Homemade dust mite spray

Homemade dust mite spray. You are not a clean freak and not an entomophobia, which means you are afraid of mites and insects. Still, everyone on this planet wants their house to be dust free and clean.

Nobody, I say, nobody likes to live in a place that is dusty, untidy, and has a lot of particles floating in the air.

Sometimes, when you see the sun rays falling on your hands, magnifying the particles, which you do not see in normal light, you feel magical. But, hey, That is dust! and you don’t want to get your hands on it!

There is much troubles that come with the dust and debris that comes to your house. The house dust is home to many other things you don’t know.

Homemade dust mite spray

The micro world around you

the micro world around you

The world you live in doesn’t only belong to you; there are millions of microorganisms around you. You cannot see them, touch them or feel them. But don’t guess they also don’t see you or approach you; they do. And when they do, that gets nasty!

The dust tags, along with some small, micro-sized particles or, more like, some microorganisms called dust mites.

The dust mites naturally come along with the dust, and killing the dust mites is a sure-to-do job.

What is the threat?

You might be wondering if these tiny, seriously suspicious, exceptionally small-sized organisms won’t pose any threat to the place they are living in.

Right? and when you get attacked by the dust mite population, don’t come whining about it later!

The dust mites live everywhere in your house, even in the smallest corners of your house, in those moist and damp areas where you don’t like to go, over the carpets, onto the shelf, they could be even on your bedroom partying along with the bed bugs.

The areas having higher humidity levels and high temperatures are the ones more available to dust mites.

Dust mite allergy

dust mite allergy

The dust mites naturally cause allergies which can be a bit teasing for the allergy sufferer.

The allergic reactions caused by these dust mites are due to the inhaling of these dust mites.

These dust mites live on your dead skin cells and latch onto you, forming a large dust mite population, which is the reason for 40-50% of allergies occurring in your body.

If you inhale these dust mites, which you will probably do, there will start trouble with your respiratory tract. People with weak immune system are prone to these allergies.

These dust mites can cause some serious eye diseases.

It first starts with irritation in the eyes, which slowly turns into reddening of the eyes, and the tears duct gets jammed and stops producing tears.

Other diseases tag along, which involve obstruction in breathing, itching happens, and nasal secretion is enhanced.

The sense of smell disappears as the contact increases. All this leads to one last step, which is asthma. And once asthma attacks, there starts a nonending series of seasonal allergies.

Your skin is also sensitive to these dust mites as we know that skin is the most sensitive part of your body, so it is more exposed to these dust mites.

Your dead human skin cells are readily available to them, and there is a reasonable probability that your skin if it stays in contact with these dust mites for a more extended period, can have severe dust mite allergy.

Do we have any remedies?

We all know that with great disaster comes a great solution. Hah! Just kidding around, but every problem comes with a solution. Hence, there is a way to kill dust mites with natural remedies.

This involves making a natural dust mite spray. The ingredients aren’t hard to get and readily available. Maybe you might have many ingredients at your home.

I will tell you how to make a natural dust mite spray with just a few ingredients to help you wipe the entire dust mite population within a few hours.

The needful ingredients that are used involve water, vinegar, and essential oils.

Essential oils and their effects

essential oils and their effects

First, I will tell you about essential oils; these essential oils are the key ingredient that helps you eradicate the trouble that is present in the form of a dust mite.

Why are essential oils so essential? Let me give you a little clue. The essential oils have an adequate amount of a substance called acaricides, which for some entities is poisonous, and for some, it is a healing factor.

Dust mites it is a potent killer that wipes all the dust mites from the area these oils are sprayed.

In humans, these oils are used for healing allergies, but you need to be careful about the person who is allergic to these oils. It can be a cause of irritation for them.

Not all but a few essential oils are able to do the job of cleaning the dust mites from your house. These include clove oil, lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary oil, fennel oil, peppermint, and tea tree oil.

Just use a spray bottle, add the essential oil, and thoroughly spray the oils in the corners and on your bed sheets, covers, or blankets.

Not only will they remove the dust mites, but they will also give a very particular aroma that changes the environment of the room and changes the vibe.

Spray for bedsheet dust mites

spray for bedsheet dust mites

This is the most effective and yet the most accessible spray. It involves about 10-15 drops of essential oils.

They may be the ones you like the most: the fresh scent of eucalyptus or the sweet rosemary aroma.

Add the selected essential oil into a spray bottle and dilute it using some water. Not too much but a reasonable amount.

