How to connect 2 jbl speakers

How to connect 2 jbl speakers. Having bombastic sound with your TV system, just like you experience in theaters and big halls or projector rooms.

I know that experience is something amazing but all the traveling, all the effort put to get that kind of experience is somewhat a pain in the neck.

What if you could have all that in your home in the comfort of your favorite couch or your own spot on your bed? Your all-time preferred movie with immersive sound that creates the vibe you long for! All this is in your control.

Yes! You can experience all that in your house, yourself, with little or almost no effort at all. I know I sound crazy but hey, hear me out first!

How to connect 2 jbl speakers

The thing is, it all starts with the speakers. These speakers are one-of-a-kind speakers who have this amazing feature to connect to one another!

These speakers come with high-tech features, which include the JBL connect app or JBL connect+ feature. It takes only a fraction of a second to make your room a cinema hall where you can enjoy the full vibe!

The JBL speakers together can create a sound system at a whole new level.

Connect JBL speakers, and voila!

connect jbl speakers, and voila!

The best part about these speakers is that you can connect the JBL speakers together.

Not 2, not 3 but many of them. Connecting multiple JBL speakers will enable you to spread the sound throughout the room for ideal and realistic effects.

No matter the music, the videos, the movies, or your favorite drama, you will be able to watch all that with sound effects.

Do you know you can connect over 50 to almost 100 JBL speakers together? But yeah! You do have to make sure that each JBL speaker must be eligible with the super connect + feature.

This feature allows you to pair JBL speakers together with as many speakers as you can. Many models or versions of other JBL speakers can be connected with one another.

Multiple speakers connect to form a large, interconnected sound system. And all these will be connected to just a single device. And with the Bluetooth.

The high-tech at the backend!

This is undoubtedly an amazing technology, and at the backend of these speakers, everything is being worked by the one and only “Bluetooth.”

Yes! these speakers are portable Bluetooth devices that not only connect to a single device, but several with the help of additional features called JBL connect or JBL connect+.

These features are enabled with the help of connect button that is placed on the JBL speakers. Many other speakers who don’t have this specific feature will only connect to a single device.

When you press the connect button, you will allow the other speakers to connect with the previous speaker or speaker A.

The good thing is, if you don’t intend to use the Bluetooth connection option, you can use the JBL Connect app and connect multiple speakers.

Party Boost or Party mode

party boost or party mode

This, my fellows, is the updated and the most recent technology with which you can connect your speakers.

It allows you to link various versions of JBL’s updated speakers. You can play music on a rather large scale with many speakers connected.

The features and functionalities that are necessary to run this party mode are JBL Plus 4, JBL Charge, JBL Extreme, and JBL Flip 5.

The steps involved in connecting speakers with the party boost feature are:

One, turn the Bluetooth on!

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Two, connect the speaker to the phone or laptop, or any source device. When the speaker is connected to the device, there will be a light that will blink, indicating that the speaker is connected.

Third, on your speaker, there will be a separate party boost option. Click that option. Press this button on speaker A.

Fourth, turn on the party boost feature on the speakers to which you want to connect. Again, the blinking will appear. And audio will indicate the linking of speakers.

How to connect multiple JBL speakers

How to connect 2 JBL speakers or more to have an immersive experience of a premium quality sound.

The steps to this are easy, and you can connect JBL speakers with little or no effort.

Only one speaker connects to a device, may it be your phone, laptop, iPod anything with Bluetooth. And the speaker is connected to other JBL speakers with the help of the connect + feature.

We also have to make it clear that the speakers we are connecting must all have the portable feature of JBL. Don’t be surprised by the name; it’s the modern version of connect+.

The JBL Extreme, JBL Pulsed, JBL Flop, and JBL Boombox Charge speakers are the ones that have the JBL portable or connect plus feature, which makes them able to be connected with more JBL speakers all as a single unit.

The JBL connect + or the JBL portable are the features that will help the speakers to connect. Now, they come in an app form with which it has gotten a lot easier to connect these speakers.

Steps to get the goal!

This speaker can be made as a single unit when we connect JBL speakers together. The steps involved in getting this job done are very easy.

Most people know about pairing up these speakers, but if you are new to this, there is no need to worry. It’s just as easy as we think!

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First, disconnect your JBL speakers, and then make sure all your JBL speakers are powered off.

Later, connect one of your JBL speakers to a device. A phone, laptop, or anything compatible with your JBL speakers.

With the help of your source device’s Bluetooth settings, connect one of these speakers with Bluetooth to the device.

Later, when both the speaker and the device are joined, press the connect button on the JBL speaker. This will enable that JBL speaker to connect to another JBL speaker. And similarly to multiple JBL speakers together.

As you press the connect button, the device starts its own Bluetooth pairing mode, which allows the pairing of multiple JBL Bluetooth speakers.

Turn on the power button for speaker B and press connect button or use your JBL portable app used to connect multiple JBL speakers.

This will enable pairing mode and connect JBL speakers together. The pairing process indication will be the blinking of a light.

When these 2 JBL speakers connect, you will be able to enjoy the full vibes of your favorite Spotify playlist. Playing JBL speakers with multiple JBL speakers together just gets simple with this JBL connect feature.

Once there is blue or red blinking on the two JBL speakers, the connected JBL speakers will be synchronized and will start doing their jobs!

The stereo mode sound you always wanted to have from your TV will now be achieved by connecting multiple JBL speakers together.

Are all the JBL speakers compatible?

are all the jbl speakers compatible

When connecting or pairing up your JBL speakers, you might be guessing how many JBL speakers or which JBL speakers can be connected together.

Let me tell you first which JBL speakers are compatible with one another. The speaker models or versions of JBL speakers come up with a connect button and a Bluetooth button.

The portable Bluetooth speaker has a Bluetooth icon, and a connect feature.

This means not all JBL speakers are able or compatible; only the ones with the connect button will be able to pair up.

Because only this connect feature will enable the speakers to link to the other speakers.


The JBL sound speakers have been an extraordinary addition to the high-tech world! They allow us to have a memorable experience.

All the game begins when you press the connect button, and the speakers with JBL connect will play simultaneously!

Not only 2-3 but hundreds of speakers with JBL connect will be linked, and the sound will get clearer, more intoxicating, and rocking!