How to clean a self cleaning oven without using the self cleaning feature

Clean a self cleaning oven without using the self cleaning feature. Ovens make our cooking, baking, and heating easy. In a few minutes, various delicious dishes can be made, but besides this delightful baking, we have to go through mulish stains and burnt food pieces. That seems a tip over baking in ovens.

How to clean a self cleaning oven without using the self cleaning feature
clean a self cleaning oven 

The ovens with self-cleaning technology sound good, but after using this technology many times, this feature does not support cleaning. This, rather than being helpful, these ovens with self-cleaning technology start troubling you.

This being so, we have brought for you seven ideas that will help in cleaning your oven. You just need to follow these techniques to wipe out all mess from your oven.

Methods to clean an oven without using the “self-cleaning feature.”

Sometimes due to technical faults, the self-cleaning feature fails. It may be possible that you don’t want to use that feature because of excess heating. In the following, there are ways by which you can get rid of halted pieces of food and hard liquid stains.

It is suggested while using any of these methods, wear gloves if you like so that you may have no issue with the chemicals, or you can save your hands from being dirty or burning:

1. Cleaning up with simple watercleaning up with simple water

It is the easiest way of cleaning up your oven without using any chemicals or anything else.

  • Spread simple water with a shower and carefully
  • heat up your oven
  • Wear gloves because hot water steam can cause burn
  • Take a scotch bright and rub it nicely on the oven surface and walls
  • Repeat this action twice or thrice

2. Cleaning with an oven cleanercleaning with an oven cleaner

Different oven cleaners are present in the market for people to help them in cleaning their oven

  • You may use it spread it on the surface  stains and greasy walls of the oven
  • Let it set on the stains and get them to leave their place.
  • Clean these stains with cloth rubbing a bit
  • Wash the cloth and rub the oven surface again

Oven cleaned

3. Cleaning with detergent

In most houses, one of the things that are available all the time is detergent. You can use it to clean up stains in the oven.

  • Spread any of the detergent pleasant smell  that you have  in the oven
  • Let it be for 10-15 minutes
  • Take wet cloth
  • Rub those stains
  • Wash the cloth and clean the oven once or twice after washing it. That’s it.
  • Bravo! The stains are removed, and the detergent will also defuse the unpleasant smell.

4. Cleaning with dishwashers

Dishwashers work the same as detergent.

  • Spread dishwasher in medium quantity and cover the stains
  • let it be for 10-15 minutes
  • rub it with a piece of cloth or scotch bright
  • wash the cloth or scotch bright and clean the oven twice so that no smell can remain in the oven
  • It is done.

5. Cleaning with lemoncleaning with lemon

This method is for those people who are allergic to chemicals (detergents it dishwashers)

  • Take 2-3 lemons and squeeze their juice
  • Cover the stains with squeezed lemon juice
  • let it be for some time so that the stains leave their hard places
  • then rub it with cloth, Scotch bright, or brush
  • Wash it once or twice to have it cleaned perfectly
  • That’s it. Stains removed.

6. Cleaning with vinegar

If you are missing lemon at home and have vinegar instead, then don’t worry. Vinegar can also be used to clean your oven as it is a substitute for it.

  • Drop vinegar on stains
  • let it be for 10-15 minutes
  • Clean it via rubbing cloth, toilet paper, or scotch bright
  • Clean two to three times
  • Stains are cleaned.

7. Cleaning with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)cleaning with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

This is the method that removes the food particles and oily surface of the oven fantastically. You just need to do is to:

  • Spread sodium bicarbonate on stains directly or make a thick paste with water
  • Cover the stains on food particles or liquid stains
  • Let it be at least 15 or more than this for better results
  • Use scotch bright or cloth for rubbing
  • Twice or thrice, repeat cleaning.
  • That’s it. The oven is cleaned.


Hence, you can follow these simple steps and get these pig-headed stains removed.

Using these methods will also make you feel good as these simple steps will not only do away with stains, rigid food particles as well as stink that has seized your oven.

Another thing about these walkover techniques is that these techniques need no mastery; any of our little chefs and beginners can abide by them, and without letting anybody know, little burning of food can continue their dream of baking and cooking delicious food and other items.

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