How To Change The 4 Digit Code On A Schlage Lock

How To Change The 4 Digit Code On A Schlage Lock, the programming code is necessary, so find it. Then insert the same code. The number and Schlage buttons need simultaneous pressing. Now the code you have decided on needs to be inserted. Use a four-digit code. Add the confirmation code again to complete the password change.

Someone tried to break into my house by inserting the 4digit code I had used for years. The person unlocked it. Thank God I reached in time because of the alarm.

He ran off, but the fear of him knowing my password remained in my heart. The police and the neighbor told me to change the password.

I didn’t know the way to change the 4-digit password on my Schlage lock. I reached and read the lock guide. I found it easy to change the 4-digit lock on the Schlage lock.

However, the guide isn’t fun to read. I changed my password and made it a habit to change it at least once a month for safety.

Read more to change the 4-digit lock on a Schlage lock. Keep reading!

How To Change The 4 Digit Code On A Schlage Lock?change the 4 digit code on a schlage lock

Compared to traditional key locks, Schlage keyless entry safety adds an extra layer of invader defense.

A door handle or knob is combined with only a number pad in the company’s smart locks.

Users should input 4 digits and tug the handle or twist the doorknob to gain entry. If you feel that the Schlage password has been found, you should reset it immediately.

That’s why we are here with a few quick steps so that you can easily change 4 digit code on your Schlage lock.

Reset code

Reset code is also known as the programming code of the lock in a Schlage lock. You need t know the programming code if you want to rest the code.

A programming code is a 6-digit code that is necessary to reset the lock. It is present in the box or the guide.

Programming code is the first code that you need to insert for resetting the code. After finding the programming code, insert it. insert a 4 digit code

Dial the six digits code and wait for some time. Wait until the Schlage key blinks orange, and it will beep three times as it is for notifying that the lock is prepared for resetting as well as the key will stay lighted.

Adding new code

Now that the Schlage lock is ready for resetting, concurrently push the “Schlage” key and the digit “1” key. Keep waiting until the Schlage button rings and blinks three times.

Now enter the 4 digits code and keep waiting until the Schlage key buzzes and flares three times.

To just confirm the update, again insert the 4 digits, and then, for verifying the resetting, the lock will sound a lengthy beep and will glow green.

How can we delete an entry code on a Schlage lock?delete an entry code on a schlage lock

Here are the simple steps to delete the previous entry code

  • Insert the six-digit passcode and to delete the previous code, push the “Schlage” key and also the digit “2” key at the same time; the “Schlage” key will flicker and sound three to four times.
  • The “Schlage” key will blink and buzz multiple times after you input any 4 entry password you would like to erase.
  • For verification, repeat the very same 4 entering the password again.
  • The “Schlage” key will ring once and glow green, signifying that your prior entry password has been successfully deleted.

Frequently asked questions  

How can I delete all entry codes at once?

You can easily remove all users’ code at once time, so you just have to insert the six digits code and then push the ‘Schlage’ key and ‘6’ buttons simultaneously. So, all of the codes have been removed.

How can I turn off all the entry codes?

You can easily disable all the entry codes, just input the six digits code and then simultaneously push the ‘Schlage’ and the number ‘4’ key. All codes have been turned off.


We hope you find this article on how to change the 4-digit code on a Schlage lock really informative and helpful.

We have mentioned the possible and easiest method to change the entry code of your Schlage lock so you can change the code with a better understanding.

The programming code can also be found on the lock, and you can contact the company too.

Take reference from the article and the guide for a better setting. Reset the lock from time to time to be safe from burglars.

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Change The 4 Digit Code On A Schlage Lock

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