How to cover dark paint with light paint

How to cover dark paint with light paint. If you are looking for an effective method for covering the dark color painted walls with lighter paint, you are at the right place.

Human perspective for colors may change with time, so we are here to make it easy for you to cover any paint with the paint of your choice.

How to cover dark paint with light paintcover dark paint with light paint

Using the right primer when a painting works wonders in ensuring that you’ll get the best results from your finish.

Both dark and light base colors can alter the final appearance of an exterior paint job, so it’s important to make sure you have a good quality white primer at your disposal when deciding on what to use as a base for your final coat.

All you need is some handy brush and lots of primer with a creative mind to paint your wall with your dream paint.

Let’s get back to work!


Whenever you start a project, plan it well.

Plan all the events and keep in mind all the steps you need to follow

Remember, the more drastic the difference between before and after shades, the more steps it’s going to follow.

Save time by figuring out what exactly you are opting for

Tools and Equipmenttools and equipment

Grab a bag full of tools you will need for the whole procedure.

Before painting, get the basic knowledge of painting a dark wall. You can get the supplies either from an online marketplace or your nearby DIY store.


Paint without a brush seems stupid. So grab your favorite brushes to get the job done.

Sandpaper and spackle 

It makes the surface smooth enough for better application of paint. After filling holes and cracks with spackle, the sandpaper does the job of clearing the wall out.


Without a primer, you can’t achieve the task of painting a dark wall with light paint. Purchase a good primer similar to the shade of paint you opt to apply.

Roller – Employing a short nap roller is better than the thick one.

Other items

  • Tarps
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint edger
  • Rolling trays
  • Roller extender.

High–quality paint – Grab your high-quality dream paint to finish your essential requirements.

It will be a bit costly, but high quality ensures long-lasting effects.


Cleaning off your walls

  • Clean the walls from dust and dirt because it may interfere in the way of an effective paint job.
  • To make it effective, use a long dry dusting mop and wipe it vertically along the entire surface of the dark paint wall.
  • If the stains are hard to remove, use a clean rag with some warm water and a gentle application of dish soap.

Filling the imperfections of the wall

  • If there are any holes or cracks, fill it with a quick-drying spackle and wait for two hours to let it get dried.
  • A standard spackle may require 24 hours to get dried.

Sanding the wall

Once the holes are filled and dried, use sandpaper to make the surface even and smooth.

Application of primerapplication of primer

  • It’s an important step before painting the wall.
  • Take the primer and start applying it to the wall.
  • Apply the first coat of primer using rollers in a zig pattern covering the whole wall.
  • After that, apply the second coat of primer.
  • Coatings depend upon the color of the dark wall until it all gets covered.
  • A minimum of two coats will be required.

Painting wall with light color

  1. Take the roller and Get enough on it. Start painting the wall  in a zig-zag pattern
  2. Avoid painting in an up and down direction
  3. Do the edges with every coat of paint you apply
  4. Remember to let the paint dry completely before applying the second coat.
  5. The maximum time required: is 24 hours for each coat


Painting a dark color wall seems strenuous to many people. We have summarized it effectively with ease for you. Follow the steps involving planning, preparation with tools, and final blow with light paint.

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