How to install simplisafe doorbell

How to install simplisafe doorbell. SimpliSafe is a company that believes in providing a sense of security to its users by manufacturing the latest security gadgets such as alarm systems and services.

The company has a vast range of products all having cellular connections and some products even have additional features such as smash proof, fire and smoke detection, and wireless sensors that can detect any unusual activity or mishap.

Moreover, the company has delivered all across the US and has maintained its quality throughout. SimpliSafe is regarded with A+ ratings and it gives tough competition to its competitor companies.

The merits of buying a SimpliSafe product is that you get the best security system at lower rates as compared to other companies.

How to install simplisafe doorbellhow to install simplisafe doorbell

The installation of this product is not that easy as everyone thinks it is. It requires a few technical steps to install your system in place.

Below we will be guiding you on how to install your SimpliSafe in easy steps.

  1. Arrangement

Firstly, place all the components on a flat surface so that you get a hold of every little component.

  1. Turn off the circuit breakerturn off the circuit breaker

Then look for the circuit breaker and turn off the electricity passage that goes to your doorbell switch.

After all, safety comes first before everything.

  1. Remove the previous doorbellremove the previous doorbell

If there is a doorbell already attached to the circuit, find the right tools to first remove the doorbell by unscrewing it.

  1. Attach the mounting bracket

Now you will be left with naked wires hanging from the circuit, attach those wires to the mounting bracket of your new SimpliSafe doorbell

  1. Fix the mounting bracket in place

Next, you need to fix the mounting bracket firmly at its place by drilling screws in the holes provided

  1. Loosen terminal screws

Once you have fixed the mounting bracket in its place, loosen the terminal screws to insert the hanging wires inside so that you have a proper electrical connection made

  1. Tighten terminal screws

After you have inserted the wires at its right terminal, fix it in place with the terminal screws provided

  1. Place the doorbell

Now once you have had your connections in place, insert the doorbell inside the space provided within the mount bracket

  1. Fix the doorbell in place

Fix the remaining screws around the doorbell for a firm grip on the bracket.

  1. Review manual

Once you have had your doorbell installed at its place, review the manual for further guidance

  1. Switch on the circuit breaker

Next switch on the circuit breaker to allow the flow of electricity. Check if your bell is working or not by pressing the switch

  1. Charge the camera battery

After making sure that you have installed the doorbell correctly, wait for a few hours to let the camera battery charge

  1. LED light indication

A blinking white LED will indicate that your camera is fully charged and ready to be operational

  1. Install SimpliSafe appinstall simplisafe app

Connect the camera to your WIFI network and install the SimpliSafe app on your phone, laptop, or smart tv so that you could connect the camera directly to your preferred device

  1. Set up your camera

Setup your camera settings by going to your SimpliSafe app and clicking on the option “setup my SimpliCam”

  1. Final testing

By selecting this option, you can easily set the camera settings on your device and have a clear view of your front door


There is nothing better than a sense of added security to your homes or offices. SimpliSafe guarantees to provide you with the best security systems that can add easiness and relaxation to your lives.

Even the simplest SimpliSafe product, such as a doorbell comes with a built-in camera so that you can view everything that is happening outside your front door and check who is at the door before opening the gate.

Life is very uncertain and your belongings are never safe especially when you have witnessed so many cases of burglary and other crimes around you.

Therefore, it is better to stay safe and protected by taking all the safety measures beforehand and preventing yourself and your loved ones from any unforeseen incident because as we all know, safety comes first.

Then what are you waiting for? Grab the best SimpliSafe product for your house and make your living secure.

How to install simplisafe doorbell

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