Dryer smells like burning

Dryer smells like burning. Do you know a burning smell arising from the dryer is not a thing to ignore, as it can be a fire hazard? This type of problem usually occurs in power-operated devices, and they can let you investigate them from time to time.

You have just to catch the real reason behind these kinds of problems and find the authentic fix to them. But isn’t it challenging to grab an authentic guide?

Do you know if your dryer vents aren’t cleaned properly, the dryer or the clothes inside can catch fire which is a severe condition for the unit user?

This dryer vent fire catching is usually an event that commonly occurs in winters when heavier materials like sweaters r woolen clothes are washed. So, to simply avoid this, try cleaning the lint trays more frequently in winter.

Worrying and being concerned about this issue is not at all wrong; your initial step must be to stop using the device until you reach the actual cause behind it and eliminate that cause.

Don’t panic but get yourself alarmed because this burning smell can be hazardous if not cured properly. Keep reading to know the reason that is causing the problem.

Dryer smells like burning dryer smells like burning (reasons solutions)

The following reasons will help you to detect some most common reasons.

Fine Lint is a huge and the most common reason

It would help if you cleaned the dryer’s lint trap after each load since the small lint it gathers is highly combustible. Even if you’re aware of it, lint can leak past the trap’s borders and collect on the dryer’s heating element, giving off a burnt scent as the dryer runs.

Disconnect the dryer, close the fuel tap, and then remove the back cover to fix the issue. Remove any stray band fragments with the nozzle bracket and vacuum them up.

Falling Thermostatfalling thermostat

There’s no noise from the pump at all. An open contact on the electrical component may be the source of the SC error code on your Samsung washing machine if it displays it.

You should check everything from your drain pump to the way your control module is connected.

If the wired connection fails, it is preferable to restore it immediately rather than wait. Relocating or moving the washing machine increases the risk.

If you run into an issue with an open circuit, you can repair it by twisting and soldering the wires together. If a severe issue is identified, it is preferable to replace the complete cord to preserve the Samsung washing machine at its finest.

New Dryer is Prone to Create Odd Smell

Odors from a new dryer are common. The dryer inside gets extremely hot when it’s running, and materials used in its construction may have oil or coatings on them that were discharged from the gas while the dryer was initially being used.

The dryer is safe to use in this scenario. The burning scent will quickly dissipate if you simply open a window.

Blocked Vent Hosedryer blocked vent hose

The dryer’s exhaust line, which usually exits through a wall, must always be clean and clear to escape hot air. An average lint catcher gathers 70 to 80 percent of the lint formed during drying.

At the same time, the remaining band fibers in the air are sucked out by the ventilation tube, a flexible tube with a diameter of around 10 cm attached to the dryer’s back.

You may use tungsten carbide or PVC wire of the same diameter to link a flexible wire to a wall where the wire enters. Other flexible ventilation pipes, on the other hand, extend from the dryer.

Due to the blockage in the pipe, hot air is backed up, leading to the lint pushing all around the sides of the trap and inside the cabinet of the dryer.

Why does my dryer make my clothes smell like burnt rubber?

When the dryer is on and the power line is worn or exposed, it may emit a burnt rubber stench.

In some cases, electricity can melt the rubber jacket around a cable with a broken wire. Replace a worn-out power cord with a new one.


So, our conclusion of says to avoid this issue, you must regularly clean your device. Electric-associated devices require gentle care and concern, without which they can be exposed to various problems, one of which is a burning smell.

Avoid detergents that contain such chemicals, which can let the dryer gets heat up and catch fire.

We hope you understand the reason behind this burning smell, and now there is no need to spend bulks of your salary on repairing or getting rid of these more minor problems.

Dryer smells like burning after cleaning issues

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