How to connect switch to tv without dock

How to connect switch to tv without dock. Gaming over time has not only taken global players along the digital adventure but has also revolutionized immensely.

With leading advancements in digitizing, quality, and expansion of the gaming world, its methodology has also been enhanced by introducing hardware enabling handheld mode joystick, play station, the much-celebrated X-Box, consoles, the PSP, and whatnot.

And yet, despite the occurrence of all these devices that make gaming a sliver of butter-cream cake, the world asks for more and big, and we know what they say; “Bigger the Better.”

Sadly enough, though, the advancements reached better but yet not more significant.

So, the game freaks have managed to connect the switch to their OLEDs and flat screens on the docked mode by setting up the Nintendo switch using a dock.

They have successfully unlimited their gaming viewpoint to a more immense, more intriguing panorama.

But with a more extensive set-up comes more significant issues. It seems like gaming docks have been proven to be really fragile; they either get damaged or malfunction.

Thinking, how would you manage gaming on tv without the dock? We have your back wholly on ‘how to connect the switch to the tv without a dock.’ Keep reading!

Following is an article to highlight countless ways that could come in handy to you even when the dock gives up on you so you continue with your uninterrupted gaming experience.

How to connect switch to tv without dock

So, what are the materials You would need?

There are some possible materials that might help you out with the method to connet.

how to replace the nintendo switch without nintendo switch dock

You obviously don’t have a Nintendo switch without being in docked mode. In this case, you set up a switch for yourself. For it, you’d require the following:

1: A replacement HDMI adapter: As your dock is useless, you’d have to replace it with a switching device to connect it to your tv without the dock.

A USB c to HDMI adapter can easily be used as a replacement provided strictly it has the following features because it majorly relies on if your adapter meets the requirements of the Nintendo switch. The features are:

  • The HDMI adapter should be compatible with your console.
  • The adapter must operate at 4K quality.
  • The adapter should be rechargeable so it can support the switch.
  • Has a C-type power input.
  • Supports HDMI cables.
  • A stereotype (3.0) USB port. (Suggested for more excellent storage)
  • USB c cable connector.

Why is the adapter generally helpful?

A stereotypical USB c to HDMI adapter is a suitable replacement as it does not affect gaming quality, is portable, and the newer adapters constitute aluminum components allowing heat loss and hence safe connections.

Third-party docks/ adapters are life saviors. Plus, these features are easily obtainable. It works wonders as a replacement docking station, but keep your adapter charged!

2: HDMI cable and a USB c power cable: HDMI mode cable connections ensure connection to your flat screen or TV, as most TVs have an ‘HDMI’ mode of operation. The cable ensures the mode is operatable. Make sure you have the latest high-quality HDMI cable.

On the other hand, the USB c cable allows data and power conductivity; it acts as a sort of power cable for all the connections. Don’t confuse its purpose with that of a USB c port, which simultaneously powers and charges the switch. (of course, your adapter can be pre-charged too.)

3: Gaming Console: You should have your gaming console charged before connecting it.

4: A tripod: A tripod stand usually comes with the most popular Nintendo consoles to accommodate the console. On the other hand, tripods can also be used to support the Nintendo Switch/ switch dock

5: Your flat screen.

How do I create my switch using the adapter, HDMI cable, and C-type cable?

how do i create my switch using the adapter, hdmi cable, and c type cable

The basic steps involved in this method are described below! Place the Nintendo switch near the screen you want to connect.

Yield the cables off your previous docking station.

Your adapter has two sides of connections. One has ports for HDMI cable or USB c cable, and the other side has a cable.

Attach one end of the cable to the adapter and the other to the allotted HDMI and USB c ports in your Nintendo switch. (within appropriate HDMI and USB c connector).

Deebot won’t charge

The switch dock has room within it to accommodate the adapter, so place it in the Nintendo Switch dock and shut the clasp.

The cable with the adapter must be protruding from the little loophole on the Nintendo switch. Your ‘switch lite’ is now ready to switch to a tv. Now connect your switch in a way similar to you connecting a Nintendo switch.

How to connect the switch to the tv without dock (Nintendo/switch dock)

how to connect the switch to the tv without dock (nintendoswitch dock)

Now that I have your dummies covered halfway, let’s proceed to how to connect your setup switch to a tv (just as you connect a Nintendo switch).

Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a way to connect your gaming console to your tv wirelessly, and neither is there a way to game on your tv without the dock.

  • Connection with a dock

It’s pretty simple. When you’ve designed the switch dock, attach the USB c power adapter cable or your Nintendo switch to a tv.

Use a charged console and remove its controllers. Select HDMI mode on your TV/OLED/ flatscreen and get started!

  • Connection without a dock

This is a bit complicated, but yes, you can connect your gaming to your tv without the dock.

This time you’ve to attach the adapter’s cable to the Nintendo Switch and attach one end of the HDMI cable to the dock and the other to the TV/OLED/Flat screen.

