How to get rid of vinegar smell

How to get rid of vinegar smell. It must be possible that you to try the vinegar for cleaning purposes. Vinegar is well-known for its ability to get rid of stubborn stains stuck on fabric or any material.

Vinegar gives you excellent results undoubtedly. But unfortunately, it lefts its unbearable sharp odor everywhere in the air.

If you are facing the same situation and want to get rid of the vinegar smell authentically, then you may calm yourself as you may do the job efficiently.

This article will share the different methods to reduce vinegar smells appropriately. Follow the instructions carefully to get amazing results.

How to get rid of vinegar smell

Different Ways To Mask Vinegar Smell

different ways to mask vinegar smell

This article will discuss the different methods to remove the smell of vinegar while cleaning. You may also get to know why people choose vinegar for different purposes.

So, let’s go through the route to get a vinegar-smell-free environment quickly. You may go with any of the ways that you find more suitable.

Use Fresh Herbs

use fresh herbs

The first, more efficient way to mask the smell of vinegar is by using fragrant herbs. The mixture of water, vinegar, and fresh herbs can make fresh air in the area.

For example, you may choose rosemary, lavender, and basil as fragrant herbs in your cleaning solution of vinegar. There is also an option of using spices.

Mostly, spices are used for cooking delicious food to make the food’s aroma even more attractive, like cinnamon sticks and anise.

You may prefer using flowers to mask the vinegar smell. You may choose any of them according to your choice.

But one thing you must remember while choosing the item is to consider choosing the light color of roses in your cleaning solution.

It would help if you didn’t ruin your stuff with other color patches. So you must follow simple instructions to make your room free from vinegar scent.

So, for making a cleaning power solution with vinegar while masking the vinegar smell, you may use a clean bottle. Then choose your desired herb and take an average quantity of it.

Place the herbs into the bottle and add vinegar as you usually do to make a solution. Set the bottle for some days, almost 8 days.

Filter the solution and use it for any cleaning without fear of an unpleasant smell. You may feel your room has a more reinvigorated scent.

Use Less Vinegar

use less vinegar

It might be possible that you use white vinegar for cleaning every day as it has the cleaning power and also kills bacteria, so after cleaning, you may experience a vinegar smell.

You may eliminate the vinegar smell by using small quantity of vinegar, as the distilled white vinegar may help you to thin the vinegar’s acidic smell.

The only thing you have to do is while making the solution of vinegar; you may take a small portion. It may help you to mask the sharp smell of vinegar.

Using less vinegar makes less smell and can easily be terminated. You may also use apple cider vinegar instead of diluted vinegar.

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You may follow the trick or go with another if you can’t compromise the vinegar volume.

Use Baking Soda

using baking soda

Another helpful way is using baking soda to mask the vinegar odor. You may use water and the baking soda solution without any unpleasant odor.

Baking soda can absorb odors that why some people pour baking soda into a small dish and place it into their refrigerators to lessen the bad smell.

So, if you have just finished your cleaning process and smell vinegar, you may take a small quantity and sprinkle baking soda on the surface.

If you have a wide area that you have cleaned with vinegar, it would be better to make a baking soda solution to mask unpleasant smells. You may also consider adding dish soap to it.

Just add baking soda; almost 1 scoop, 1 scoop of dish soap, and 1 glass of water will be enough. Take a sponge or a rag and dip it into the solution. Gently rub the rag on the area you have cleaned with vinegar.

When doing the previous step, don’t forget to use a damp cloth to clean the entire area for better results. You may also use baking soda on your hands to remove the vinegar smell.

Use Fresh Lemon Juice

use fresh lemon juice

So, while discussing eliminating the vinegar smell, how can we forget the lemon? You may find the lemon used to mask the smell of vinegar a skillful technique.

Lemon juice has citric acid and can fight with acidic acid that vinegar contains. The way is also cheaper and more effective. Just grab a lemon and start making the solution.

So, you require a spray bottle, a lemon (large) or two lemons (small), and a glass of water. Squeeze the lemon in a glass of water and pour the solution into a spray bottle.

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Now, you must spray the solution on the surface you cleaned with vinegar. Rub it with a rag. In the end, you may use a damp cloth in clean water to clean the surface.