Afterward, apply this DIY mattress spray this mixture all over the bed sheets, pillows, and cushions. Let the spray dry up and wait.

It gets effortless killing dust mites with this spray.

This natural homemade dust mite spray is highly recommended; there is another fantastic homemade dust mite spray that will be no dust mites after this. Not only this, but the bed bugs will also be killed if there are any.

Homemade “killer” dust mite spray

homemade killer dust mite spray

There is another fantastic homemade dust mite spray that is just as similar as the one I mentioned above. But with the addition of an extra ingredient.

The dust mite can cause significant damage, so to finally get rid of this dust mite problem, there is this spray that will efficiently repel dust mites and won’t let them enter your zone.

The recipe for this super “Killer” spray acts not only as a dust mite killer but also as a dust mite repellent.

First, take a nice and clean spray bottle. Well, to be honest, Amazon has a cute collection of these spray bottles. At least I am very fond of them.

Add about 1 cup distilled water or boiled and cooled water into the bottle. After it, add an equal amount of vinegar to it.

Almost 30 drops of specific essential oils, each with a definite proportion. Then add 5 drops of lavender essential oil, 5 drops of eucalyptus oil, 5 drops of peppermint oil, and 5 drops of clove oil or tea tree oil.

Shake well before drinking. Wait up! Don’t drink; I meant shake well before using.

Use this DIY homemade dust mite spray to get rid of dust mites. Apply all over the area. Find dust mites and kill them using the spray you made. This will avoid dust mites from invading your area.

Other ways to kill dust mites

There are other ways to kill these dust mites, and they are just by following some preventions.

There are a lot of things you can do to get rid of dust mites in your homes. I have explained these and hope you get them.

Adornments: Your house plants

adornments your house plants

The plants you keep in your house with great care and love are also the fact that dust travels and finds its way to your house.

Yes! The dust is more attracted to the plants. Where there are plants, there is a maximum probability that the plants will draw the dust.

And with dust come the dust mites. These dust mites will again take over the whole place, which will be hectic to deal with.

What you need to do is to remove the dust that has accumulated on the plants and their leaves.

Take a damp cloth, remove the dust from the plants and keep them clean and dust free as much as possible to avoid the actual mites.

The other thing, just remove the plants, if you think you won’t be able to deal with the cleaning or to make it simple, you’re lazy!

Diatoms are useful even after death

diatoms are useful even after death

Diatomaceous earth has been a source of great inventions and help. What is this diatomaceous earth?

The type of algae called diatoms is calcium and mineral rich, which, when die, deposit on the ocean or sea beds.

Their fossils are also used for various purposes, one of which is getting rid of dust mites also tiny bugs. The fossils are contained in a powdered form and have sharp edges.

These sharp-edged powdered particles can damage dust mites but rarely affect humans.

Pets also pose dust danger

pets also pose dust danger

Pets, who doesn’t like pets? Especially introverts like me love to have a pet around. I have a cat. And many people have other pets.

These pets are undoubtedly adorable, but we know that animals shed their dead skin cells like us very often, and we also know that dust mites live on these dead skin cells.

Thus, the pet dander will lead to the formation of a dust mite army which is drastic.

Also, the hair and the carpet combo will provide a Maldives island vibe/perfect environment for the dust mites to increase. So, do regular grooming of your pet and do it outdoors.

Dust mites naturally die, if

Dust mites naturally die when you do the following things:

  • Hot wash

If you remove the bed covers, mattress, covers of the mattresses, and pillows, wash them with hot water, and then air dry them, the dust mites will be gone. The hot water kills the dust mites quickly.

  • Vacuum cleaning

vacuum cleaning

The cleaning, if done by the vacuum cleaner, will be better than washing things in hot water. The Hepa filter vacuum cleaner is one that has a Hepa filter or air purifier attached to the vacuum cleaner. Run the vacuum over the carpets and other rugs.

This will clear out the dust, and the high heat will kill the dust mites, which will be led straight to the vacuum and get rid of dust.

  • Damp cloth cleaning

The damp cloth can be used to clean hard flooring, furniture, and other furniture like upholstered furniture, which can be cleaned with a wet or moist cloth.

To get rid of dust mites, you must be very vigilant and careful as you cannot see them with the naked eye.


The dust mites have been wandering around us enough. Now it’s time to eradicate their whole population. And not by expensive market products but by a homemade dust mite spray which will be a one-person army against the gazillion dust mites.

With the simple ingredients mentioned above and the right tricks, you will be able to get rid of these nasty creatures.

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