Cuisinart coffee maker clean light

Cuisinart coffee maker clean light. If the clean light starts blinking on the Cuisinart coffee maker then it is an indication that the machine is demanding cleanliness.

Due to a lot of use of coffee makers, there is a build-up of calcium which is affecting the functioning of the machine.

One more thing, due to the increase in calcium, the taste of the coffee will also change; that’s why the clean light is on.

Once my guests complained about the taste of coffee; when I inspected it, there was the growth of calcium inside the walls of the coffee maker.

So you must clean the coffee maker completely after using it.

Sometimes the clean light starts blinking, yet you have already cleaned it properly. Many people face such kinds of issues.

The main reason behind this is that the cleaning cycle is not finished completely, due to which clean light is still on.

Cuisinart coffee maker clean light

cuisinart coffee maker clean light

If you want to get the perfect taste of the coffee by making it in the Cuisinart coffee maker, then clean it properly because if the build-up of calcium will not be clean properly, then you can not get the perfect taste as well blinking light will keep on.

Following are some tips to switch off the blinking light on the coffee maker.

Clean the coffee maker

Normally clean light starts blinking when you do not clean it after making the coffee.

  • First of all vacant the coffee maker properly.
  • Take a cup of vinegar and make a solution of it with 3 cups of water in the bowl.
  • Now start the machine and push the clean button also if it is.
  • Wait to finish the cleaning cycle.
  • Wash it again by rinse cycle so that any vinegar remaining in it must clean off. It is important to run the rinse cycle because the slight amount of vinegar will remain, then it will change the taste of the coffee.
  • Switch off the coffee maker and leave it for thirty minutes to cool so that you can pick it up.

Wash the filter and carafe

Now detach the removable parts and clean the filter and carafe of the coffee maker.

Items require

  1. Sponge
  2. Soap or detergent
  3. Hot Water

Make a solution of hot water with soap and clean all the removable parts like the filter, carafe, and base also.

Clean the warming plates

If there is soil and stains on the warming plates then also clean them with the sponge and soapy solution. Always use hot water to wash the coffee maker instead of cold water.

At the start, I used to wash the machine with cold water, which did not remove the build-up of calcium and stains. Therefore my machine’s clean light remains blinking.

One friend suggested I use hot water soapy solution in the cleaning cycle. After that, I always use hot water, and the light does not blink after cleaning.

Dry the detached components

After cleaning all the separated components, let them dry completely because if you will attach them in wet condition, then there is a fire hazard. After all, components are completely dried out. Reassemble them carefully.

Clean light still on

clean light still on

If the clean light on the coffee maker is still on, then it is an indication that the cleaning cycle is not fully completed due, and you have to clean it again and clear the calcium or any other build-up from inside the machine.

Use of baking soda solution

It can be found in every kitchen. If you have baking soda, then take 1 cup of it and a suitable amount of mater and make their solution.

Always use hot water to clean the appliance because it removes the stains more than cold water.

Pour its solution into the coffee maker and wait for some time. After some time, use a soft sponge and clean all the machines carefully.


The Cuisinart coffee maker’s clean light blinks when it demands cleaning. Due to the making of coffee, calcium and either ingredients growth on the walls inside the maker.

Auto clean light starts blinking because of it. It’s up to you either baking soda or vinegar hot water solution for the cleaning cycle.

Ensure that the cleaning cycle is completed otherwise the clean light will remain blinking.

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