How to update a 1970s stone fireplace

How to update a 1970s stone fireplace. Getting warmth from the fresh fire has now become more common than it was in the 70s.

People still prefer the heat created by woods over heaters. Therefore, many houses have an old-fashioned but unique fireplace.

Updating the aged stone fireplace does not resemble getting the other furniture in the house furnished.

How to update a 1970s stone fireplaceupdate a 1970s stone fireplace

Ways leading us to an updated stone fireplace

Despite being desirous of achieving the endmost result in the form of an update, you need to look at the steps and techniques mentioned right below here

  • Annexing a tangible concrete to the stone fireplace.
  • Utilizing an embankment made up of nice and reliable wood.
  • Making a facade with stone instead of wood.
  • Getting some tiles on it for decorative purposes.
  • Embellishing the stone fireplace

Annexing tangible concrete to the stone fireplace

Annexing the concrete to the bare stones is considered a vital step leading us towards a classy update.

Because stones alone have some visible gaps among them, which sometimes might be a source of inhabitation for the insects in the house.

And insects might prolong their stay and might be a serious cause of producing allergies.

In addition to this, dirt easily gets into those gaps but can not be removed easily with the help of anything reliable in terms of cleaning.

So, you are advised to have concrete added to the stones. Covering the stones with such a tangible thing will not make any gaps appear again.

The benefits you will be getting after having covered the stones are as follows.

  • You will surely be capable of getting the cement pigmented with any color of your choice, and you need not at all keep the concrete unshaded.
  • Stones have roughness in them that might harm your kids in the house. Kids have more sensitive skin as compared to elders, and their skin can easily be tampered with or bruised by a rough stone. Cement not only removes the roughness but also makes you capable of making further updates.
  • Moreover, the stated procedure is considered one of the coolest techniques aiding people in updating old-designed stone fireplaces.

Utilizing an embankment made up of nice and reliable wood

People sometimes do not have the desire to cover the stony area of the fireplace, and they seek alternative methods.

One of the unique methods, instead of the one stated above, is to have your stones covered by a beautiful embankment made up of wood in stylish form.

Wood enhances the look more than cement, but it might cost you a little more pricey as compared to arranging concrete for the very purpose. But having an embankment of wood beautifies the room too in a unique way.

Getting tiles for decorative purposes

Tiles may add up to the further enhancement to update the stone fireplace. As compared to the methods mentioned above, installing the tiles on the stones have a greater level of comfort.

Tiles also require cement to get attached to the stony surface, but it has no resemblance with the common concrete.

Embellishing the stone fireplace

The last step includes the embellishment of the whole fireplace. You can have it done in case you can afford more expenses.

Whether you cover the stones with furniture or cement, you always have the option to make it more beautiful by adding up the fashionable layers either in the form of textures or paint.

The stated step is optional and makes sure that you are safe while carrying on the procedure.

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