Aprilaire thermostat troubleshooting

Aprilaire Thermostat Troubleshooting. A thermostat’s job is to turn on and off your heating system according to the room temperature. A good thermostat is easy to use, hassle-free and can be customized.

Aprilaire thermostats give some additional advantages to their customers; they make it easy for you to control your home’s air quality, humidity level, and indoor odors and eliminate allergy-causing pollutants.

These features can be controlled through your mobile too. But sometimes, these digital thermostats start showing errors or stop working.

In these cases, here is a guide to troubleshooting your Aprilaire thermostat effectively.

Aprilaire thermostat troubleshootingaprilaire thermostat troubleshooting 2022

Some of the most common problems that occur while using the Aprilaire thermostat are:

Blank Display Problem

If the thermostat display is giving no reading, then there could be two causes

The Batteries need to be checked if it says “low battery,” 

Check the circuit breaker of the thermostat. 

Check the power switch if it is on or not. Sometimes the thermostat does not show any reading because it is not turned on.

Check the furnace door of the thermostat. The thermostat might not show readings because the furnace door is not tightly closed.


If the problem is with the batteries, switch off the thermostat, pull out the old batteries and replace them with new ones.

  • If the circuit breaker is not working, take it out and replace it with a new one.
  • If the power switch was off, switch it on.
  • Close the furnace door firmly.

Thermostat not giving Hot/cold air

If the thermostat is not giving as much heat or cold as it should, then the following may be the causes of this problem:

  • Check the thermostat to see if it is turned into heat/cold mode or not.
  • Check the electrical connection to the thermostat system.
  • Check if the heating/cooling system requires service or repair.


If the heating/cooling system setting is not set on heat/cold mode, switch it to the required mode and raise its temperature to above the room temperature for heat and below the room temperature for cold.

Repair the loose connections of the thermostat.

If the internal heating system of the thermostat requires service or repair, contact your manufacturers.

Problem with the fan

If the fan of the thermostat is not working, then its cause can be:

  • Check the fan’s wiring; sometimes, a short in the wiring is causing issues with the thermostat fan.
  • Check the thermostat wiring. If there is some loose or short wire, it may be the cause.
  • Check the fan switch in case it is turned off.
  • Check the fan system for possible malfunction.


If the wiring of the fan is shorted or if the wires are touching, replace the wires and make sure they are not touching together.

Switch on the fan if it was off before.

If the problem is because of the internal system of the fan, call a professional electrician to resolve this issue.

Furnace/cooling Cycles are too short

If there is short cycling occurring in the thermostat furnace or cooling cycles, then these can be the causes:

Check if the size of the heating/cooling system is appropriate for the size of the room.

Check the location of the thermostat in your home.


o if the location or size of the thermostat compared to the room’s size is affecting the cycle rate, contact your local services to adjust the location and size of the thermostat.


Aprilaire thermostat reset

The thermostat has a memory feature that can help save the settings in case of power interruptions.

The reset button, located underneath the battery cover, is used to reset the device and get it back to factory defaults. Use it to also clear service reminders.

Aprilaire thermostat cooling blinking

If your thermostat keeps blinking during the normal operation of your HVAC system, you likely have a problem with the outdoor portion of the unit.

This scenario basically puts it on lockdown as if it were broken, telling the thermostat that there’s an issue.


Aprilaire thermostat troubleshooting. Though Aprilaire thermostats are reliable digital systems, sometimes they might need troubleshooting and repair.

The problems in the thermostats are usually not very complex and can be resolved quickly still if the problem lies with the internal system of the thermostat or with its wiring. You will need to consult some professionals for that.

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