Heater trips breaker after a few minutes

Heater trips breaker after a few minutes. If the circuit breaker is tripping due to the water heater, then it is a very dangerous and frustrating situation because you can not get warm water in winter now.

A breaker usually trips when there is an issue with the heater or the breaker. Sometimes, it also trips due to faults in wires and connections.

Now, if you talk about the water heater, then a breaker trips due to a fault in different components of the heater like a damaged thermostat, a fried heating element, etc.

If your water heater trips the breaker in the home, then the first thing to do is open the main circuit box and reset it. After ten minutes, it occurs again.

Reset the breaker again. If the breaker is tripped again immediately, then there is something wrong so switch off the heater to save yourself from a big disaster.

In this article, I have written all possible causes of why a heater trips breaker after some time.

Heater trips breaker after a few minutes

heater trips breaker after a few minutes

Last winter, I faced the issue of tripping the breaker due to the water heater. Then I researched on it what are the main reasons for tripping a breaker due to a hot water heater.

So, don’t turn this page and get more information about this problem.

The thermostat of the heater is faulty

The basic job of a thermostat in any electrical appliance is to control the temperature inside the unit.

In the same way, the thermostat is fixed in a water heater so that the temperature of the water does not raise to a dangerous level.

Due to the increase in sediments in the container, the thermostat becomes damaged and stops doing its work.

When the temperature inside the container increases, then there will be an overload on the circuit breaker, which starts tripping. Your worse luck is that you can not repair the thermostat, so you will have to replace a new thermostat in the geyser to fix the issue.

The heating element is burnt

At times, the heating element which heats up the water inside the electric heater is the culprit behind the tripping breaker. If it is broken or damaged due to sediments in water, then it will uncover the wires and other parts of the heater to direct meeting with the water.

In this scenario, the short circuit will occur, and the furnace will trip the breaker. You can also understand the fault in the heating element when the less hot water starts coming from the faucet.

Unfortunately, you can not repair a damaged heating element, so you will have to install a new heating element in the water furnace, which will solve both issues of warm water and stop tripping the breaker.

The air filter is clogged

heater trips breaker after a few minutes 2022

It is necessary to change the air filter after of heater after every 2 to 3 months. It depends upon the usage and filter.

If there is a blockage in the air filter, then it will break off the flow of air and push the blower to stress. A strained blower is the main cause of a tripping breaker.

An issue with the electrical panel

It is also possible that there is no problem with the furnace or anywhere. There is something wrong with the breaker panel or electrical panel.

So you will have to hire a certified electrician to sort out the actual reason behind the tripping breaker.

Circut is short

circut is short

If you start an electric heater and soon it stumbles the breaker, then it can be due to a short circuit.

A short circuit in the heater normally occurs when a neural wire is touched by the hot wire. It raises the amount of current your heater is pulling.

To fix this, you will have to find the origin of the short circuit.

If you are not familiar with repairing wires, then do not try it and hire a professional to perform this task.

The issue with circuit breaker

If there is nothing wrong with the heater, then it might be a problem with the circuit breaker. Your breaker is too old or damaged at the time.

It depends upon the problem; your issue can be solved by replacing a new circuit breaker and screwing up all electrical links.


The bottom line of the article is that when you check the water furnace is tripping breaker frequently, then immediately shut off the heater because it is very dangerous.

The next thing is to find the reason that either the heater is the culprit or there is an issue with the breaker.

If you have not done the work related to electricity, then do not try to repair it by yourself and hire a professional to solve the problem.

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