How to mount tv on stone fireplace

How to mount tv on stone fireplace. Today’s trendy thing. It’s a good step to make your home upgraded. It makes your Tv lounge or living room very attractive and noticeable.

While mounting a flat Tv to a stone is not impossible and not very difficult if you follow the instructions carefully and pay attention to the valuable tips that we are going to share.

You need to consider all the factors to prevent any kind of loss. Let’s start to discuss deeply hanging your television on a fireplace and also about the pieces of equipment, procedure, tips and tricks, and warnings too.

How to mount tv on stone fireplace

mount tv on stone fireplace

Required Stuff

The things that you are required to hang a tv on a stoned wall are:

  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Set of screwdrivers (Philip & flat-headed)
  • Hummer drill or drill machine
  • Anchors cement kit
  • Tv bracket
  • Thermometer
  • A mantle


Instructions and process that you require to follow are here:

Identification of Wall

You need to identify your wall type. It is essential to know what is behind the wall because we are going to use a drill machine and screws, so it is better to examine first.

If you have physical access at the back of the wall, then it is good. Otherwise, there is a second way to observe the wall from behind.

There is a tool called a hole saw that may help to cut the surface in a circular shape. You can insert a camera into the hole and can get an idea about the backside.

Dictate Spot of the TV

In this step, you may dictate the position of your Tv. You can use the packaging of the Tv to measure the wall for your Tv.

You need to think that how much height you are required to mount your Tv on the wall. The location of your Tv must be spotted in the center of the wall.

One more thing to remember is that while deciding about a position, don’t hang your Tv at too much height as it may lead to neck pain for a person who is watching TV.

You need to check that when you install your Tv on the wall, you may be able to watch it clearly from your couch or sitting place. You can use chalk or a pencil for a clear structure on the wall. It may help you to make your decision correct.

Setup of Wall Bracket

Here, you are required to follow the steps to fix the Tv bracket. You can use studs or an anchor cement kit to secure the mount of the Tv. You need to figure out how many studs or anchors you are required for fixing the Tv bracket.

You can find out mounting points from the Tv bracket. Use chalk or a pencil to estimate the mounting holes. Try to choose a location between the two stones for mounting holes. If drilling gets hard, there is a must that you are drilling in the middle of the stone.

Don’t forget to make sure that the quantity of anchors is enough to secure the Tv because it is going to bear enough weight for hanging. One more thing that needs to remember is that the stones on the wall must be equal. Check the level of the stone wall to prevent any risk.

Mark the drilling points with a pen for installing the Tv bracket. Align the mounting points of the bracket and use studs one by one. Tighten them with a set of screws. You can also use glue after mounting anchors or studs.

Attach the TV Brackets

attach the tv brackets

Before mounting the Tv bracket, you need to drill pilot holes in the wall or in studs. If you don’t do pilot holes, it may damage your wooden or plastic or any material on which you are working.

Making everything secure is one of our first priorities. Here you are going to use the drill and install the screws in the mounting anchors.

Don’t forget to tighten them with screwdrivers. It’s better that you should not let them lose because it may cause flutter the Tv.

Mount Tv to the Wall

So, keep following the instruction to mount your Tv on the stoned wall. Here is the last step that needs your attention for accurate results.

Make sure that the mounting plates are attached to the wall securely. Screw the mounting plates using a screwdriver and drill.

Here, you will need a person. Because you need to lift the Tv and also tighten the screws, now bring your Tv near the mounting plates that are installed on the wall.

You will find connectors on the mounting plates. Make your Tv move smoothly from the brackets into the connectors of the mounting plates. You can also use an extension arm to assemble the Tv back.

Don’t forget the factor of aligning in any step. So, put the screw holes of connectors and brackets in a row. Make them secure with screws.

Finally, your Tv is successfully mounted on the stoned wall.


how to mount tv on stone fireplace 2022

This is the last step in which you need to attach the power cable to your Tv. Install the wires to create a circuit. Now, turn on your Tv and enjoy the streaming with the sweet warmth of the chimney.


It is essential to protect your Tv from overheating.

  • Turn on the fire for some hours.
  • Attach a thermometer near the Tv’s spot.
  • Measure the temperature.
  • It is important to know that the temperature is at least 100 degrees below.

Tip to avoid Heat

Buying a flat Tv is not very cheap-so, It will be nice if you may take some precautions to turn aside from any loss.

You can install a fireplace mantel between the fireplace and your Tv. A fireplace mantel is like a beam. It may keep your Tv safe from overheating. It is also called a chimneypiece.

Final Thoughts

How to mount tv on stone fireplace. Mounting a Tv on the stone wall is different for everyone. Its dependence is on the type of Tv and stone wall. Everyone can’t follow the same pattern for mounting a Tv.

But, after these instructions and guidelines, you may be able to have a thought of the procedure.

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