How to connect to ring doorbell that is already installed

How to connect to ring doorbell that is already installed. A journey is a part of life. You have to live in different places for various purposes, so if you have shifted from one place to another for some reason.

It might be a business-related task, or maybe you are fond of exploring new places. But the main thing is you are living temporarily or permanently at a new place.

Well, living in a new place requires you to keep an eye on the surroundings and a new environment with the help of the Ring video doorbell.

Fortunately, the house where you live already has a Ring device installed, but the problem is you don’t have access to the installed ring doorbell.

We know that you want to know a suitable method for how to connect to the ring doorbell that is already installed.

So, in this article, we will explain different methods that will enable you to connect with the install ring doorbell and prevent the access of previous owners and guest users. Let’s get started.

How to connect to ring doorbell that is already installed

Ways to To Connect Already Installed Ring Doorbell

ways to to connect already installed ring doorbell

In this article, we will discuss the different ways to connect a ring doorbell that is already installed.

The method includes:

  • Resetting the ring device.
  • Removing the older user device from the ring app.
  • Modifying the payment plans.
  • The procedure of setting up your device.

Proceeding with these steps is not a hard task. You can easily establish a connection by following accurate instructions.

But remember, if you have access to the Ring video doorbell account, you can proceed from the first step. If you have no details, you may go to the resetting procedure.

Take a deep breath and start following the steps.

Change The Older User Payment Plan

It’s time to change the payment details of the previous user’s ring device. Changing a ring doorbell payment plan is not a tough job. Just follow the instructions step by step and get excellent results.

So, firstly you are required to access the official Ring website by turning on the browser on your PC. When the website loads fully, figure out the login option at the top right corner. Tap on it.

You have to provide the account details to log in. For changing the payment plan, go through the option Account. There you will find the X close to the credit card details. Select the X.

Tapping on the X will successfully remove the old user payment details. Now you may provide your credit card details in the Ring video doorbell account.

Don’t try this method on the ring app because you can’t change the details while using the ring app. It would be good to use the official website to make your task easier.

Don’t worry because the previous owner can contact ring support to refund the time he has not used the ring services.

Remove The Ring Device With Ring App

remove the ring device with ring app

There is a facility for using the ring app on different devices simultaneously. For example, you are living with some family members, and you all want to keep an eye on whenever the Ring doorbell gives a ring alarm.

If the scenario is about the family members, then it doesn’t need to be worried or remove the device from the other accounts.

But suppose a third party is involved, like the previous user. In that case, removing your device from his ring app is necessary because it’s irritating to involve someone else in your privacy.

So if you want to stop someone else from getting the motion alerts or ring bell notifications, then you can resolve the issue by following the steps.

Firstly, you need to access your Ring app on your mobile phone or pc. After that, you must access the three dots in the top right corner.

Now, choose the Devices option. Choose the device you want to remove and tap on the red button Remove Device.

Remove Shared Access of Ring Video Doorbell

remove shared access of ring video doorbell

Suppose you suspect the already installed ring doorbell is shared with the other users. Or maybe you have shared access to Ring doorbell with your friends or some trusty person.

But if you need to remove the access of other users even though you know them or the users are related to the older user’s social circle.

They may look at the videos you have saved, and maybe they are also sharing them. To minimize the chances of interference or due to precaution, it would be better to remove other users.

Firstly, you must open the Ring app on your device. Then you may go through the Settings option. Tap on the Users and then go with the Shared users profile option. In the end, you may confirm the removing step by selecting the Remove User.

Set A New Password

It would be best if you prefer to set a new password. If the other user you removed in the previous step has saved the password, they can reaccess your Ring video doorbell account on their devices.

Reset Ring Doorbell Device

reset ring doorbell device

So, the helpful method that may enable you to connect with the ring doorbell is resetting the ring device. You may follow this method if you dont have access to the ring doorbell.

If you want to reset the ring doorbell device, grab a screwdriver and stand in front of your doorbell. Now gently unscrew the mounting screws underneath the ring device.

After removing the Ring doorbell from the spot, place the screws in a safe place, so you need to tighten them again after resetting the doorbell.

Now, locate the orange reset button on the unit and push it for almost twenty seconds. When the task is resetting, you may examine the forefront of the ring doorbell will start blinking. You must require to make a new ring account and give the password.

Ensure The Battery Is Charged

When you have done the resetting process, it might be possible that your Ring doorbell’s battery gets low. So before proceeding to the next step, it would be best if you charge the battery.

The cable used for charging the battery comes along with the ring doorbell. If you have the cable on the spot, plug one end into the charging port of your ring doorbell and the other into the power source.

But if you don’t have the cable, you may purchase it from the nearest market. It will charge the battery of the ring video doorbell within 4 To 5 hours. The doorbell starts flashing green light when it gets charged.

Ring Video Doorbell Setup process

ring video doorbell setup process

You may follow the steps below to set up your ring doorbells.

  • Access the Ring app

Firstly you require the ring app on your mobile device. If you are a user of Android devices, go to Play Store, and if you use iOS devices, you may download the Ring app from the app store.

Enter the application name in the search bar and install the app. If you already have a Ring user account, Then simply log in; otherwise, you may create a new account by following the in-app instructions.

  • Scanning Codes From Ring Doorbell

So, you must access the QR code or MAC ID behind your ring doorbell. Scan one of the code using your mobile camera.

If you have scanned the MAC ID, it will show the green light in the case of the QR code, and you may find a green square that indicates that the code is granted.

If you find any difficulty in scanning the codes or want to proceed with the process without scanning, you can tap on the option Set up without scanning and then go with the Ring Video doorbell or Doorbells.

  • Provide Location

provide location

You have to give the location if you don’t set up your ring device before. Provide the information and then press ok. Providing location enables the Ring video doorbell to work efficiently.

  • Give Your Device A Name

In this step, you have to give a name to your Ring video doorbell so that you can recognize it from other ring devices.

  • Setup Mode

Locate, press, and hold the Orange button behind your ring video doorbell to set up a ring device. When you see a spinning white light at the forefront of the doorbell, click on the Continue option.

  • Ring Device WiFi Network Connection

In this step, you must use the ring WiFi network, a temporary access point. After connecting to the ring doorbell device, connect the home WiFi network from your mobile device using the password. Then tap on Continue.

The additional advantage of establishing a connection to a WiFi network is that it updates the internal software if an update is available.

  • Final Step to Test Call

After completing the process, you must check the ring doorbell’s functioning by pressing the front button of the doorbell. It will initiate the ring software and make it willing to get on the work.


In this article, we tried our best to give you the answer to how to connect to the ring doorbell that is already installed in your new house.

After following the instruction, you may be able to connect to the already installed ring doorbell even if the previous owner gave you access to the doorbell or not.

If you are feeling any difficulty while setting up or any other device settings, don’t hesitate to contact ring support for further assistance.

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