Home remedies to stop cats pooping in garden

Home remedies to stop cats pooping in garden. It’s very annoying to see cat poop in your beautiful decorated garden. If you have cats in your front garden, you can not run away from dealing with cats peeing or pooping in your garden.

Keeping cats in your garden looks even worse if you have decorated your garden with beautiful plants, flower beds, and grass because the cat poop’s pungent smell will irritate you to sit in the garden.

It does not matter whether this problem is generated by your neighbor’s cat, your own cat, or stray cats poop; you will have to stop cats pooping in your yard.

If you are looking for other methods to stop cats from pooping in your yard, then read this article because I will explain my research that how you can repel unwanted cats and stop cats pooping in the garden.

Home remedies to stop cats pooping in garden

Ignoring cat poops’ pungent smell in the garden is challenging because you can not easily sit in the yard.

The conditions worsen when other cats, especially neighboring cats, come into your garden and use your beautiful flower beds as a litter tray.

The easy solution to this trouble is to place a litter box or tray of litter in the corner of the yard and train your cats to go and use their litter box.

Let’s look at other methods to prevent cats from pooping in your garden.



If you are a cat owner, you must know that many cats avoid water, so if you are irritated from the cat’s poop in your garden, use water to prevent cats from pooping in the yard.

So, use water to deter cats’ from pooping in the garden. Keep a water spray bottle close with you when you sit in the garden, and immediately spray water on the cat when you see cats coming.

Now, you can not sit all day on the lawn just to stop cats pooping, so the easy solution is to fix the motion sensor sprinkler.

These sprinklers feel movement and spray water on the cats and other animals to keep them away from your flower beds and gardens.

Plant thorny trees

plant thorny trees

Cats love to poop in open places, especially gardens, so plant thorny trees to deter cats. Rose and cactus plants to plant on garden boundary walls.

This method is not dangerous to cats, but it will repel cats from coming into your garden to use it as a toilet.

Grow cat repellent plants

Many cats love Nepeta Cataria plants because it attracts them, so don’t plant these plants in your garden.

Grow cats repelling plants to stop other cats from coming to the garden. These plants emit a pungent smell that is annoying to feral cats.

Rosemary, Lavender, and Curry leaves are some cat-repellent plants.



Vinegar is not only used to repel cats, but it is also good against bugs and insects. Everyone knows vinegar has a soury smell of pungent.

It is not only suitable for removing cat poop smell but is also used to repel cats. Stray cats run away from the vinegar smell.

It’s effortless to use vinegar. Mix vinegar with lukewarm water and mix in a spray bottle. Now spray this solution on those areas where cats poop in the garden.

Citrus peels

citrus peels

Citrus peels are also used for deterring cats. Do not throw lemon or orange peels in the dust bin because you can use them to prevent cats from pooping in your garden.

We all know citrus acid is present in citrus peels, which displeases cats.

So place some citrus peels in your garden at different places, it will act as a natural scent for you, but it can prevent cats from coming to the garden.

Essential oils

There are a lot of essential oils like Citronella, Lavender, Peppermint, and Orange, Lime available in the local stores to deter cats from pooping in your garden.

This option is because all these oils smell good to humans, but only a few sprinkles repel cats from pooping in your garden.

The best way to use these essential oils is that mix any oil with water into a spray bottle. You can also mix two oils with water to spray at those places in the garden where cats usually poop too often.

Lemon juice

lemon juices

It is very irritating to see stray cats pooping in your beautiful garden. Lemon juice is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of cats.

Just mix an equal amount of water and fresh juice and spray it at those places all parts of the garden because most cats tend to poop at all places to mark their area.

Litter box

litter box

The litter box is also the best option for keeping cats from pooping in your garden.

If you don’t want to contact the animal control center about your neighbor’s cat, but you are also fed up with watching your garden as a giant litter box, then place a litter tray or box at the corner of the garden and train your cat or other cats to poop in the litter box.

A litter tray is like a sand patch, but keep them behind the garden; otherwise, the cat poop smell will not allow you to sit in the yard.

Lion dung

Lion dunk is another fertilizer used to prevent cats from pooping in the garden. This product is one of the tops to deter cats in the garden.

It is a natural cat repellent product that you can quickly buy online from Amazon. It is available in pellets, and they have easily washed away from the garden in the rain.

Human Hair

human hair

It might be strange to listen to this, but human hair is also used to scare cats. The fragrance of human hair is also used to deter cats from pooping in your garden.

Gather some hair from hair brushes and barber shops and disperse them on the flower beds, plants, and some parts of the garden.

Neighbouring cats, indoor cats, and feral cats will run away from the garden after seeing human hairs.

Chicken wire

If you are tired of cleaning cat poo from the front garden, use extra chicken wire mesh to prevent neighborhood cats from pooping.

Measure the total length of the garden where cats mostly poop. Now, cut the chicken wire from its center and curve it towards an upward position.

In this way, it will make a managed perimeter while stopping the cats from pooping in that area of your garden.

Cayenne pepper

cayenne pepper

Most people ask whether cayenne pepper prevents cats from hanging in your front garden.

Cats hate the strong smell of cayenne pepper, so they disperse it in the garden to deter cats.

The only drawback to using cayenne pepper is that it washes away rapidly means you have to sprinkle it a whole day, which is impossible because it is very expensive.

Coffee grounds

coffee grounds

Only a few people know that cats tend to avoid coffee ground smell and texture.

So, sprinkle coffee grounds in all the garden, especially flower beds and plants, to keep cats away from pooping at them.

This method is very effective when you mix cayenne pepper with coffee grounds and sprinkle it all garden to scatter cats from pooping.

Lemon grass

lemon grass

Cat owners know very well that cats do not like lemon grass’s strong smell, so if you are tired from cleaning the cat’s poop all the time from your garden, then place some lemon grass leaves at the entry points of the garden and some leaves close to the plants.

The cats will never return due to the lemongrass smell in your yard.

Plastic forks

Placing plastic forks is also helpful for repelling cats from hanging around plants. Cats become very sensitive during their pooping time.

If you want to repel cats from your garden, take useless plastic forks and place them in flower beds and plants to scare cats from pooping in your yard.



Cats do not like the banana smell, so it is also an easy way to get rid of cats from your garden. Take one dozen bananas and cut them into small pieces.

Now, spread these banana pieces on flower beds and all flower plants. The cats don’t understand the ripening banana smell and leave the place.

Sound motion-activated sprinkler

sound motion activated sprinkler

A sound motion sprinkler also works like a water sprinkler. These detectors release

Very loud sound when they feel any moment closed to flower beds and plants.

The good thing about these sound motion detectors is that their high pitch sound just off puts the cats from pooping in your yard. Humans hardly listen to its sound.

These detectors cover only a small area, so fixing them in different parts of the garden is better.


The bottom line of the article is that if you are fed up with cleaning the cat poop from your beautiful garden, then there are various methods to get to repel cats from pooping in your garden like water, thorn plants, bananas, essential oils, spray, a mixture of coffee grounds and cayenne pepper, etc.

I am hopeful this information will guide you to fix the problem and scare cats from hanging around your garden.

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