How to connect nintendo switch to tv without dock

How to connect nintendo switch to tv without dock. If you want to play video games on a big screen, then you must have information about- how to connect the Nintendo Switch games to the TV.

But what will happen if your dock breaks, or someday you go somewhere and forget to take your dock with you? Because normally, Nintendo switch takes place in the dock for connection to your TV.

How to connect nintendo switch to tv without dock

how to connect nintendo switch to tv without dock

First, buy a new dock for your TV. An advanced dock with several ports may be more helpful.

But in case of skipping a new dock, trying to find out a way to connect your Nintendo switch to your TV without a dock is also an option.

You can connect your Nintendo Switch console to your TV without plugging the dock. It is possible and also not very challenging if you have proper guidance. Just follow these instructions to get your results.

Connect TV Using Dock

The dock is a lightweight piece of a Nintendo Switch console. It allows you to play games on a large screen of your TV. Moreover, this additional dockable allows you to switch between more than two television easily.

If you see a dock, it has a total of three ports behind it, which are USB -CUSB 3.0, and HDMI ( High Definition Multimedia Interface ).

  • USB-C is used for input of power and display.
  • USB 3.0 is used for extra storage.
  • HDMI as an output.

The cables of the Nintendo switch are plugged dock back. All connections of power and visual transform in USB-C cable. This cable is plugged around the lower part of your dock. That’s why your Nintendo switch dock doesn’t need to attach a lot of wires.

Only USB-C gets attached to it. This one cable performs multitasking. It keeps able your device charged and powered up. It Controls the data from USB storage and also transfers the video facility to your TV using HDMI.

Connect TV Without Using Dock

If you want to connect your Nintendo Switch with a tv without a dock, keep reading below. There is solution and tips to solve the issue.

Every problem has its way of solution. Here we will discuss two solutions for connecting the switch to the TV without a dock.

  • Use of Cables & Connectors

use of cables & connectors

In this advanced era, there are a lot of wires and connectors with specific functions and attributes. You have required some materials, including a USB- Connector cable, an HDMI cable, and an appropriate adapter.

These tools are also used to build connections to TV, DVD, and PlayStations. As we know that here a single HDMI( High Definition Multimedia Interface ) cable gives you high-quality visual and audio features.

Next, the connecter is a useful element that has many ports to connect different cables. You can use a connector for separate purposes. A standard USB-C has three ports that are used for input traffic and a single USB-C for output.

Connect the USB-C adapter with the port of HDMI. After connecting them, your television will be able to give you access to playing games. While using this method, you can use USB-A or USB-C. The existence of the resistors at the end of the A-side protects the end of the cable.

  • Use of USB-C and Adapter

how to connect nintendo switch to tv without dock 2022

Nintendo Switch has some specific characteristics. This small element can increase your entertainment level as it moves freely. The Nintendo Switch is a portable device. It is a console as a tablet and could be docked.

Sometimes, you find it difficult to carry your dock somewhere. Nintendo switch works wirelessly and has its standard keys. So, it’s better to find out an alternate for your dock may help you sometimes. You require just two items that are USB Type-C and HDMI adapter.

Use an HDMI adapter to connect the Nintendo Switch with the TV without a dock.

  • First, fix the switch on a stand or keep it straight near your television.
  • Connect the USB-C and the HDMI cable to the adapter.
  • In the third step, attach the Nintendo Switch to the adapter.
  • Finally, set up your channel and start playing your games.

Final Thoughts

These guidelines may help you give an idea about connecting the Nintendo Switch to the TV without using a dock. Try to proceed with instructions properly for better results.

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