How to fix cracked uneven concrete patio

How to fix cracked uneven concrete patio. A house is the basic need of a family. It provides security and safety from nature and threats. Everyone feels safe under his own roof.

When a man constructs his house then he made it beautiful and more secure according to its budget. Houses are constructed in new styles like a porch, country yard, patio and swimming pools, etc.

On the basis of construction, there are types of patios in homes like brick patios, paver patios, concrete patios, etc. Concrete patios are the patios that are constructed in most homes because they can be constructed in different ways and styles and they can be fixed easily if cracks come on them.

There are several reasons why cracks came on concrete patios, such as heavy rain and the melting of snow, an increase in load on the patio, etc. These cracks on the cement patio can be fixed in this way.

How to fix cracked uneven concrete patiofix cracked uneven concrete patio

It depends on you how you can give an extra and beautiful look to your home.

A patio is a place that is looked after more because it is in the front of the house.

A patio is that part of the house that is constructed on the lawn or backside of the house for sitting of family in fresh air without the roof.

Concrete patios are more strong and more long-lasting than other wood, brick, and paver patios.

Another main thing about concrete patios is that they need less preservation and maintenance. Concrete patios are made up of mixing sand, cement, and clean water.

Remember that mix the water slowly so that it can easily make its way through to the jointing tool. If cracks come its the surface, then the following are steps to fix uneven concrete patio

Putting back material under the slabPutting back material under the slab

This process, also called slab jacking, means to put back the material under the patio slab, which is washed away due to rain or some other reason.

It is a very difficult task, and only professionals can perform it in the proper way.

It is done by mixing concrete under the concrete slab, and raising and smoothing the surface. Also, fill the other gaps in the slab if they are on the patio.

Lifting the slab with polymer

It is the most advanced technique used nowadays in repairing concrete patios. It uses less material as compared to the slab lifting process.

In polymer lifting, the polymer material is pumped under the cracks of the concrete slab and the surface of the concrete patio.

This polymer material is mixed with all voids with soil and then becomes solidified; it quickly expands and uplifts the surface to its original level.

It is light material as compared to slab lifting and easy to clean after the work is done. After the slab lifts, you can seal and fix cracks. You can also give a finishing touch with the new filling. In this way, the concrete patio surface will be leveled.

Fix the cracks with a patchingfix the cracks with a patching

If there are small holes or cracks in the concrete patio, then patching is the best way to fix this problem.

In patching little square of concrete is cut and lift it up to fill the layer of sand under the surface.

After that, extra sand is filled up to level the concrete surface.

If there are some gaps around the hole, then seak them also so that no water will go under the slab and make any damage.


What is the big reason behind the cracking in patios?

Rainwater is a big cause of cracking in patios. Heavy rains have very bad effects on the cement surface.

What is the exact ratio of mixing sand and cement in a concrete patio?

4 baskets of sand and 1 basket of cement is the best ratio for mixing in a concrete patio.


Patios are a very important part of the home to relax in fresh air under the open sky. It is better to construct concrete patios because they survive more in harsh weather like rain and storm.

If cracks come on the surface of the patio, then don’t take it easy and hire professional constructors to fix uneven cracks on the patio.

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