How to clean adidas shoes

How to clean adidas shoes. We know the excitement of buying a new pair of Adidas shoes. But nobody can take the surety that the new pair of Adidas sneakers never get dirty or muddy.

Suppose you are wearing Adidas shoes and going for a walk to play or for any other purpose. And your shoes get stains, grime, or accidentally falling coffee on your shoe left marks on it.

It must be frustrating as well as a doleful feeling. If you want to see your sneakers as they were before at the unboxing time, you have come to the right place.

This article will explain the entire procedure of cleaning your shoes to eliminate any stains or mud. Let’s look at the step to get excellent results.

How to clean adidas shoes

Steps To Clean Adidas Shoes

steps to clean adidas shoes

In this segment, we will explain the procedure of cleaning Adidas shoes, laces, and insoles. Let’s start the task without wasting any time.

Step 1:

If you have dirt buildup on your shoes and want to clean them, then carry your shoes out of your room and beat the soles with each other.

It will help you to break down caked-on dirt or excess dirt and let it fall.

Step 2:

Next, you require an old toothbrush or any soft brush. It would help you to gently brush on the dirt areas of your Adidas shoes. It would help dust out the dirt left over.

Step 3:

Now, remove the shoelaces from the shoes and proceed to the next step. So, you require a mixture of laundry detergent and lukewarm water. You may take one glass of warm water and a scoop of detergent.

As You only need to soak a washcloth in the mixture. So you may use a washcloth or a sponge, put it into the solution, and then squeeze the excess hot soapy water. Gently scrub the cloth on the stains and try to remove them.

Ensure that the sponge or washcloth is clean. Using a dirty cloth or sponge may result in further dirt or mess on the shoes, especially if you clean white sneakers.

Step 4:

It’s time to remove the detergent residue from the shoes. Rinse that washcloth in clean and warm water to clean the detergent from the shoes.

Ensure that there is no detergent left over on the shoes; otherwise, it will reserve in the patchy fabric when it gets dry.

Step 5:

Keep your pair of Adidas shoe side of the room for at least the whole day or night. Letting it dry naturally without using any heater or hair dryer would be best.

Step 6:

After setting the shoes aside, don’t forget to wash the shoelaces. You may use a stain remover spray bottle on the shoe laces.

If you have the stain remover in the form of liquid, you may take a small quantity of liquid and apply it to the shoe laces.

Don’t rinse shoelaces immediately after applying the stain remover. You have to wash them after some time. You may also use a detergent mixture to wash light-colored shoelaces.

If you are not in a hurry, you may watch them while washing clothes in the machine.

Step 7:

After rinsing in the clean water, squeeze them gently and hang them in a secure place inside your room to let them dry. It would be better to have them on a rack to make a small and loose knot.

Step 8:

Now it’s time to clean and freshen the insoles of your Adidas shoes. To clean the insoles, you must first inspect whether the insoles are detachable.

If you find them easy to remove, you must detach them to make the task of cleaning insoles easier. It doesn’t require any particular technique or tip to detail them as It’s too easy, like pick and pulls.

Step 9:

It might be possible or might not that your insoles stink bad or very bad.

It would be best to dust baking soda all over the Adidas shoe insoles to eliminate the smell from your shoes. Two or three spoons of baking soda will be enough for both pieces.

Step 10:

You must wait for at least 12 hours after dusting the baking powder to get more efficient results. After the specific time passed, you made a Scrub of the baking soda.

For this purpose, you may use a brush or beat the insole with each other to remove the excess powder.

While doing the task, you have to be concerned about not making any mess. So take the installation outside or use a Bin to throw baking powder.

Steps To Clean Adidas Suede shoes

steps to clean adidas suede shoes

If you have a pair of suede shoes and you want to clean suede shoes, then you may act upon this procedure.

The Adidas suede sneakers are made of materials that can quickly suck up dissolving things as they interact. So, you may say that cleaning Adidas suede shoes is a bit hard.

  • Step 1:

So, firstly, hit the soles with each other to eliminate the dirt. Now, you are required to use an old toothbrush to remove the dirt. Please don’t be harsh while scrubbing it.

  • Step 2:

You may use a suede shoe cleaner kit to remove stains better. You may also clean Adidas shoes with the household item white vinegar.

Rubbing alcohol or vinegar is the best cleaning solution to remove sticky stains from the shoes.

  • Step 3:

To protect the surface of the clean shoes, you may use the deodorizing spray. Cleaning the suede sneakers, don’t use water; otherwise, it may result in material damage.

Steps To Clean Leather Sneakers

steps to clean leather sneakers

You may use the suede shoe procedure to clean the leather shoes, like tennis shoes, but you can skip the brushing step, as it doesn’t require it.

Cleaning the leather sneakers is the most straightforward task. Just wipe and get clean your shoes. But one thing to remember is dont let the leather sneakers wet, as it may damage the materials.

Keep the shoes in a dry place so that it doesn’t catch any dampness. In the end, you may use a leather conditioner.

Steps To Canvas shoes

steps to canvas shoes

Wearing a pair of canvas shoes is a source of reliability. As the favorable materials, it has, same like it’s easy to clean them.

Follow the steps to remove stains and bad odors from your shoes and make them look like new, unboxed shoes.

  • Step 1:

Doing the hand washing of shoes gives impressive results. So, before applying anything, you need to get off the excess dirt.

Firstly beat the soles with each other and then take a dry brush and start rubbing to dust your shoes.

  • Step 2:

Secondly, you require a bowl filled with warm water. Make a solution with the laundry detergent. Making a cleaning solution of liquid detergent with warm water would be best.

You may also prefer dish soap. Using powder detergent is not bad, but it can take time to melt, and maybe the powder particles get stuck on the surface.

You may dip a washcloth or a brush to clean Adidas shoe stains. Proceed to the next step once you have done cleaning.

  • Step 3:

Now, you may clean sneakers in clean water to eliminate lingering soap residue. Don’t try to squeeze the extra water. It would be better to take a towel and press it on the shoes to absorb water.

  • Step 4:

Don’t compromise with the shoe’s shape and structure, so firstly, use paper towels to fill inside the shoes and sit overnight. Air dry would be better than direct sunlight.


We hope that you can clean your Adidas shoes by following the procedure. You can maintain the quality of the pair of shoes’ color and materials.

You may clean your shoes in the washing machine but avoid real leather and suede shoe as they are incompatible with machine washing.

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