House smells like smoke from fireplace

House smells like smoke from fireplace. The fireplace in a home is the familiar fashion nowadays to sit around the fire in cold winter to read a book or watch a movie.

But as a fireplace owner, you often have to deal with various issues about fire smoke smells.

If you daily use the fireplace to burn the fire, a permanent smoke smell will start coming from your home, which is not a good sign for your beautiful home and health.

So, it is suggested that you don’t use the fireplace in the home regularly if the smoke smells begin to create different issues in your home.

If you are suffering from a smoke smell from fireplace usage, read this guide to find there are some solutions that you can use to remove the smoke smell.

House smells like smoke from fireplace

If your house smells like smoke from the fireplace, you are using it regularly, which is very bad.

When you burn a fire in the fireplace, do not leave the ash in the fireplace because if there is ash remaining in the fireplace, then a smoke smell starts to come in all parts of the house, which does not give a good impression to your guests.

Suppose you are living in such an area where you can not survive without using your fireplace on daily bases.

In that case, you have to remove the ash from the fireplace daily and not allow the dust and other ash buildups to gather in the fireplace because these are the main culprits behind the smoke smell in the house.

Read this simple guide to learn about the different reasons for the smoke smell and how you can remove the smell to give a pleasant environment in the house.

Do not use the fireplace daily

do not use the fireplace daily

A fireplace corner is good to have in the home because it becomes a fashion, but it is also essential to learn that burning fire in the fireplace daily is not a good thing for the home and health.

The smoke smells start to come from the house, which does not give a good impact on your guests.

So, if you do not have any abandon because you live in a cold area, then dont burn the fire daily and use the fireplace after two to three days if you just read the book sitting close to the fireplace.

Keep removing the ash regularly

keep removing the ash regularly

If you have a fireplace in the home and you have no other choice but to burn the fireplace daily to survive in freezing weather, then keep removing fire ash and other buildups regularly.

The smoke smells come in the house when a lot of ash builds up in the house, and you do not clean it for many days.

So, dont feel lazy to clean the ash from the fireplace and make it a habit to remove the ash before you burn the fire in the fireplace.



Creosote is a dark, explosive tar carbon chemical made from various tars to burn the fire in the fireplace.

Creosote and soot are the most common reasons for fireplace smell. When you burn wood in the fireplace, both these chemicals cause the smell in the house.

Creosote is absorbed into your fireplace’s stonework and confined the smoke smell in the fireplace.

Always use that type of wood that is burnt completely in the fireplace because if you use that wood that does not change into ash completely, then a smoke smell comes into the house.

Air pressure

If you have a fireplace in the home, then there must be proper air pressure in the house to escape the smoke smell from the room.

If you have negative air pressure in the house, you will definitely face a smoke smell at home.

The fireplace damper is installed in the fireplace to regulate the air pressure in the house but if this damper is not working, change it with a stainless steel damper to remove the smoke smell.

The main question is why negative air pressure happens in the room. The answer is that negative air pressure circulates around kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans.

If the exhaust fan is damaged or not working, then there will be negative pressure in the house, and it will not remove the smoke smell from the house.

It is very important to regulate the air pressure in the home to extract the fireplace smoke smell, so check all windows and damaged exhaust fans, and it also depends on the type of damper installed on your fireplace.

Check other loactions

check other loactions

Installing a fireplace in the home increase the beauty in the lounge and bedroom, but you have to deal with the smoke smell that clings and lingers on different parts and things around.

When you use the fireplace daily in the house, the dust and smoke smell sticks on different surfaces like your walls, floor carpets, bed sheets, and vent curtains become sick with the smell.

So, you have no other option but to keep cleaning all these things using different techniques to remove the smoke smell.

White vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are the best natural ingredients to clean any surface sick with a smoke smell.

When you feel a smoky smell coming from anything, clean it with these natural ingredients because they are powerful cleaning agents suitable for removing the smell.

Take white vinegar in a cup and mix it with boiling water to make a perfect solution in a bucket. Now, dip a soft sponge in this water-vinegar solution and wave that wet towel in all parts of the house.

White vinegar has a strong smell, so soon it will start to overcome the fireplace smoke smell, and soon you will feel the smoky smell is removed from the fireplace room.

If your carpet and curtains give bad smoky smells, wash them with lemon juice or baking soda containing cleaning powder. Put the baking soda on dirty things and leave for thirty minutes.

Wash the carpet, curtains, and pillows with warm water to remove the smoke smell.

Rotten leaves

rotten leaves

Maintenance of the fireplace is very important because if you do not clean the remaining ash, dirt, and rotten leaves from the fireplace, a rotten smoky smell begins to come into the house, which sometimes makes breathing difficult in the home.

So, keep cleaning your fireplace regularly is necessary to keep the environment clean and pleasant. If the fireplace is damaged from any place, then repair it immediately.

Install a chimney cap

install a chimney cap

Install a chimney cap to keep away the rotten leaves and dust from the fireplace.

If there is no damage, you can install a chimney cap to keep the debris from accumulating.

Installing a chimney cap is very easy so if you want to protect your house things from smoke, then install the chimney cap.

Another big advantage of a chimney cap is that it covers the fireplace chimney flue from dust and rain.

It is very important to protect the exterior chimney part with a waterproof chimney cap that does not allow any water and moisture to enter the chimney opening.

If you have installed the rain cap on the fireplace exterior hole, it will stop the humidity and rainwater and stop the birds and animals from entering the chimney to make nests in the home.

In most cases, the chimney is blocked due to birds’ nests and smoke smells coming into the house.


The final words in this article are if you face a fireplace smoke smell in the house, follow the tips mentioned above to remove the smell. Shut off the fire damper when you are not using the fireplace.

Install a glass fire screen in front of the fireplace to keep the warm air from dispersing when a fire is burning.
Install a rain cap at the top of the chimney to stop the rainwater, humidity, and animals from coming into the chimney.

However, the most important thing is not to use the fireplace daily, and keep cleaning the remaining ash from the fireplace is your best to minimize the smoke smell.

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