Things to put under couch cushions

Things to put under couch cushions. Are you tired of the sunken couch?

Here are some handy things you need to put under the couch cushions to avoid sagging. Opt for the items that provide firm support to the couch. A sunken couch seems uncomfortable due to sagging if you are tired and want to relax.

Don’t get disappointed. Just follow some handy methods to get rid of couch sagging.

All you need is a handy method and some creativity to provide better support to the couch.

We will discuss why couch cushions get sags, and once the reason is defined, we’ll grab the item that best suits to prevent couch sinking.

Reasons for Couch Cushions Sagging

  • The couch cushions may sag because of the following reasons;
  • Broken couch frame
  • Uneven distribution of weight around your cushions
  • High stress on the couch springs
  • Weak or old springs

Things to put under couch cushions
things to put under couch cushions 2022

Using A Plywood or Cardboard. Plywood or cardboard offers a solid foundation for furniture, so you don’t have to pay the expenses of expensive cushions.

It is an easy DIY method that doesn’t require a professional, or any experience for that matter, to do it.

Get plywood and cut it into rectangles depending on the dimensions of your couch.

You can use plywood by yourself. It saves you time and cost. Plywood or cardboard provides a solid base to prevent the cushions from sagging.


  • Purchase plywood near any DIY store.
  • Take exact measurements according to the trainer’s sitting place.
  • Now Take the plywood and cut it according to the couch dimensions. After that, customize the plywood in a rectangular shape.
  • Keep in mind that the plywood should perfectly fit the trainer’s sitting space.
  • Place the plywood on the couch frame.
  • Cut the plywood until it gets fit on the couch.
  • Cover the sharp and uneven edges of the plywood with the help of duct tape.
  • It protects the sharp edges of the plywood.
  • Once the plywood gets perfectly fit, Place the cushions back on the couch.
  • You have done a great job!
  • Now you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee without the couch being sagged.

Using Polyester fiberfill

  • Polyester often opts for pillows and quilts.
  • The function of polyester is to maintain the shape and thickness of the cushions for a very long term, compared to cushion foams. It ensures better support and avoids couch cushions sagging.

Installing New Springs

  • If your couch springs are weak or deteriorated, you need to replace them with a new one.
  • Broken or weak springs are more prone to couch sagging.
  • Springs ensure that the cushions don’t sag once someone sits on the couch.

Installation of New foams

The old cushions are prone to sagging; purchase new foams and place them on the couch.

Installing new foams will eliminate the issue of sagging. New foam is firm and provides better support than the old ones because its capacity to provide much support is lost.


  • Remove the old couch cushion foams and Purchase some new foams.
  • Once purchased, Place the new ones instead of the old ones in the cushions covers.
  • Now compress and squeeze them after placing them in the covers.
  • The cushions are now free from any sagging.

Cushion Support Gadgets

  • Purchase a support gadget for your cushions to avoid the problem of sagging.
  • They are available in several online marketplaces and also in furniture stores.
  • They are the ultimate supporters of holding the cushions in their place.
  • The strong base helps the cushions from being sagged.
  • Cushion supporters can also bear huge weights on the couches.


If your couch is uncomfortable due to sagging, use the above DIY methods to make your couch better and free from sagging and sinking.

All you need is a DIY gadget to be opted under the couch cushions to provide strong support. Remember to maintain proper safety measures while doing any job.

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