How to get burnt sugar off a pan

How to get burnt sugar off a pan. Frying pans are utensils that we use in the daily life of our kitchen. They have a variety of uses, from frying eggs to making pancakes.

They are easy to handle because of their handle and are in good shape. But that doesn’t mean that they are free from flaws.

They have problems that relate to them as well. One of the biggest threats or problems that come with frying pans is sticking.

Though this problem is solved with the latest pans, it’s not extinguished. Burnt sugar gets stuck to pans. This is the worse of the problem you can face with your kitchen utensils.

It gets annoying at a high level. You can learn about the ways to remove it if you read this article.

How to get burnt sugar off a pan

how to get burnt sugar off a pan

There are various ways through which you can remove it. You can pour baking soda and add water for its removal.

Then boil it, and you will see that it will be removed. You can use simple vinegar for the removal too.

The vinegar gives a pretty excellent result. If you want to remove it even quicker, you can use different detergents and chemicals available on the market.

They are efficient if you know the way to use them.

Some other methods that are proven to be worthy are listed down below:


Ketchup, besides being useful in enhancing the taste of your food, is quite capable as a cleaning agent. The acetic acid and other mixtures present in the ketchup aids in the removal of stains. Ketchup doesn’t need to be heated, so it is a good choice.

We just need a pack of ketchup. Then apply a thick layer of it to the burnt place. Let it settle for about 20  minutes. Use a sponge to remove the ketchup.

The stains will also be removed with it. Scrubbing more and using soap can remove the smell and taste of ketchup from your utensil.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks like Coke are used for drinking as they are useful in clearing our thirst. But what you didn’t know is that they are also quite useful in the removal of stains.

From cleaning dishes to toilets, they are useful in other ways as well.

You need some carbonated drink. Maybe a glass of Pepsi will do the trick. Just pour the amount in which the stain soaks completely and let it stay like that for a night. Then just scrape it off and clean it.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is the way to go if you want to clean with your cooking materials. Cleaning is not the primary use of baking soda, but because of its excellent results. It is used quite a lot.

What you need to do is to make a solution of baking soda with water. It should not be too thin or too thick either. Two tablespoons are just enough. Then spread the solution or the paste on the part where you want the removal.

Ignite the fire and place it on the top. Wait for 30 minutes or so to let the heat sink in. Then let it cool down after that. Now use a sponge and wipe it all off. You can see the stainless utensil that you just cleaned.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

using hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a commonly used cleaner. It has different cleaning purposes in every household.

It is considered to be one of the best ways to deal with tough and hard stains. The method is quite similar to that f baking soda. But you do need water.

Just make a thick layer of hydrogen peroxide such that it is about half an inch. Then put it on the stove and start heating it.

Wait for the heating to end till the solution boils. Then let it cool down just like the baking soda after it has cooled down. Use a sponge and soap to thoroughly clean the chemical. The stains will be gone.


There are different methods for you to deal with your problem. It is your choice to decide which one to choose.

But all the methods above are legitimate and tested. You can even see some of the methods in the articles of other writers as well.

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