How to get great stuff off your hands

How to get great stuff off your hands. Great stuff is usually used to make stronger your home columns. It is so hard that it could make it two times harder.

It is easy to use, but you need to use it carefully. Don’t forget to wear plastic gloves and long shoes that may help you to save your skin from great stuff.

Great foam use solvents in it that can get on your skin. In that case, you can act upon some procedure to get them off. So don’t panic, and don’t harm your skin by using unauthentic ways.

Here, we will discuss different ways of removing that hard stuff from your hands. Stay with us.

How to get great stuff off your hands

how to get great stuff off your hands

Wet Great-Stuff

If you get great stuff on your skin, then it’s better that you remove it when it is uncured or wet because it looks easy to take off the stuff instead of dried foam.

When you try to remove it, you may damage your skin. So, follow the steps to get clear skin from wet great stuff.

Use a towel, tissue, or a piece of cloth to remove the foam insulation as soon as possible. It may save you time if you start removing it before it dries.

Don’t suffer yourself by rubbing harshly. It can cause scratches or pain for you.

After that, you should apply solvent to dissolve the foam-like acetone. Scrub your hands with acetone to get off the stuff.

Apply a nail polish remover if you don’t have acetone. It is also suitable at that time. You can also use nail polish remover after acetone.

Using lacquer thinner is also another option. It is a substitute for acetone in case you don’t have acetone. Use petroleum jelly to soften your hands and massage gently.

Use warm water to wash your hands. If you have skin moisturizing soap, wash your affected part with it. Then, apply moisturizing lotion to prevent dryness and to get back the softness of your skin.

Dried Great-Stuff

Here are 2 methods of removing great stuff.

  • Physical remove of great stuff

physical remove of great stuff

Suppose your great stuff dried on your hands. It’s a little bit of time taking process but not impossible. You can remove it by following the accurate process.

If you act correctly, you may reduce the chances of skin damage as cured stuff is dangerous as it may cause injury or bleeding. You are required to pay attention to successfully removing foam insulation.

The first thing that you need to do is use an emery board to remove the excess of the great stuff or pumice stone. If you don’t have these items, then you may use a Scotch-Brite. Don’t rub harshly to prevent any kind of harm.

These things are easily available in your near markets, or you can also buy one of the tools online. This way is based on bodily great stuff removing as it is not dissolving the foam insulation.

Here is a benefit that bodily getting off stuff is filtered from hard chemicals.

  • Dissolve the great stuff

how to get great stuff off your hands 2022

For dissolving purposes, you are required some solvents that we are going to discuss below.

Dissolve foam by using acetone. In case if you don’t have acetone, you can use the alternative. That is gasoline, Goof off or WD-40.

The next step is to keep your hands in warm water for some time. Use moisturizing soap. Dry your hands and do some massage with petroleum.

Wrap your hands in the plastic sheet for one hour. You can also use plastic gloves. It may help to soften the great stuff from your skin.

Unwrap your hands and then wash again, and apply some moisturizing lotion after that.

If you feel that your hands are not properly clean yet from the great stuff. You may repeat the process according to the situation. You can minimize the time of soaking hands in warm water and also wrapping hands in plastic sheets or gloves.

Gently massage your hands with lotion twice or thrice, or more than in a day.

It will take some time, but it may be very helpful to you to get great stuff off your hands.


We recommend that before using great stuff or any kind of hard material, take some safety measures.

Moreover, while following these methods, don’t get panic or don’t behave rashly. As it can lead you to harm or injury, and you may suffer from pain.

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