the room.

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