How to cool a room with no windows

Having multiple issues and getting uncomfortable in a windowless room in summers is such a mess-up. Stifling-hot rooms can be miserable and lead to insomnia.

How to cool a room with no windows

Casting around for the best hacks and solutions?

Here are ten different cooling techniques grasp the one that best suits your room.

1. Strategically Angled Fansstrategically angled fans

  • The technique is also called the angled fan trick.
  • Place the two fans at the desired angles. It will help get your room cool.
  • This technique works either with an AC in another room or simply with open windows.
  • Fans rotate the air and move it towards the windowless room to get the desired cooling.

2. Use of Ductless HVAC System

  • The HVAC method works by sucking outside cooler air and then blowing it inside the room.
  • It not only enhances the airflow but descent the heat inside the room as well.
  • They are energy-efficient units and produce less heat.

3. Ceiling Fans

  • A sensible and productive technique to cool a room without windows.ceiling fans
  • Installing a ceiling fan circulates the air in the room and gives a cooling effect.
  • Other methods can be employed alongside wise to have much better results.
  • Make sure the ceiling fans move anticlockwise to circulate the air.
  • Increase the speed of the fan for a cooling effect.

4. Water Coolerswater coolers

  • People who can’t afford to install an air-conditioner may go for water coolers to have better coolness in these harsh summers. It works by adding cold water or ice water to the tank.
  • When switched on produces cool air that would be pleasing.
  • It is one of the Best options worth looking at.
  • The least expensive method is placing ice water in a holding in front of a small standing fan.

5. Use of Led Lights

  • Some rooms may contain incandescent light that needs to be upgraded to LED lights as they emit heat, the windowless room starts to accumulate heat.
  • They emit heat high as compared to fluorescent and led lights.
  • That’s why to be Replaced with LED lights as it’s a better alternative.

6. Dehumidifierdehumidifier

  • It’s a hack of air conditioners that, in addition to supplying chilled air, remove moisture-laden air from the room to the outside. You can duplicate it with a dehumidifier.
  • Seventy pints of water each day gets eliminated by installing high-quality dehumidifiers in the room.

7. Air Conditionair condition

  • No windows, fans, or coolers?
  • Install an air conditioner and enjoy the ultimate coolness.
  • The most luxurious cooling machine.
  • Costly method.
  • High electricity c
  • It is the best option for people with no affordability issues.

8. Portable Air Condition

  • They are a bit cost-effective than wall air conditions and help in cooling the room.
  • Once they are prone to use becomes a good option.

9. Limiting the Use of Heat Radiating Electronics

  • Most appliances/ electronics radiate heat. Limiting their use in such rooms makes it a bit cooler (Ovens, computers, ironing clothes, TV, refrigerators, etc.)
  • It is an example of a practical way of getting your room cooler but not an ideal solution.
  • It may work to some extent because no one can limit appliance use all the time.

10. Use of Exhaust Fans

  • Another method to cool a windowless room is an air exhaust.
  • Exhaust fans remove the air from the inside of the room and force it outside. In hot weather, turn on the exhaust fans to get the desired cooling.
  • It will also remove any hot air inside the room.
  • The fan directs the cool outdoor air into the room.


How to cool a room with no windows. Window-less rooms are a waste of space in summers and are challenging too. To avoid such inconveniences, the best tips discussed above will work. Use the above strategies to cool a windowless room during peak summer days.

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