Homemade fly spray dawn dish soap

Homemade fly spray dawn dish soap. 1/3 cup of simple blue dawn soap, A cup of apple cider vinegar, and then a cup of water is enough for making a homemade fly spray.

You can use simple vinegar and more water, and dawn dish soap to make a fly spray that matches the purpose in the house.

My house was invaded by flies, and I had no idea what the flies were there for. I meant the source of the flies was unknown to me. Someone mentioned Dawn soap when I was looking for a way to be rid of flies.

Being a Dawn soap user, I fud the Dawn soap as fly killer very useful. I ha Daw soap at home, and there were different tricks with Dawn soap and chemicals that could be added and even home remedies to be added with the dish soap and get rid of flies.

I successfully eliminated all the flies in my house.

Homemade fly spray dawn dish soap

Having to get rid of flies is annoying as the buzzing in your ears by the flies is a whole different level of noise. The flies not only make noise and pester you, but the germs carried by the flies are really strong.

The germs from the flies are received through sitting on the trash and even human decay. The germs from simple flies can cause diseases without even biting you, as the body of the fly is the actual carrier.

The flies can be dealt with homemade spray and be killed instantly.

The homemade spray can be made through home remedies and other chemicals, or you can get a professional time spray, but among them, the Dawn dishwashing soap creates a powerful spray as well.

The dishwasher soap is mixed with other things to form a spray.

Method 1

method 1

The 1st method for making a spray with Dawn dishwashing soap involves a simple set of dawn washing soap and some other ingredients.

For this method, blue dawn dishwashing soap is needed. The materials required for method 1 are as follows.

  • Dawn dish soap(blue)- 1/3 cup
  • Apple cider vinegar- 1 cup
  • Water- 1 cup

The quantity of the dishwashing soup needed for making the spray for killing flies in this method is only a third of the cup. The blue dishwashing soap is pretty effective for killing flies.

The power of this method is enhanced by the cup of apple cider vinegar used in it. The apple cider vinegar has an aroma that attracts the flies and makes them unable to reset the spray.

You can add the apple cider vinegar to attract the bugs that weren’t affected by direct spray application.

Creation and apply

Just add the water to the spray bottle about the quantity above and then put the soap inside the spray bottle.

The spray should be added with apple cider vinegar, and then the soap, apple cider vinegar, and water should be shaken in the spray bottle to mix it.

Now you can spray the soap spray on the flies directly or apply it in areas where the flies invade mostly.

The soap spray remains in the area and kills the flies even after you have stopped spraying. The vinegar will attract and kill all the flies that come in contact with the soap.

Method 2

The second method for making a soap spray which should be the first is the method that doesn’t involve any type of chemicals other than the Dawn dishwashing soap.

The dishwashing soap needed for this method is also blue dishwashing soap. The other thing that is in all the methods is water.

  • Water- 1 cup
  • Dawn dish soap(blue)- 1/2 cup

The soap takes effect at the fullest with water when the blue dishwashing soap is used alone. The dishwashing used in this method involves the full power of the soap and just water to make the leather for a better effect.

Blue dishwashing soap is a powerful cleaning agent, and it cleans your house from flies just like it cleans the dishes.

The dishwashing soap will clean your bugs, including the flies, just as it is sprayed. Applying the dishwashing spray and making is below.

Creation and apply

The application and creation of a simple soap spray are the easiest. The amount of blue washing soap as described above should be poured into the spray bottle, and later a whole cup of water should be added to the spray bottle, and the spray bottle should be closed.

After the creation of the soap spray, the soap spray should be applied.

The application of the simple soap spray is simple because you just spray the soap mixture on the flies directly or the places that have the flues. Though this soap spray kills better when applied directly.

Method 3

method 3

The third spray-making method on the list with dawn dishwashing soap is the same as above, but the difference of vinegar in it is different.

Instead of apple cider vinegar, normal vinegar is used. The normal vinegar and the quantity are also different from each other. You can use simple Dawn blue dishwashing soap.

The materials required for method three are as follows.

  • Water- 1 Gallon
  • Dawn dish soap(blue)- 1/2 cup
  • Vinegar- 1/4 cup

The soap was used alone, and before that, it was used with apple cider vinegar. This method replaces apple cider vinegar and gets simple vinegar that is available in homes at a better number.

The blue dishwashing soap was effective alone, but when combined with vinegar, which is an excellent repellent and a cleaning agent, the effects of the dishwasher spray rocket, and not only are the flies eliminated but mosquitos and other harmful bugs get out as well.

Creation and apply

The creation of this spray is also very easy, and the application is the same as the 1st method. The washing soap you should pour is in the amount above.

You can pour the washing powder into the spray bottle first. Add the vinegar to the soap. The water amount in this method is one gallon and more than in previous methods.

Mix the spray well before applying the soap spray. The vinegar and the washing soap join and create a splendid fly-killing spree that helps you in getting away from the flies.


If you have flies in your house causing you to despair with their worthless noises and making you sick, then the article above will be pleasantly helpful in getting rid of those flies.

The flies will be annihilated by using any of the three methods using the Dawn dishwashing soap. Thanks for reading.

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