How high to hang mirror over dresser

How high to hang mirror over dresser. A mirror is usually fixed over the dresser in a bedroom for a particular purpose. It t is usually used for makeup, combing your hair, or sometimes just to see how good you look.

In old styles of furniture, the mirror was fixed over the dresser. But over time, there is a change in style because now the mirror is not permanently fixed with most modern dressers, so that you can adjust the mirror over the dresser according to your height.

Suppose you have recently purchased modern furniture and no mirror is fixed over the furniture, and you are thinking about adding a new mirror over your dresser. In that case, the most important thing to consider is how high it should be over the dresser.

Mirror height matters greatly in hanging a mirror because if it is very high or shallow over your dresser, you can not dress yourself up appropriately.

How high to hang mirror over dresser

It is very important to fix the mirror properly over the dresser at a suitable height because if you hang it in the wrong place, then you will have to detach it from the wall, and it can damage you could do to your walls when you rehang the mirror on the wall.

It usually depends upon your height, but it is suitable to hang your mirror around 6 to 8 inches above your dresser.

If you are facing any trouble with hanging a mirror, then follow these steps to learn what should be an ideal height to hang a mirror over the dresser.

Height of mirror

height of mirror

Whenever you want to hang the mirror over the dresser, then the first point to look at is what should be the ideal height of the mirror because you have to look at your height also.

If the mirror height is very low, close to the dresser, you can face different issues, like a visual break.

Another bad thing about fixing the mirror close to the dresser is that all the makeup things on the dresser, irritate you, and you do not look at yourself at a better angle.

If you hang the mirror at too much height, you obviously can not see yourself correctly in the mirror.

The mirror height also depends upon the height of the dresser. If the height of the mirror is tall, then you will have to fix it according to its height.

However, if the dresser height is 3 feet, you must hang the mirror 1 foot above it. If the dresser’s height is less than 3 feet, fix the mirror at 4-6 inches height over the mirror.

Points to avoid

points to avoid

Once you decide where you want to hang the mirror exactly, keep in mind these points to follow.

  • The nail size depends upon the mirror size; if you have to install a small mirror over the dresser, then use small nuts.
  • If you have a full-size mirror, use big nails to fix it because if you fix a big-size mirror with small nails, it might fall.
  •  Heavy mirrors need quality nails to tighten the mirror over the dresser.
  • Ask your children not to play close to the dresser mirror.
  • Make sure your dresser is not placed close to your bed because sunshine can disturb you in the morning when the light will reflect from the dresser mirror to your eyes.
  • Do not hang the mirror at too much height because it increases the risk of falls.

How to set a mirror over a dresser

how to set a mirror over a dresser

Follow these steps to set the mirror over a dresser.

  • Calculate the central point of the dresser

First of all, take a measuring tape and calculate the middle point of your mirror because it is very important to adjust the mirror over the center of the dresser to balance everything.

  • Set the mirror

Place the mirror down carefully on top of the dresser and ensure the mirror is set at the center of both furniture corners.

The better you set the mirror in the middle of the dresser more it looks good.

  • Calculate the height

The mirror height only depends upon the dresser, so calculate the size of your mirror measure because it should be 4 to 6 inches above the dresser.

If you have to install a small mirror over the dresser, then make sure that small mirrors are fixed 3 feet above your dresser to give a good look.


The final thoughts on this article are that if you want to hang a mirror over the dresser, it depends on the size of the mirror and dresser.

You must hang a mirror at least 4 to 6 over the dresser. If you have the correct height of the mirror, then you can make up and look your yourself at the best angle.

If you adjust the mirror at the ideal height, the mirror can increase the beauty and look of your bedroom. I am sure this guide has helped you fix the mirror, so follow these points here and calculate the distance with measuring tape.

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