How to clean used couches

How to clean used couches. Some people like to buy old cushions and couches for their furniture because used couches are easily available at cheap prices, and you can give them an excellent shape and condition after slight hard work.

It is important to remove the must smell and germs from the used couches before you use them because if you start using them without cleaning them, then you can get sick due to germs and store floor smell, so always sanitize and wash the old couches properly to remove the germs, especially bacteria.

There are many things to wash the old and used couches like baking soda, dishwashing soap, white vinegar, bug-removing spray, solvent-based cleaner, etc.

Read this article deeply to clean and remove the germs and smell from used couches because if you don’t wash the old couches before use, then they will become a breeding place for them.

You can use these tips to keep your home clean and germ-free by using old couches and furniture after washing them.

How to clean used couchesclean used couches

There is no shame in buying old and used couches because you can give them a new shape after slight hard work and save extra money to buy new couches and furniture.

Always try to use natural couch cleaner to clean the used couches. You can use a strong cleaner if the strong stains and stubborn do not remove from the natural cleaner.

Follow these steps to wash a used couch and make it germs and smell-free.

Use the washing machine

Some couches have removable cushions and fabric, and it becomes very easy to wash and clean the dust and stubborn from the couches.

Remove the cushions and fabric from the couches from the furniture when you bring them home from a thrift shop. Keep in mind that couches are placed on the store’s floor for a long time, due to which germs and dust are gathered.

When you bring them inside the home without cleaning, then you can get sick due to nasty bacteria, so dont bring the used couches inside the room and wash them properly outside the home on the lawn to cleanse the sofa.

So, if your old couch has removable cushions and fabric, remove them from the couch and wash them in the washing machine with natural couch cleaner or strong stain cleaner detergent.

Ensure to wash the couch cushions with hot water and always air dry them in the sun entirely before you refix them on the couches.

If your cushion has upholstery fabric, don’t even think to dry it in the dryer machine because it will shrink the fabric.

If your couch has fixed cushions and fabric, you can not toss the couch into the washing machine, so keep reading the article to wash the set cushion couches.

Clean the dust and dirtclean the dust and dirt

When you purchase the used couch from the cleaner, clean the dust and debris outside the home in the backyard because if you wash them inside the home, the dust and debris will make it difficult for you to breathe.

You must wear hand gloves and eye goggles to protect yourself from dust and germs. If you start cleaning the used couch without hand gloves, then dust and cleansing powder will be stuck on your hand pores and make it difficult for you to clean your hands easily, so always use new gloves on your hands when you remove the dust from anything.
First of all, remove the debris, dust, and hairs from the couch using a nozzle-attached vacuum cleaner. After sucking the dust from the couch with a vacuum cleaner, wash the food stains with a bristle brush.

Use white vinegaruse white vinegar

If a thick stain is not easily removed with a bristle brush, then you can try white vinegar or baking soda to clean the stains and nasty smell from the couch cushions.

Pour lukewarm water into a spray bottle and add half a cup of white vinegar, dishwashing detergent, and one tablespoon of castile soap and shake them well to make a saturated solution.

Spray the solution on the couch stain and scrub it with a soft clean cloth to remove the stain. You can repeat the process until proper cleaning off the couch, but ensure not to soak the couching cloth in this solution because it will not work for you and might increase your trouble.

Always use a dry and clean cloth and spray bottle to clean the used couches. Another benefit of using spray bottle solution to the used couches is that it removes the nasty smell from the old couches and makes it comfortable for you to sit on the couches with your family without any fear of bacterial germs and nasty odors.

Steam clean your sofa

After cleaning the sofa with a white vinegar water solution, it’s better to steam clean the old couch to give it a new and shiny look. Steam cleaning will completely kill the germs from the sofa’s hidden corners.

Steam cleaning the used couches is not a difficult and costly method because it is a very easy and affordable process, and you can try it to remove the stains and kill nasty germs like bacteria.

Fill your steam cleaner water tank with sanitizer and water and move it over all parts of the couch to clean it properly. Ensure no sofa part remains uncleaned from the steam cleaner.

You can also mix a natural homemade shampoo or commercial-made shampoo available on the market into the steam cleaner to remove the nasty smell.

Air dry the couch in the sun completely and then fix it in the desired place in the lounge or bedroom.

Bottom line

The final words on this guide are if you purchase the old and used couch and furniture from the thrift shop then clean it properly in the backyard before you bring it inside the home.

Many germs like bacteria, dust, and debris are gathered on the couches when they remain placed on the store’s floor for a long time, so you must clean all parts of used couches before you sit and sleep on them.

If the used couch has removable fabric, then detach the fabric and wash it in the washing machine but if the couch has permanently fixed fabric, then use the tips described in the article to clean the used couch. Hopefully, this article helped you to clean the couch without any fashion.

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