Select HDMI mode on the TV and continue without the Nintendo Switch dock.

Replacements to the self-made ‘ HDMI adapter Nintendo switch

replacements to the self made ' hdmi adapter nintendo switch

Just in case you couldn’t get an adapter, or the one with the required features, or maybe even your switch’s power adapter doesn’t work in the first place, we always have you covered!

Following are some excellent replacements for the HDMI to USB c adapters that are cheaply and easily available:

Bass top Portable Dock

bass top portable dock

Very easily installable with QR codes to provide tutorials for its installation, the bass top dock is one of the top-tier replacements for the sub to HDMI adapter switch.

Also, it’s available in various exciting colors allowing you to gain full control of the personalization of your gaming set-up.

Also, the bass top dock is anti-scratch technology, ensuring no damage and maximum action!

By following simple steps to replace the Nintendo switch motherboard’s casing and attaching the bass top to it, there is a guarantee of both being compatible even with an update in the Nintendo software.

Hyacrus TV dock

USB hub issues are solved! You now have an adapter that comes with a charging adaptor/ station that not only ensures heat dissipation but extra cooling for the entire set-up, too, something surely your Nintendo switch dock couldn’t pull exactly.

Being a station in itself, it supports many USB cables simultaneously at a time and doesn’t overheat.

Bearing USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, unlike many USB c to HDMI adapters. The device proves to be one of the best multi-tasking and multi-purpose devices.

Switch controller not connecting

Rocketek USB station

rocketek usb station

A highly feasible and multi-tasking device that accommodates the Nintendo switch paraphernalia just like it (supporting HDMI and USB c)

Along with the features of an HDMI adapter, it is made up of a multi-purpose USB hub, and not only that, it provides an audio output, Micro SD/SD card reading, and is itself a lightweight yet durable model.

Yezro Switch Dock

yezro switch dock

Lightweight and portable, the yezro docking station is small in size yet minimalist in its making and its relatively straightforward process makes it even more desirable.

Also, as it keeps the switch partially covered, it avoids overheating too. Potently designed, it sits still and avoids major or minor damage.

Also, as it is not supposed to be situated near the screen, it avoids scratches.

MENEEA Replacement Dock

Designed to the perfection of quality, facile connectivity, and being highly compact and light, MENEEA is an exclusive creation to replace the Nintendo switch.

It ensures heat dissipation; chip functionality makes it fuss-free, and it assists as a power bank.

Defway Switch Dock stand

defway switch dock stand

An exceptional switch charger, a stand that occupies comparatively less area than the switch and is manageable.

Defway, a minimalist version of the Nintendo switch, contains features similar to the HDMI adapter (HDMI port, USB c port, USB 3.0 port) and supports other accessories just as, very nearly fitting to the standards of the Nintendo switch/ dock.

ERNSTING Replacement Dock

Yet another carriable and a more ‘housing’ device for the switch. A Un jerky, easy, and aerated device. It avoids device-related damage to the maximum and supports tabletop mode, so you enjoy it to the max!


Very small, flimsy, and easily transferrable. It supports the switch from the back, ensuring the screen stays scratch-free. You can even fish it from your pocket when you want.

Along with its functionality, its stylistic features contribute to its visual caliber. It has a hard/tough build with anti-skidding properties, a sleek front cover design and color matted to brilliance, and LED lights to make it just ready to fire your gaming system up!

Fyoung Hub dock

fyoung hub dock

Despite being in close proximity to the stereotypical USB c to HDMI adapters, the fyoung dock allows heat dissipation, is Nintendo switch compatible,e and is highly energy preserving.

It supports HDMI anywhere anytime as it is easy to carry along and lighter. You can not only enjoy an immense gaming experience but also binge-watch Netflix. How cool do you think that is!

Starplayer Docking System

starplayer docking system

This dock which is said to be the lighter version of the Nintendo Switch is said to be a dock, a hub, and a tripod. It ensures stability and heat dissipation like all good docks and bears an HDMI port and USB c port.

It is of nothing but a high-quality standard. You may operate it with a Tv, projector, or your console, and you can switch between all of them by its ‘switch button facility’ so you keep on shifting modes as you like.

Connect the switch to the tv or to any device as you deem, as you like. This makes it a superb HDMI controller.

Along with its best quality of rapid data transmission through USB ports, it is sure to become an ample part of your gaming game!

The above-presented devices are easily available at various online sites.


We conclude this article with the proven fact that no matter whether you possess a dock or not, be it damaged, absent, or malfunctioning, it is always replaceable.

There are several other devices that solve this problem and replace Nintendo Switch without even creating an inappreciable difference in your gaming adventure.

If none is possible, there’s always room for purchasing a new dock that might be manageable and cheap to purchase, or a new Nintendo Switch, or maybe another third-party dock you’ve experienced to have suited your switch to the tv while gaming on larger screens.

If even not, you might want to replace your console or connect to another tv. How to connect nintendo switch to tv without dock