How to fix hoodie string

How to fix Hoodie String. A hoodie string might appear to use its own brain to push its hands deep into the cloth layer on one end, dangling lower from the other or even merging from the hood altogether.

Pulling the hoodie thread back into the hoodie from where it fits could be irritating. Right?

We understand it, as many hoodie owners usually face this problem, but actually, it’s not a big deal to get back the string from where it belongs.

So, to avoid such a situation in the future, we here come with three innovative methods that might help you if you lose your hoodie’s string after washing it.

Are you ready? Here you go!

How to fix hoodie string

There are many simple and quick methods to get back the string of a hoodie to its place. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the tricks

But, wait, before this, you will need some things that will help in fixing the hoodie thread-like

  • Straw
  • Stapler
  • Safety pin
  • Coat hanger

So, how can we use these things for fixing hoodie strings? Read till the end.

By Safety pintricks to restring a hoodie)

With the safety pin, just follow these steps

  • Get a safety pin that would fit in the eyehole on your sweater with ease. Now, right after the plastic or metal covering, open the pin and hook this to the end of the thread.
  • Set the safety pin in place.
  • Put the safety pin in the hole of the hoodie, which is linked to the string. Now, holding the rear of the pin, start to move the cloth closer till you can no longer do so.
  • Then, gently grasp the front side of the safety pin and pull the cloth, so the string linked to the safety pin now moves a few inches.
  • Repeat the above two steps, and move the thread ahead until you touch the other side even if the string finds its way through the tunnel of the hoodie; this would take roughly 10-15 minutes to complete the handful method. Withdraw the safety pin after it appears from the opposite end and pull the thread tightly till both ends are even.

By stapler and strawby stapler and straw

So, with the help of a stapler and straw, you can also fix the string of your hoodie so just follow the steps

  • Take one end of the thread or string and place it inside the straw and continue to press it into the straw until it reaches approximately half an inch inside the straw.
  • Now, use the stapler to attach it to the straw of the string. So, rotate the stapler so the staples that shoot out to the very same as the straw. Just from the end of the string, do not staple the straw.
  • Insert the straw through the eyelet on the hooded sweater. Continue finding your way all around the cloth until you reach the opposite side. It’s frequently simpler to grasp the rear end of the straw and then pull the cloth to your other hand till it taps out the other end.
  • Tug on the string until every hole has an equal length of string flowing out of it when you’ve pushed the straw together all completely into the other side. Pull the staple and straw as your hoodie is now re-threaded in a couple of minutes.

By Coat Hangercoat hanger

If you don’t even have a plastic straw or safety pin, a coat hanger will work, so let’s get a quick look at a coat hanger.

  • Take a normal metal hanger and start unraveling it with the help of tongs. Make sure to protect your hands and eyes while doing this.
  • Tie a string around the unraveled metal hanger with the help of scotch tape or tie it tightly and avoid damaging the hoodie’s string tip.
  • Now, insert the metal hanger in the hole of the hoodie while making your way to the finish, and then detach the thread from the hanger and draw the string equal whilst on the opposite end.


We hope you clearly understand this article on how to fix hoodie string, and by following any of the above three techniques, you’ll easily get your hoodie’s string evenly out without any difficulty.

How to fix hoodie string

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