How to identify older andersen windows

How to identify older andersen windows. Windows are used in our daily lives for ventilation, for the light to enter our houses, and not to let mosquitos or other bugs inside the house.

Anderson windows are high-quality windows. But they expire as well, so we need to know when this will happen. The age cannot be determined by just looking at their condition.

But you can mostly find the age through the logo that is etched on the device. The article will tell you more about the methods you can use for this.

How to identify older andersen windows

how to identify older andersen windows

The age of the window you want to know about is available on the windows themselves.

The age of the vintage of your window can be found by checking the manufacturing date of the window. You can find the date in different places.

I will list them down below:

On the covers or packings

This is the most basic technique used to check the date and determine the age of the Andersen window. All of the Andersen products have the manufacturing date on the packings they were sent and bought in.

You can just check the date of the manufacturing of the window and then determine the age of the window using the date.

On the frame

Every window has a frame, and the frame always contains the date of manufacturing, so you just need to look around the frame and find tags or stickers by the company.

After finding the tags or the stickers on the frame, you can check the date and then use the age to find the vintage of the window.

On the glass

on the glass

As I mentioned above that, the frames can have stickers and tags on them, but sometimes the case is not correct for the stickers to be on the frame.

You might be able to find them on the glass. They will be even more visible on the glass as the light can pass through them.

You can just check the date and, like before, determine the age by using the date.

On the logo

This is the fastest method to find the age or determine the age of the window is through logos. Sometimes there are no tags on both windows and frames, but you can see the company logo.

You just need to find the logo. In Andersen product logos, the date of the manufacturing is given. After finding the logo, you can see the date of manufacturing there.

Then, like above, you can calculate the vintage or the age of the window using your mind or calculator.

Advantages of identifying the age of Andersen window

This might seem small to you, but there are multiple advantages to knowing the age of your Andersen window. You can read them in this paragraph.

The basic and first thing is that It will help you in making the decision of getting a new window. Let’s say that you have been using a window for twenty years, but you do not know when it was installed.

Maybe you just forgot the date and time you installed the window, or maybe someone else had installed it, so you don’t even have any memory of installing it.

The window might have become a safety hazard as it might break anytime and cause some serious damage.

But if you knew the age of the window, you would know when to replace it, and you will be able to save yourself from future problems.


Where in the Andersen window can we find the manufacturing date?

We can find the date of manufacturing of the window on the glass or else the frame of the window.

If it is not mentioned simply, You should check the logo. Mostly in the Andersen window, manufacturing date is listed there.

How long should an Andersen window be able to work?

Andersen is a high-quality manufacturing company, so a good Andersen window should at least be good for about 20 years.

After 20 years it should be replaced with a new window. This is to ensure your own safety.


The reason why we should use Andersen products is that they are good in quality.

The reason we should know the age or the vintage of Andersen windows is to keep ourselves and our family safe and from the problems that might arise due to a broken or expired window.

Pests and other creatures might enter the house through the cracks. So it is best to replace the windows on time.

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