After completing the cleaning task, you may feel the homemade sprays work amazingly to eliminate the vinegar’s strong smell.

  • Lemon Peels

You may also use lemon peel to make a cleaning recipe for everyday cleaning. The following method uses citrus peels to give you scented vinegar to do your daily task.

So, it would help if you had a mason jar to preserve the solution and vinegar. Lemon peel according to your need. If you want the full-filled jar of the solution, you may use that many peels.

So, it would help if you had the lemon peel to fill the 3 parts of the jar. Now, fill the jar with vinegar. You have to place it for almost 6 to 7 days.

But don’t forget to shake occasionally. You may use the solution after filtering it. Use your creamy surface cleaner anywhere you want with a clean smell.

  • TIP

You may also use another citrus fruit peel, like limes or oranges.

Use Essential Oil

use essential oil

Another way to get rid of the vinegar smell is by using essential oils. You can make a solution of white vinegar and essential oils to get a fragrant laundry.

For example, you may use rosemary, peppermint, or lavender for cleanings. Essential oil is also environmentally friendly, so don’t hesitate to pick a single or a combination of essential oils.

So, to make the solution, you need a gallon of vinegar that contains almost 3.78L. And then, pick one of your favorite essential oil and pour twenty drops into the vinegar.

Mix the solution by shaking it and use the cleaning solution for daily cleaning tasks. It would be better to patch a note on the bottle so that you could remind the solution.

Get Fresh Air

get fresh air

While using the different solutions to mask the vinegar’s strong odor, we also have quick tips to get the work done.

We are talking about circulating air in the area to lessen the vinegar smell. For example, you may open the door and windows to get fresh air inside your room.

You may use the air purifier, air conditioner, or dehumidifier to mask the smell of vinegar.

  • Air Conditioner

For air conditioning, it would be best to shut off the windows. You may go with the high speed while choosing the ventilation mode. You may surely get a vinegar-smell-free place in a few hours.

  • Air Purifier

You may use the following method if you don’t have bad weather. Let your door and windows open to maintain a fresh air flow.

It is an easy way but not the quickest way. So, it may take more time to reduce the unpleasant smell of vinegar than other procedures.

  • Dehumidifier

Another best way to reduce the smell of vinegar is using a dehumidifier. It may help you to get rid of bad smells inside your room.

Usually, it helps to maintain the humidity level in your house, which results in condensation, moisture, or mold growth on walls, doors, and windows.

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Plus Points of Using White Distilled Vinegar

plus points of using white distilled vinegar

Different ways urge us to use vinegar. For example, in the case of a sticky stain, if you don’t have any other material as a cleaner, then you may use vinegar.

  1. Vinegar, with its acetic acid abilities, removes unwanted stains efficiently and helps make your house clean and fresh.
  2. The next plus point of the vinegar solution is that it is cheaper and readily available. You don’t need to spend much money to get a stain-free surface.
  3. You may also prefer vinegar as it is not abrasive. So people love to use it without the risk of ruining fabric or color quality.
  4. People choose to use dilute vinegar because it has the cleaning power to fight molds. Even though different commercial cleaners can’t remove molds, vinegar does.
  5. It may also use to get rid of grime and grease from the sink or any other greasy area. It also helps you to unclog an area and eliminate buildups.
  6. Using vinegar may give you an area free from bacteria.
  7. While using vinegar, you don’t need to take safety precautions. It’s safe to use and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals.

Tips & Tricks To Avoid Vinegar Smell

Whenever you are done cleaning with vinegar, you may follow some tricks to reduce the smell of vinegar.

  • Keep the doors and windows open.
  • Dilute the vinegar.
  • Use less quantity.
  • Better to turn On the humidifier or AC.
  • By using apple cider vinegar as it has the same cleaning power as a sweet fragrance.
  • You may also use scented candles to minimize the white vinegar smell.


We hope this article has a complete answer to how to get rid of the vinegar smell. You may use different techniques to mask the smell of vinegar.

We also discuss making fragrant vinegar solutions using different items like essential oil, fragrant herbs, and much more.

While going through the instructions, you may know why people use vinegar for cleaning and what steps you may follow after cleaning the surface.